Simple and Easy Lunch Ideas 

If you’re in a lunch rut, I got you. Here are 30 of the best easy lunch ideas to get you happy to eat healthy. Let’s start with the lunches first, snacks next, then we’ll finish with some healthy desserts! One of the biggest things that helps me keep things different is to pack a variety of things instead of one big thing. 


I definitely get in a routine of packing the same unhealthy sandwich every day, because I’m lazy and it’s easy. So I thought, why not turn my problem into a blog post? This post not only has great lunches; there are plenty of snacks and sides too! You gotta go for the whole lunch if you want to eat healthy!


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Tired of packing the same sandwich every day? Check out this list of easy lunch ideas to pack instead of a sandwich. You'll find lots of easy, healthy options for your lazy lunch days. #healthylunch #healthylifestyle #naturalliving #healthyfood

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Healthy Lunch Ideas

This is the biggest section for healthy lunch ideas, so I’ve divided it into two sections. Salads are a pretty big part of a healthy lifestyle, so there will be a salad section and an entree section. Feel free to browse and find your favorites below!


If you’re one of those people that absolutely hates salads, hello fellow salad hater! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried eating salads consistently, only to have it backfire with me learning to hate all things green. 


I only ask that you keep an open mind and try a few of these options if they sound remotely appealing to you. I’ve even found a few go-to salads that I actually love. Anything is possible, my friends!


Healthy and Easy Salads
simple healthy lunches

  • Detox Salad—While I don’t recommend trying any kind of detox for weight loss, this salad is great for cleansing your digestive system! If you’re trying to feel a little lighter after a weekend of festivities, I highly recommend this for your lunches for the week.


  • Italian Farro Salad—Sometimes, you just have to go back to basics. This Italian Farro Salad is easy, quick, and still full of healthy nutrients that will make you look forward to lunch.



  • Asian Quinoa Salad—I love to shake up my meals with Asian-inspired flavors! This salad is easy to make, full of nutrients, and the ingredients are accessible at any grocery store!


simple healthy lunches

  • Quinoa Taco Salad—If you love taco salads, but hate the unhealthy ingredients, try this alternative! Load it with avocado for an extra boost in protein and fatty acids.


  • Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad—I love me a good Caesar salad, and pasta salad is even better! I love this recipe because all the ingredients are healthier alternatives to your typical restaurant Caesar salad.


  • Sesame Chicken Chopped Salad—Another great taste of Asia. Spice up your lunches with this salad that is sure to please your stomach and your craving for takeout.


Easy Lunch Entrees 

  • BLT Chicken Salad Avocado Wraps—Get all of your favorite flavors in one delicious wrap! This lunch is filled with bacon, avocado, plus all of the veggies you need to power through your day and come out strong.


  • No Bread Turkey Club Wraps—Keep the goodness of the sandwich without ruining your health! This recipe shows you how to do lettuce wraps the right way without the boring flavor.


  • Turkey Taco Burrito Bowls—This is one of my favorite meal prep bowls that I make on the regular! The lean turkey with the dose of veggies will set up your body for success during the workweek.


simple healthy lunches

  • Low Carb Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls—Meal prep bowls are my favorite way to prepare for the week. Get a taste of the Mediterranean with these bowls that are loaded with low-carb vegetables and protein.


  • The Ultra Frugal Lunch Recipe—If you’re trying to balance healthy and frugal, this easy lunch idea is for you. It consists of super cheap and healthy ingredients that will last you all week!


  • Easy Peasy Wrap—This is by far the easiest of easy lunch ideas in this post! Just a few ingredients in a whole wheat wrap are great for running-late mornings. There’s plenty of room for customization, too!


  • Cuban-Style Tuna Meal Prep Bowls—Ah, tuna. One of the cheapest forms of protein to pack for lunch. But this is no post for tuna sandwiches! Spice up the mundane with this tuna meal-prep bowl inspired by Cuban flavors.



Healthy Snacks

I don’t know about you, but I can’t just eat a salad or an entree and be full the rest of the day. Here are some snacks to complement your easy lunch ideas and finish out strong!


This is especially true if you’ve packed a salad. I mean, they’re good and healthy and all, but they rarely fill me up. Unless it’s really dense and takes me half an hour to eat it. So unless you want your healthy lifestyle to backfire, I highly recommend packing a healthy snack you’ll absolutely love. 


  • Nut-Free Energy Bites—These are great for pre-workout snacks, and workday snacks! If you need a little pick-me-up, pack a few of these energy balls.


  • Cauliflower Broccoli Muffins—I know that this one sounds a little weird, but I promise you it’s worth it! Cauliflower is like the new replacement carb! Plus, it’s a great way to sneak in some extra veggies.


simple healthy lunches

  • Best Healthy Snacks and Wellness Products—If you just can’t stand making your own lunch and snacks, this post is for you! It’s a pretty comprehensive list of store-bought snacks that are clean and healthy.


  • Easy Guacamole—A recipe from yours truly! This is a fool-proof recipe to make the best guacamole. Pack some whole wheat crackers or veggies, and you’re good to go!


  • Almond butter, Fig and Jam Smoothie—This one is packed with filling protein that will satisfy your sweet tooth! You’ll stay full and focused for the rest of the day no problem!


  • Cauliflower Fritters—A great recipe that I’ve tried myself with great results! I love it as a replacement snack for my carb cravings. Just dip these fritters in ranch for a satisfying snack.


  • Strawberry Almond Energy Balls—Another great energy ball option for something you want to eat quick that’s still satisfying. Plus, the strawberry will help any sweet tooth cravings!


  • Homemade Ranch to dip vegetables in—This is a homemade ranch dressing that I use on everything! I haven’t bought ranch from the store in forever, and I have no regrets!


Healthy Desserts

You’ve got to treat yourself some days to get you through the week! I think self-care should involve more sweet things, so here are some deserts that won’t ruin your healthy lifestyle. And don’t forget to check out my ultimate list of self-care kit essentials if you’re new to how self-care works.


And please don’t feel guilty for having dessert with your lunch! There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you do it right. Most popular desserts have their healthier counterparts, so you’ve just got to find your favorite version! Maybe this list will provide some good inspiration. 



  • Healthy and Creamy Peanut Butter Buckeyes—I had to include something with chocolate and peanut butter! And no, there’s no added sugars in this dessert, either. Just healthy chocolate peanut butter goodness!


simple healthy lunches

  • 2 Ingredient Banana Bread Bites—I love banana bread, and these are the perfect way to bring some on the go! Add some chocolate chips for an extra-sweet tooth!


  • Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse— One of the easiest and satisfying dessert options on this list! This mousse also has no artificial sugars, with all the flavor you need. Plus the protein from the yogurt!


  • Healthy Cookie Dough—I couldn’t resist adding some cookie dough to this list. Believe it or not, your guilty pleasure can be easy and healthy!


  • Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge—Does anyone else go through phases where peanut butter is addictive? This fudge will help keep the cravings at bay without screwing up your diet.



Choose Your Own Healthy Lunch Ideas!

Sort through this list whenever you need some healthy lunch inspiration, and see what you find! I personally am very excited to try a few dessert options here, and I really want to step up my healthy snack game too.


The idea for this post came from me hating my boring sandwiches I brought to work every day. And they weren’t the healthiest either. I hope that solving one of my own problems solves a problem of yours too. 


Tired of packing the same sandwich every day? Check out this list of easy lunch ideas to pack instead of a sandwich. You'll find lots of easy, healthy options for your lazy lunch days. #healthylunch #healthylifestyle #naturalliving #healthyfood

I also want you to know that if you feel like you just can’t take it anymore, and you need to get that burger and fries for lunch, don’t beat yourself up! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of splurging to get out of a lunch rut, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. It’s called balance. 


Give some of these recipes a try and let me know what you think! And if you have or find any more recipes worth adding to this list, let me know! I’m always open for improvement. 


Do you have any go-to healthy lunches that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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