Guest Post Guidelines

I’m certainly not a know-it-all on natural living! If you want to contribute something to Essential Moves to Wellness, that’s great! I look forward to working with you! Read the guidelines below to see if we would be a good fit. If you want me to guest post on your site, that’s great too! Just fill out the boxes down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


The Ideal Post for Essential Moves to Wellness Will Be:

  • A high quality, original article that is not on your site already. If you want to revamp an idea you’ve already written about with different SEO, that’s totally fine.
  • A unique, conversational tone that doesn’t re-hash other sources. Be you. Be original!
  • Minimum of 1,500 words with no grammar mistakes or typos.
  • Given a researched long tail keyword optimized for SEO
  • Properly formatted with H2 tags with short, concise paragraphs.
  • Informative. Give my audience an answer to their problem!

If you can totally do those things and you’re still on board, here are some additional requests:

  • No affiliate links please
  • No email opt-ins within the article, but you can include a link to a freebie in your author bio!
  • No links to other sites. I’ll provide outbound links as source citations when needed.
  • You may include as many links to your website as needed, but don’t just splatter them everywhere. Have them flow with the article and reference your site when necessary.


The topics that I cover on my blog include:

DIY natural products, how to remove harsh chemicals from your life, any natural home and beauty products, chemical-free makeup, healthy recipes, mental health and wellness, self-care, ballet, fitness, yoga, natural beauty hacks, debunking myths in the health and wellness community, essential oils, aromatherapy, how to switch to natural and homemade products, natural living, meditation, overcoming anxiety, depression, maintaining mental health etc.


Basically, if you think that your idea will fit with my blog’s content, feel free to run it by me!


Some Additional Information:

  • Don’t worry about providing photos. I will provide all photos, as well as graphics for pins.
  • Your post will be pinned to all of my relevant boards and group boards, as well as shared on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Depending on what’s going on with Essential Moves to Wellness, your post might be mentioned in the weekly newsletter, so stay tuned for that.
  • Please submit a short bio about yourself and what your blog is about (this is where you can include an email freebie!). And don’t forget a headshot!
  • I do not pay guest posters.
  • I reserve the right to make any small edits and changes when I see fit. 


If you’re still with me and want to work together, fill out the form below! I want you to follow the bolded instructions exactly. If you don’t, then that shows me you might not be a good fit. Your email should include:

  • Your subject line titled “Possible Collaboration”
  • A link to your website
  • 2-3 posts from your site so I get a feel for your writing style
  • At least two pitch ideas. If you have more than two ideas, great!
  • Don’t simply ask if I’m accepting guest posts. I love collaborating with like-minded people, so cut to the chase and send me your ideas!


I look forward to working with you and making new blogging friends!