Spring Self-Care Ideas

Winter can be one of the toughest times of the year for some people. And the transition to Spring can be one of the happiest! Let’s celebrate the coming of flowers and sunshine with some easy self-care tips for spring.


I’ve got some tips to help wake you up and refresh your entire house. Not to mention your mental health will appreciate the breath of fresh air.  


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Transition to spring with these super easy self-care tips for spring time fun. These self-care ideas range from free to an entire day! #selfcare #mentalhealth #spring #therapy

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Change Up Your Hair and Skin Care Routine

The sun is starting to break through the clouds, and the wind chill isn’t below zero anymore! That means your hair won’t be in survival mode anymore. You can ease up on the extra moisture you’ve been giving your hair to deal with the cold. Depending on your hair type, you can cut back on any hair oil treatments you’ve been doing, or any oil you use on your hair daily. 


That’s not to say that you need to stop the treatments altogether! Maybe instead of two to three times a week, just giving your hair some TLC once a week is one of the best self-care tips for spring. Too many oil treatments can weigh your hair down and make it feel limp and lifeless. The same goes for any heavy moisture shampoo and conditioner you may be using as well! 



You also want to keep the same idea in mind for your skin care. Switch out any heavy-duty moisturizers for lighter ones. And feel free to experiment with any new products you have in mind!


You can try making your own lotion for the first time, or give a new brand a try. I personally love Just Nutritive for hair and skin care! Their products are all handmade using natural ingredients, and last forever! I absolutely love their oily hair shampoo


Try a New Tea

If you’re at all like me and share my love of herbal tea, we need to talk! The tea universe seems to come alive with the arrival of spring.


To me it’s because it’s the easiest way to get our hands on some fresh floral scents and their benefits without having to step outside. Because hey, spring in your area may be different than mine! Spring where I am usually looks like several blizzards in between a few days of warmth and sunshine.


I like to pretend that I have my own garden with the herbal teas I buy each year. And one of my favorites this year is Tulsi Rose. Tulsi is another word for holy basil, and has great healing properties for the body and mind.


It helps with respiratory ailments, stomach issues, and has enough vitamins and nutrients to help you fight colds. (source) Tulsi is also an adaptogen, which is great for helping your body regulate itself to deal with stress. 

Click here to check out my favorite spring time tea!

You can buy tulsi tea with just about any kind of flavor combination you want. I particularly love rose because it’s one of my favorite flowers, and the scent is amazing! It literally tastes just like a rose smells, and it makes me feel much more calm and happy. 


Diffuse New Essential Oils

Another one of my favorite self-care tips for spring are diffusing some spring-y essential oils. Basically anything that lifts up your mood and makes you feel good. Like “It’s going to be a good day” kind of good.


For me, those kinds of scents are citrus scents. Orange and lemon are my absolute favorites! I love smelling them before a workout, or if I just need a pick-me-up. 


There are some great blends of essential oils out there that work great for springtime too! My number one favorite blend of all time is At Peace by Rocky Mountain Oils. It smells just like an orange-flavored cotton candy cloud! If you want to let in the goodness of spring while relaxing, this is the perfect blend for you.


Or if you want the goodness of both orange and lemon, Citrus Blend is a great option. It has lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit oils that makes for an energizing blend. 


high quality essential oils


Or, if you can’t decide which blend you like, you can get both of these oils in the Everyday Blends Kit from Rocky Mountain Oils. It comes with four more amazing blends that you can use around the house, ranging from first-aid (one of them is literally called that!) to a cleaner house.


And if you’ve never heard of Rocky Mountain Oils before, you’re seriously missing out! Check out my Rocky Mountain Oils review to learn more about this amazing company. 


Give Homemade Cleaners a Try

If you’re wondering how in the world essential oils can help clean your house, I’m about to blow your mind! I’ve been making my own household cleaners for quite some time, and I can’t believe that I didn’t start sooner! It’s so easy, you can make most of them using ingredients already lying around your house!


Think about it. Commercial cleaners didn’t always exist. And I know that this sounds like one of my weird self-care tips for spring, but a detoxed home will make a huge difference to your health.


People cleaned their homes with nothing more than lemon and vinegar for hundreds of years, and they did just fine. In fact, your hardcore cleaners are most likely creating resistant strains of bacteria. And we don’t want that. 


cleaning for self-care


Here are all of my top homemade cleaners that I use in my own home. And my home looks pretty dang clean, if I do say so myself:


Give a few of these recipes a whirl and see how you feel afterward! I love that my house smells like an orange grove instead of bleach when I’m done. And I know that they kill germs just fine too, because my husband and I very rarely get sick! 


Change Up Your Weekly Menu with Salads

It’s time to look into all that spring produce that’s coming your way! This is the time of year where a lot of fast-growing crops start to pop up, so take advantage of it! You can pick from spinach, salad greens, scallions, peas, onions, garlic, herbs, carrots, arugula, and artichoke. Basically, anything that goes great in a salad is in season!


salads for self-care


Try a new salad recipe that you never thought you would try before. I used to see salads as boring and annoying, but that’s because I was doing them so wrong. You need to add flavor and variety! That’s why I came up with my superfood salad with homemade dressing. It’s full of great ingredients that will keep you satisfied and the sugar cravings at bay. 


And while you’re at it with exploring different kinds of salads, give homemade dressings a try! I haven’t bought salad dressing from the store in literal years because there’s usually so much crap added in there!


And homemade salad dressings aren’t all that hard to make. Check out my top 3 favorite homemade salad dressings to pair with some new flavors. 


Make Infused Water

One of my favorite self-care tips for spring has to be breaking out the infused water! You need water to function, and infused water makes it much easier to do. Try out different combinations of fruit and the occasional vegetable to see what you like. You can even try certain combos for certain ailments, like detoxing. 


spring self-care activities


The first infused water concoction I ever tried was a lemon, a cucumber, and a sprig of mint in a gallon of water infused overnight. It tasted heavenly!


All of these things combined to help make an amazing detox water. I felt more hydrated and awake during the day as well. Everyone in my family are health nuts, so we love to have a good infused water at every get together! 


Thanks to my family, I’ve tried berry-infused water, citrus infused, and just about everything in between. While I love the sweetness of berries, my lemon-cucumber-mint mixture will always be my favorite. It’s easy, light, and tastes great. And it’s always made me feel my absolute best. 


Open the Windows

One tip I’ve been hearing from multiple health experts lately is that you should be opening your windows for 15 minutes every day. Why? So you can let the old air circulate through with new air.


The air in your home can be full of pollutants that are just as harmful as smoggy city air. So let those windows fly open to catch that fresh spring breeze!


best self-care activities


I’ve always found that opening my windows when Spring is starting to creep in lifts my mood and makes me feel more productive. Not to mention the air in my house smells much better. Any smell of the dinner that I cooked the night before is long gone! I know that this idea sounds crazy in the winter time, but we should be doing this year-round.


That’s why I suggest you start slow with this idea and open your windows every day for a little bit now that the weather is warming up a bit. You might be surprised as how it makes you feel! 


Try Morning Yoga

I absolutely love waking up in Spring mornings because the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and things are beginning to bloom! Doing yoga first thing helps me to really wake up and be present for the rest of the day. Even when I’m tired and sore from the night before, I never regret a good yoga session. 


It doesn’t have to be something where you’re tying your body in knots, either! I know that a lot of the poses we see on social media look pretty intimidating, but let me tell you, it’s all in the lighting and angles.


Yoga can be a very gentle experience too. Try following a yoga flow on YouTube and see how you feel. My personal favorite yoga channel is Yoga with Adrienne. I have my favorite morning flow of hers down below. 



Explore Somewhere New

If there’s some part of your town that you have yet to explore but always wanted to, now’s your chance! It should be lovely with the weather warming up.


Try to lean towards going somewhere outside vs. inside if you can. Getting out and enjoying that fresh spring time air can do wonders for your physical and mental health! 


running for self-care


Go to any botanic gardens that are in bloom, a new hiking trail, or just take a leisurely stroll through your local park! And I highly recommend that you do it alone if you can.


Dating yourself can be a very therapeutic form of self-care. It gives you a sense of independence, and helps you “find yourself” in a way because you learn what you like and don’t like without the influence of others.


Final Thoughts on Self-Care Tips for Spring

Spring is arguably my favorite season because I love that initial thaw from winter before things get too hot for summer. Unfortunately, Colorado doesn’t get much of a spring season. We usually switch from light spring weather to the occasional freak blizzard until summer suddenly decides to show its face. So on days when things are blooming and the weather is warm, you bet I’m taking advantage of these self-care tips for spring! 


Just remember that the key with self-care is that it has to be something you actually want to do that will be therapeutic in some way. In other words, if you do any of these tips and walk out feeling refreshed mentally, then you’re doing it right. Self-care can be practiced every day, or you can dedicate and entire day to it! There’s no wrong way to do self-care. 


And hey, if none of these ideas sound appealing to you, that’s fine! But I hope it inspires you to come up with your own spring time self-care activities. Celebrating the changing of the seasons can be therapeutic on its own, so take advantage of the warmer weather and do something that makes you feel good today!


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Transition to spring with these super easy self-care tips for spring time fun. These self-care ideas range from free to an entire day! #selfcare #mentalhealth #spring #therapy

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