Easy DIY All-Purpose Cleaner for a Healthier Home 

If you’re sick of buying cleaners from the store that have questionable ingredients, I’ve got a great alternative for you. This DIY all-purpose cleaner is made of safe, natural ingredients that get the job done perfectly fine. Read on to see how to safely disinfect and clean all of your home surfaces!


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This simple and easy DIY all-purpose cleaner will kill germs in your house without endangering the health of you or your loved ones. #naturalliving #naturalcleaning #castilesoap #essentialoils

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Why You Don’t Need to Clean with Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning is the one area I can understand why someone would want to use tough chemicals, like bleach. You want all of those germs out of your house! That’s a perfectly understandable reason to stick to regular cleaners you can buy from the store. 


But what if I told you that you don’t need all of those tough chemicals to kill all those nasty germs in your house? Nature can provide great alternatives to traditional cleaners. And by nature, I mean science. All it takes is a couple of compounds of naturally-occurring ingredients to make an effective cleaner. 


diy cleaning spray

Take baking soda, for example. It’s actual name is sodium carbonate, a combination of two elements listed on the periodic table. But it’s a chemical compound that’s safe enough to eat. What’s more, baking soda is great for deodorizing, whitening (surfaces, not your teeth!), and dissolving certain kinds of solutions. 


While your home may be germ-free, you’re ultimately jeopardizing your health if you use traditional cleaners. Practically all of them say “keep away from children,” but you won’t be rushing a child off to toxicology if they eat any natural homemade cleaners. In other words, you can get the job done with simpler cleaning products. 


Typical Cleaning Ingredients You Should Stay Away From

One of the scariest things about traditional home and beauty products is that there are little to no regulations about what companies can and cannot put in their products. In other words, companies will put whatever they want in their products to obtain a desired result. 


Yes, there’s the FDA, but it’s not a requirement to be approved by them. In fact, the FDA has publicly written that they have very little control over company’s ingredient lists. As a result, there are numerous questionable ingredients in products we use every day, our cleaning products included. 


diy disinfectant spray

What are these dangerous ingredients, you say? I don’t want this post to be too long, so I’ll just mention a couple. One notable ingredient you can find in all-purpose sprays is triclosan. This is an overly powerful antibacterial agent that has been proven to create resistant strains of bacteria (source). And get this, there is no proof that it’s actually making our environment healthier!!


Another ingredient you’ll see me talk about a lot is fragrance, because it’s the easiest to understand and avoid. And it’s in everything! The word “fragrance” on an ingredient list is a coverup word for a mixture of up to 100 questionable substances to make that fake floral scent in your favorite cleaner.


You’ll find dangerous fragrances in a lot of cleaning products because companies want you to feel satisfied that your space is clean. When in reality, you just covered your surfaces in harsh ingredients that range from car engine fluid to skin irritants (yes, I really did say car engine fluid!).


So let’s stay away from these dangerous ingredients that aren’t doing anything to clean your space and only jeopardize your health, shall we?


About the Ingredients for this DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

While there are many ways you could go about your own DIY all-purpose cleaner, this recipe I’m about to show you is the simplest to make. I’ve read other recipes that involved vodka or rubbing alcohol, which would work perfectly fine too. 


But not all of us can (or want) to buy vodka. Plus, this is slightly cheaper to make. It’s just castile soap, distilled water, and essential oils. That’s it. And it does a great job of cutting through grease and killings germs. 


One ingredient you will not see me put in a DIY all-purpose cleaner is vinegar. Especially if you have granite countertops. Vinegar can corrode the stone of granite countertops, so I don’t recommend using it in an all-purpose spray (source). 


Just Use Castile Soap, Distilled Water, and Essential Oils

diy cleanerA great and easily accessible option for the base of this cleaner is castile soap. Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap is becoming more and more available at grocery and health food stores, and it comes infused with several different essential oils! I highly recommend you get a big bottle of the tea tree castle soap, because the tea tree oil will give your cleaner an extra antibacterial boost. 


Castile soap is one of the most natural kinds of soap out there, and it’s made primarily of olive or hemp oils into soap form. Castile soap works best with distilled or filtered water, so don’t get water for this cleaner straight from the tap! Otherwise you’ll end up with a waxy film where you’re trying to clean. You can find out why castile soap does this in How to Use Castile Soap the Right Way in Home and Beauty


Get the Best Essential Oils from Rocky Mountain Oils!

Lastly, you can get some antibacterial power in this natural cleaner with essential oils! Like I said before, tea tree oil is excellent for killing germs, but there are so many more. Citrus essential oils are also great for germs, like lemon and orange. A simple combination of lemon juice and vinegar used to be a cleaning staple!


Another great essential oil to use is peppermint. The menthol in peppermint has antibacterial properties that is often used in chewing gum for minty fresh breath. It can do more than kill the bad bacteria in your mouth!

diy natural cleaner


You want your essential oils to be high quality if you want your house to be clean. But they can be so dang expensive! That’s why I love Rocky Mountain Oils. You’re getting the best quality for the best price. Plus, they offer free shipping within the U.S.! You can check out my Rocky Mountain Oils Review for more info. 


If you’re looking to really save money on essential oils, I highly recommend you give the blend Minty Clean a try! That way, you don’t have to buy a few essential oils to test out combinations. This blend is designed specifically to be diffused to clear the air, or for DIY surface cleaners like this. 


Click here to buy Minty Clean from Rocky Mountain Oils!


Now that we know what to put in this DIY cleaning spray, let’s move onto the actual usage! Since this is an all-natural cleaner, you’ll have to use it slightly different than a traditional cleaner. 


My DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

You will need:

  • 2 cups distilled or filtered water
  • 3 tablespoons castile soap of choice
  • 15-20 drops essential oils of choice
  • Empty spray bottle (preferably amber-colored glass)
  • Funnel


Using the funnel, add in all of your ingredients to the spray bottle and give it a good shake! Always remember to shake this cleaner before using, because the ingredients will separate after a certain amount of time. 


There are no dyes, fragrances, or overly harsh chemicals in this DIY disinfectant! The spray may have a slight color to it, depending on what kind of castile soap you used. It’s most likely going to be an amber to a very light brown color. 


As for smell, it’s going to smell mostly like the castile soap base you use. Yes, you’ll definitely detect the essential oils, but they only make up a very small percentage of this DIY all-purpose cleaner. If you want this disinfectant spray to have a pleasant scent, I’d go with unscented castile soap. That way, you can really let your Minty Clean blend shine!


How to Use this DIY Cleaner

diy natural cleanerThere’s nothing super complicated about this all-natural cleaning spray! Just shake it up, spray, and wipe. It works just the same as any other spray cleaner. You can use it on your countertops, bathroom countertops, toilets, just about hard surface that needs a good cleaning!


Although this cleaner works the same, there are a few differences you’ll notice right off the bat. One, that your surfaces might get a bit sudsy after a few strokes. If this happens, don’t panic! You didn’t use too much. Just wipe the area again with a less damp portion of your towel. 


Some Extra Natural Cleaning Tips and Tricks

When I clean my counters, I usually get them all suds up, then I’ll flip my towel over and wipe the surface completely clean. That way, you won’t deal with any annoying streaks from the soap. If you’re a perfectionist with streaks, or if you have a surface that can show streaks, use this method. The trick is to treat it like you would treat a window you don’t want streaks. 


As for stubborn surface stains, this natural cleaner works just fine. Anything that’s stuck on, like ice cream, just takes a little more cleaner to saturate the food. After a few minutes, it comes off like any other cleaner. This cleaner isn’t made of tough, dangerous chemicals, so it takes a bit of patience to get the job done. 


I’ve used this on all surfaces in my house with no issues! However, I will say that it needs a little more grit when it comes to cleaning the stovetop. I have a glass stovetop that stains pretty easily, and I’ve used this cleaner to take care of all of them. It just takes a couple rounds of this cleaner rather than one. 


Final Thoughts on My DIY All-Purpose CleanerThis simple and easy DIY all-purpose cleaner will kill germs in your house without endangering the health of you or your loved ones. #naturalliving #naturalcleaning #castilesoap #essentialoils

The switch to all-natural cleaning may seem a bit unnecessary, but once you know what you’re actually cleaning your house with, all of that changes. Most companies are giving you false peace of mind with their promises of a clean house, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!


In reality, you’re spreading a slew of dangerous ingredients on your surfaces, some of which can create bacteria that’s resistant to most cleaners. We don’t want that! Use gentler, but just as effective ingredients to clean your house just as well. 


My cleaner I shared with you today is nothing more than distilled water, castile soap, and essential oils. I’ve used this cleaner on every surface of my home, and I’ve had zero issues. Yes, it takes a bit longer and a big more work to get the hard stuff clean, but it works.


I’d much rather work a little bit more and have a house that’s clean and safe, than hardly work at all and have my house covered in dangerous chemicals. Which one would you pick? 


Do you use a DIY cleaner in your house? Let me know in the comments below!


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