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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, but all you want to do is curl into a hole and sleep. I get it. Things can be hard this time of year after a long, cold winter. But these health and wellness activities for spring will help bring you to a better state of mind.


Or if you’re ready to embrace all that spring has to offer, that’s great! This list will help you live life to the fullest while the Earth starts to bloom and the weather warms up.


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Welcome the warmer weather with these health and wellness activities for spring that anyone can do! They can be for kids, adults, or for any situation. #healthandwellness #springactivities #naturalliving #selfcare

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How Do You Stay Healthy In the Spring?

That’s a great question all of us should be asking ourselves this time of year. Luckily, it’s not rocket science! You can stay healthy in the spring by engaging in activities designed to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.


You certainly can’t go wrong with all of these ideas, so I would try to do all of them to some capacity. I promise you’ll feel like a new person if you’re able to do even one of these things! Just make sure that you pace yourself with these health and wellness ideas and try not to overcommit.


healthy exercise


What I mean by that is you shouldn’t go too hard with the lifestyle changes to the point that it leaves you feeling stressed out. As a result, you revert back to your old lifestyle even worse than before. Just start small, pace yourself, and when you feel ready, move onto the next thing.


These health and wellness activities look a little different on every body, and that’s great! Take a look at the list below, and decide which activities would best suit your own personal lifestyle.


Incorporate More Vegetables into Your Diet

This is one of the most crucial health and wellness activities for spring! Or any time of the year, for that matter. If you’re looking to clean up your diet, this is one of the first steps I think you should take instead of overhauling what you usually buy from the store.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet is to take your usual dishes and sneak some veggies in that will be undetectable. A classic example of this is to take a food chopper that will finely chop up any veggies to be added into soups and sauces.


Check out a well-priced food chopper here! 

You can add some finely chopped celery or carrots to a tomato sauce, or better yet, make your own tomato sauce using the chopper and add in as much veggies as you like to lengthen the sauce and make much more than you would get at the store.


Try New Self-Care Practices

If you haven’t dove into the wonderful world of self-care, you’re seriously missing out! Your mental health could benefit so much from some form of self-care. It can be a daily routine, or a weekly occurrence.


A self-care activity is anything done simply to better your mental health that you love to do. Facials and bath bombs are some of the more mainstream forms of self-care, but it can be going on a date alone or purging the list of people you follow on Instagram. I personally keep a DIY self-care kit on hand at all times. 


self-care activities


Self-care tips for spring can be literally anything on this list. So if you haven’t tried something like meditation for beginners or a daily gratitude practice, I highly recommend you give these things a shot. They can greatly improve your quality of life!


Switch Out Your Beauty Products

With the winter weather a thing of the past, you won’t need those heavy-duty moisturizers! This goes for your hair and skin care routine.  Shake things up with some new, lighter products for the spring and summer.


I use my DIY lotion recipe pretty much all year-round. But I usually only apply it on days that I shower during the spring and summer time. I also switch my shampoo from a more moisturizing option to a regular option.


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities.


I love Just Nutritive for all my hair and skin care products! They’re a great company for someone looking to make the switch to natural hair care.  You can check out my Just Nutritive review to see all the goodies they have to offer.


One of my favorite products of theirs is the Body Nutritive Serum. Since I’ll be showing a bit more skin in the coming months, I want it to look good! I love to apply it to my legs after the shower. They’ll be moisturized and glowing all day long!


Get More Sleep

Some people have theorized that all of our health problems start with bad sleep patterns. I can definitely agree with this. When I don’t get good sleep, I get cranky, sluggish, and I can barely complete a workout without lying on the floor half the time.


If you’re having issues with sleep (most of us are!) I highly recommend you take a step back and critically evaluate how you can make your nights better. I’ve got a guide on natural ways to fall asleep fast to get you started.

Check out the pillows I use as a side sleeper!

For me, practicing mindfulness along with the right supplements helped a ton with my sleep quality. And a nice pillow meant for side sleepers. I kept waking up with neck and shoulder pain in the middle of the night because my head wasn’t getting the proper support. You can check out the pillow I use above.


Drink More Water

You can never go wrong with this wellness idea! I just completed a challenge where I was required to drink a full gallon of water every day, and I couldn’t believe all the benefits. My skin looked more youthful, I was eating a healthier amount of food, and I was less bloated.


If you’re an active person, you know how important it is to keep hydrated. I become a whole different person if I haven’t drunk enough water now. My head will hurt, I become irritated easier, and I feel just overall bleh.


nontoxic water bottle


You don’t have to commit to drinking a full gallon of water every day (although that would be great!). Start with a full 24 ounce water bottle every day and work from there if you’re one of those people who forgets to drink water all the time.


Cut Back on Electronics

I’m currently writing this post during the Corona virus pandemic, so this one is especially hard to do right now. I can’t imagine having to go through something like this 15 years ago when we had limited to no Internet!


The biggest goal with cutting back on electronic as a health and wellness activity is to limit your use at the beginning and end of the day. Try not to check your phone or computer for the first hour you wake up, and the last hour before you go to bed.


declutter desk


Not only does this lessen the strain on your eyes, but it helps with your mental health as well. Waking up or going asleep to any depressing news or people begging you to do this and that will start or end your day on an anxious note. Especially now, we need to value our mental health and do whatever it takes to maintain inner peace.


In addition to that, the blue light from electronics make it much harder for your body to fall asleep. I go into more detail on that in my post on natural ways to fall asleep fast. But I would suggest that you either get blue light glasses, or limit your electronic use around bedtime.


Get Out and Walk!

Getting some kind of movement every day is so crucial for your health! And a long or short walk is one of the easiest forms of exercise, at least in my opinion. I don’t care if you just take a couple laps around your block or drive to your nearest trail. A daily walk can do you a world of good.


A daily walk gets your blood flowing, and the sweat helps to detox your body (source). I know it’s gross, but you can always take a shower. You’ll feel gross on the inside later if you don’t do any kind of daily movement.


walking for mental health


There’s also the vitamin D you’ll get from the sun, along with the fresh air from simply being outside. This does wonders for your mental health, and even strengthens your immune system. Going on a daily walk is seriously one of the most effective health and wellness activities for spring.


Practice Meditation

This is one of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning! It’s what sets me up for a good rest of the day, even if it turns out to be a pretty bad one. Starting a meditation practice can be so incredibly beneficial for your mental health! Which makes it one of the most important health and wellness activities you can do for yourself. 


I’ve got the ultimate guide to mindfulness meditation for beginners to get you started. It’s a good post full of resources and apps to use for guided meditations. Because, let’s be honest, I still can’t meditate on my own. And I’ve been meditating for almost a year now!


easy meditation techniques


One app that I don’t mention in my guide is a new one I just discovered called Insight Timer. It’s seriously the best meditation app I’ve come across! Most content in meditation apps are paid, almost to the point of “why bother?” But not with Insight Timer.


This amazing meditation app has over 30,000 free guided meditations, along with courses on meditation, managing anxiety, and more! Not to mention their library of relaxing music is amazing. I turn on a sleep track every night before I go to bed now.


Diffuse a New Essential Oil

What are some wellness activities that have instant gratification? Aromatherapy is one of them! I love to diffuse an essential oil that corresponds with the time of year because it really brings me to the present moment and gets me in the spirit of the season! If you’ve never given essential oils a try, I get it.


During my natural living journey, I’ve noticed that people either can’t take them seriously or love them and use them in absolutely everything. My husband says I fall in the latter category, but I beg to differ.


high quality essential oils


Anyway, trying essential oils for aromatherapy is one of the most basic and safest ways to reap their benefits.  I promise they can drastically change your mood if you let them.


This beginner diffuser kit from Rocky Mountain oils is one of the best options for a beginner. You get a bit of everything with a cute little diffuser! I recommend you try a citrus oil to invigorate you for springtime! And you can check out my Rocky Mountain Oils review to see what they’re all about.


Try Indoor or Outdoor Gardening

This is one health and wellness idea that I’m so excited to try this year! It’s probably one of the most popular healthy spring activities that I’ve never actually taken advantage of. I’m finally living in an apartment with a decent-sized porch, so I can’t wait to experiment with an herb garden. I’ve already got lavender and mint thriving!


And if you are in a similar situation where you can’t start your own garden outside, try an indoor one! That’s what I did prior to my current apartment. Set aside some space on a windowsill that gets a fair amount of sunlight and get planting!

Click here to check out the perfect windowsill herb garden!

If you have no idea where to start with an herb garden, this one on Amazon is a great option! It includes all the basic herbs used for cooking and aromatherapy. You can even make your own tea!


Implement a Morning and Night Routine

Along that same vein of sleep quality, having a proper night and morning routine will help big time with the quality of your days and nights! Training your brain to go through the motions will prep you for a great night’s sleep.


The natural sleep tips I mentioned earlier also go into great detail on how to establish a healthy night routine. As for the morning, I have a great routine that sets me up for success every day.


fall asleep fast


I start by waking up at the same time every day and do a mindfulness meditation based on how I’m feeling. Then I’ll do some gratitude journaling and a 45-minute workout. After that, I shower, get ready, and eat some breakfast. It’s the perfect routine for me!


Try to evaluate what you like to get done early in the morning and how you can create your own routines. I know they’re hard to stick to in the beginning, but the reward is priceless.


Spring Clean Your House

They call is spring-cleaning for a reason! After months of being shut up in the house, open those windows and let fresh air filter in. It’s been proven that the air in our homes can be more polluted than the air outside, so if you just don’t have it in you to clean, just open your windows for 15 minutes a day.


chemical-free home


Otherwise, don’t be afraid to turn the house upside-down in the name of disinfecting and organizing! The satisfaction of having a clean, fresh smelling house is one of my favorite parts of spring. It gets me in a positive mindset that warm summer days are on the way.


Make Something New for Yourself

If there’s something you’ve been dying to make for yourself, go for it! I love to make my own hair and skin care products. Or even my own cleaning products. This homemade air freshener is one example of a quick and easy DIY that lightens the mood in my house so easily.


I know that DIY’s sound like a lot of work, but they don’t have to be! I try to use ingredients that you can buy once and use for years, or things that you already have around the house. That’s what you get in my top resource on one-ingredient beauty swaps you can get below:

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Final Thoughts on Health and Wellness Activities for Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year other than Christmas because everyone’s mindset starts to shift to a more positive one. These health and wellness activities for spring are designed to do just that.


Pick some of your favorite wellness ideas from this list and give them a go! Doing just one of these things will make a big difference in your health and overall quality of life. It’s certainly made a big difference with me.


Take a hard look at your lifestyle and assess which of these ideas you need the most. If your diet isn’t the best, start with the vegetables. Or if you suffer from insomnia, try implementing a night routine. It all depends on you and your personal preferences.


What are you favorite health and wellness activities for spring? Let me know in the comments below!


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Welcome the warmer weather with these health and wellness activities for spring that anyone can do! They can be for kids, adults, or for any situation. #healthandwellness #springactivities #naturalliving #selfcare

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