Celery Juice Side Effects

The benefits of celery juice have taken the health and wellness industry by storm. But don’t break out your juicer just yet! We’re going to examine the science behind drinking celery juice every morning to find out if all the hype is real and worth getting into.


How much is this miracle juice actually doing? Let’s find out with some research and facts!


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We've all heard of the amazing celery juice benefits on an empty stomach. Let's see if all the hype is actually real with research. #celeryjuice #healthandwellness #greenjuice #detox

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The Claim (Or More Like the Hype)

The celery juice trend started when celebrities started sharing that they drink a cup of this on an empty stomach every morning. Super model Miranda Kerr was the pioneer of this trend when she shared that her good health was due largely to this miracle drink.


Just use a juicer to turn a whole pack of celery you find at the store into a full glass of green juice. It’s become so popular that celery powder has been booming! It’s actually not a bad idea, because it takes longer for you to go through it, and you don’t have to buy a boatload of celery at the store each week.  


green juice vegetables


When the public slowly noticed celery juice benefits, it swept across social media like wildfire. Almost everyone that I follow on any kind of social media tried it at least once. And even now, some of my favorite Youtubers post about drinking it every day in order to function.


So what are the supposed benefits of celery juice? After some searching around, I found way too many claims that sounded too good to be true. And if I’ve learned anything from all my research into myths around the natural living community, it’s almost never true.


The Supposed Celery Juice Benefits

Some of the most common celery juice benefits I’ve seen include better gut health, general detoxification, and as much energy as a cup of coffee. I’ve also seen other things like clear skin, less bloating, weight loss, and the all-too-common cure for cancer.


Just about every health trend out there will claim that it can cure cancer. This one irks me to no end, because it plays with people’s emotions. As someone with several family members who are cancer survivors, it’s all too easy to fall down that hole. Logically thinking, engaging in a healthy activity will obviously lower your risk of cancer, but it won’t cure it.


celery stalk


This article from Medical Medium outlined several celery juice benefits, such as help with autoimmune diseases, liver health, and adrenal gland restoration. What bugged me about this article, though, is that it doesn’t cite a single study or piece of information. And this website is one of the original publishers of this trend!


So I dove down the celery juice hole and tried to find some actual research on this topic. And let me tell you, it was pretty sparse. This trend is so new, that there are little to no studies just on this topic. So we have to rely on testimonies from powerful people in this case.


The Facts on Celery Juice Benefits

I went on Google Scholar to see if there were any studies that could be of use to me, and there was absolutely nothing that addressed celery juice benefits directly. But I was able to piece together some rough facts that pertained to celery juice.


One of the first results that came up was a study done about a person’s risk for cancer being reduced with the increased consumption of vegetables. This should be common sense for people, but it was nice to see an actual study.


washed celery


The paper concluded that about 20,000 cancer cases could be prevented with some extra vegetables (source). The paper only briefly mentioned celery juice in a list of vegetables that were great options. But this is such common knowledge! Who knew that eating healthy would actually make you healthy?


One great think I found is that celery has very powerful antioxidant properties. I found this article that explored celery’s ability to find and kill any free radicals lingering in the body. So celery juice could be a great way to get you through cold and flu season!


The only other scholarly information I could find pertained to how fruits and vegetables were vital for your health, such as this one here. But this information is already widely known among the health and wellness community.


What is Celery Good For?

Backing away from the heavy scientific stuff, what are some common benefits of celery in general? Celery is mostly made of water, with some powerful vitamins. These vitamins include K, C, calcium, folate, magnesium, and B6. There are no known side effects of eating celery regularly!


Despite being mostly made of water, celery is also an amazing source of fiber. And I love me some fiber. It’s like magic with keeping me full so I don’t get hangry! But celery in juice form eliminates all of the fiber, so that is a huge benefit lost with celery juice.


celery stalks


Some other amazing benefits of whole celery is it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and even helps with blood pressure. Overall, celery is amazing for flushing out toxins and keeping your body balanced (source). It is perfectly safe to drink celery juice every day because you’ll get a good dose of veggies!


Since it’s such a good detoxing agent, it may help with weight loss. Again, there’s no definitive evidence that this is a solid statement, but a detoxed body is much less likely to hold on to stubborn fat. And drinking it on an empty stomach will make you fuller and less likely to eat a lot first thing in the morning.


So, Are Celery Juice Benefits Real?

Yes and no. There simply isn’t enough scientific evidence out there to prove that celery juice is this miracle drink. It’s not a bad drink by any means, in fact. Celery is certainly good for you, like any other vegetable. And if it’s a good way for you to sneak in an extra serving of green food, then great!


A lot of people certainly swear by celery juice benefits, so I’m sure that there is something there, but it’s definitely not something you should rely on. I personally think that eating a small amount of celery every day would have similar benefits. In other words, just make sure that you get a daily dose of veggies and you’ll feel better!


Plus, celery in juice form takes away all of its amazing fiber. So you won’t feel full for longer because of this concoction. However, if you’re trying to stay germ free this cold and flu season, celery juice may actually be a good addition to your morning routine to keep your immune system in check.


Overall, celery juice is certainly good for you, like any vegetable. But I wouldn’t go out and buy an expensive juicer. Just stick to eating as much fruits and vegetables as you can, and you’ll reap the same benefits.


Have you ever tried celery juice? Let me know in the comments below!


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We've all heard of the amazing celery juice benefits on an empty stomach. Let's see if all the hype is actually real with research. #celeryjuice #healthandwellness #greenjuice #detox

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