Homemade Window Cleaner

Get sparkly clean, streak-free glass and mirrors with this DIY glass cleaning solution. The chemicals in traditional glass cleaners can do more harm than good to our lungs and overall health. So why not try a cheaper alternative to Windex that’s just as effective? 


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Get sparkly clean, streak-free glass and mirrors with this DIY glass cleaner without vinegar. Avoid harsh chemicals normally found in Windex and make your own window cleaner in under 5 minutes! #nontoxic #naturalliving #diycleaning #healthylifestyle

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My DIY Glass Cleaner without Vinegar Recipe

When I say that you can make this glass cleaner without vinegar in under 5 minutes, I really mean it. I even timed myself, and had 30 seconds remaining when I was done! You’ll have streak-free glass in no time without jeopardizing your health. If you don’t have all the ingredients on hand, you can get them on Amazon. 


For this super easy DIY, you will need:


The supplies you will need include:


Combine all of your ingredients in the bowl and whisk together until the arrowroot powder is evenly mixed. This includes your essential oils! Then transfer your mixture to your glass spray bottle using the funnel. Give it one last good shake, and you’re ready to go! 


Or, if you feel like you can’t deal with another DIY in your life, I get it. You can get this window and mirror cleaner below instead. I won’t judge! My mom uses it around her house and she’s had zero complaints. 

Get your natural glass cleaner here!

Some Tips and Tricks with this DIY Glass Cleaner

If you remember anything from this post when you go to use this cleaner, remember this: Always shake your window cleaner before using! If you don’t, the arrowroot powder will clog the spray nozzle. And that’s no fun to clean out, trust me. 


One common drawback of using DIY products is that the ingredients tend to separate over time. That goes for lotions, air fresheners, just about anything. We ditched those harmful ingredients that keep everything evenly mixed, and we don’t miss those at all. 


high quality essential oils

You may also be wondering why I had you use a dark glass spray bottle instead of a regular plastic one. No, it’s not because I want you to go through the hassle of finding some online. It keeps the essential oils in the recipe from going bad. Sunlight makes essential oils lose their potency faster. That’s why most essential oil bottles come in dark glass bottles. And that should go for everything else they live in!


As for which essential oils you choose for this DIY glass cleaner without vinegar, it’s totally customizable! I picked orange and tea tree in the ingredient list above because I think they’re the best options. Orange essential oil is great at cutting through dirt, and tea tree oil banishes germs. 


And I always get my essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils. They’re the only company I’ve come across that has high-quality essential oils at an affordable price. All of my old oils smelled completely fake compared to Rocky Mountain Oils! Check out my in-depth Rocky Mountain Oils review if you want to learn more. 


Why Do These Weird Ingredients Make a Great Glass Cleaner?

I know that using a powder as the main ingredient for a glass cleaner sounds incredibly weird. That’s what I thought when I used this for the first time. But this is the ultimate secret to a streak-free window or mirror because of the properties of the arrowroot powder. 


Windows aren’t completely smooth and perfect like you think they are. There’s actually all kinds of small diy glass cleanerbumps and grooves in the glass that water can get trapped in. And when you use a liquid cleaner, that cleaner tends to bond with that water and create those pesky streaks we can’t seem to get rid of. 


The very fine yet abrasive quality of the arrowroot powder helps prevent these bonds from happening in the first place. You’ll get streak-free, clean windows and mirrors without having to use whatever trick to have to stop the streaking. 


I used to use newspaper to stop streaking as a kid, but I think that newspapers are printed differently now. Instead, I get blackened streaks! No bueno. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that! And I get a lovely little aromatherapy session from the essential oils. Much better than my Windex that made me cough when I cleaned my mirrors. 


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What’s Wrong with My Regular Glass Cleaner?

So. Much. Is. Wrong. Starting with that bright blue color that Windex is so well-known for. I can see the reasoning behind the blue, making people think of clear blue skies through glass. But that blue color is anything but safe. 


diy window cleanerThe name for that blue colorant is “Liquitant Sky Blue.” (source) And that’s all I could find! This blue color ingredient is probably a secret made only by Windex, and there’s no telling what’s actually in it. It’s similar to using the word “fragrance” on an ingredient list. The company doesn’t have to expose what goes into making their products smell the way they do, so they use “fragrance” as a cover-up word. 


For all we know, that blue colorant could be made of hundreds of ingredients! And not all of them are legal. Yes, I really mean that. The FDA has very little to no control over what goes into most home and beauty products. I don’t mean to scare you with this information, but you deserve to know. You deserve better!


In addition to the fake blue coloring of Windex, most of the ingredients, like ammonium hydroxide, have been proven to be respiratory irritants. And I certainly didn’t need the internet to tell me that! I couldn’t clean my mirrors without having a coughing fit before I switched to natural living.


One of my favorite tools to find better alternatives to my home and beauty products is Think Dirty. It’s a handy little app that gives you a rating of the toxicity of a certain product. Just scan the product, and Think Dirty will go through its data base of products and help you make a decision. Check out my Think Dirty App review if you want to learn more. 


Final Thoughts on This DIY Glass Cleaner without Vinegar

Once you know how badly you are jeopardizing your health with your everyday home and beauty products, everything changes. I have been living a chemical-free natural lifestyle for over 7 years, and it’s been a journey! Keep in mind that I didn’t do all of it at once. 


Get sparkly clean, streak-free glass and mirrors with this DIY glass cleaner without vinegar. Avoid harsh chemicals normally found in Windex and make your own window cleaner in under 5 minutes! #nontoxic #naturalliving #diycleaning #healthylifestyle

In fact, I didn’t get rid of all of my nasty cleaners until about a year ago. Yes, yes, I know. But I made the switch when I was ready. And that can go for you too. If you’d rather have natural cleaners in your home and nothing else, that’s great! 


We think that we want to use harsh chemical-laden cleaners to make a germ-free home, but that’s simply not necessary. In fact, it’s worse for your health. All of those germs you just killed will learn how to fight off your cleaners and come back stronger than before. And we don’t want stronger strains of germs and bacteria floating around. 


And you won’t have that intense vinegar smell lingering around when you clean your windows! So it’s a double win. Let me know if you try this window cleaner and tell me how it goes. I hope it blows you mind as much as it did for me. 


Do you like to make your own cleaners? Let me know in the comments below!


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