Easy Dump Meals

You want everything in a healthy meal, right? Easy, affordable, comes together quick. That’s why I’ve made this list of healthy dump and go meals for nights when you’re pressed for time and tempted to call out for pizza.


I’ve certainly been there, and I love making these dump and go casseroles because they’re cheap, easy to make, and last us several days. I’ve got something for everyone! There are recipes for the Instant Pot, crockpot, or a simple pan or casserole dish. So let’s dive in!


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Try these healthy dump and go meals for nights when you’re feeling lazy. These easy dump meals work in a crockpot, instant pot, or oven! #healthymeals #cleaneating #healthycasserole #healthylifestyle

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Make Healthy Dump and Go Meals a Weeknight Staple

But before we get started, let’s talk a little bit about clean eating. I always like to remind people that eating healthy should be a lifestyle, not a fad diet. I’ve tried so many elimination and fad diets over the years! But you know what’s still giving me results now? A clean eating lifestyle.


Clean eating has been labeled a “fad diet” but it has the potential to be turned into a lifestyle because it’s one of the most sustainable diets out there. Clean eating consists of eating whole, nutritious foods and eliminating as much processed foods as possible. Simple as that.


You can also customize this lifestyle however you want! You can make absolutely everything from scratch, or find some healthier options to replace your processed ones. This also means that you’ll be cooking more instead of eating out. That’s where these healthy dump and go meals come in!


Here’s What You’ll Need for these Healthy Dump Meals

Most of these dump and go recipes are easy with only a few ingredients. And you’ll only need one main cooking vessel, like a crockpot, Instant Pot, or a simple pot on the stove. And if you want more recipes like this, I highly recommend you check out this cookbook.

You also want to keep a few staples in the house at all times. Thing like rice, quinoa, chicken breast, and your favorite vegetables should always be stocked in your fridge and pantry. Pro tip: Avoid spoiling all of those vegetables by buying frozen vegetables when you can! That way you can just take it out when you’re ready instead of racing the clock against everything rotting.


Of course, not all of these healthy meals are chicken and rice casseroles. Some of them a so unique, I can’t wait to try them! All of these healthy dump meals have been made by bloggers like me, so we’re really excited for you to check them out!


One-Pot Turkey Green Chili

Let’s start off with a one-pot recipe from yours truly. I make this fast and easy turkey white chili or turkey green chili soup when I need a healthy dinner super fast. It comes together in under half an hour and gives us leftovers for a couple of days.


one-pot turkey green chili


It’s not spicy at all but has that lovely kick from green chilis that I love so much. The best way to eat it is with a dollop of sour cream and tortilla chips instead of a spoon! My husband likes to eat it with crackers too.

Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole

A super easy casserole classic! But I like the twist on this one because it’s got a good serving of vegetables. And the creaminess also gives it that nice comfort food feeling!


healthy chicken and rice


This healthy casserole will certainly last you a good few days with leftovers, making the strain of cooking much easier on you! And it’s full of flavors that the whole family will love.


Dairy-Free Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole

One of my personal favorite healthy casseroles, but a dairy-free version! I’ll admit that it’s pretty easy to pack in the dairy with these easy dinners, but this is a great option if you want comfort food without the dairy.


dairy-free chicken and rice


This recipe uses coconut milk instead of cow’s milk, which is a great alternative. Coconut has all the essential fats your body needs. You could even take it one step further and add in some coconut cream to make it a creamy dairy-free dream.


Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Polenta

This is the ultimate vegan stew! It’s a healthy dump soup that involves a good number of veggies like lentils and chickpeas. And the spices really turn it into a comfort food that you’ll want to make again and again.


vegetable stew with polenta


This recipe is probably the most unique of the bunch, so I don’t want you to skip this one because it sounds foreign! The spices are all common, and polenta is nothing more than solidified corn meal to eat your soup with. Definitely worth a try!


Instant Pot Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

I had to include at least one Instant Pot recipe in here! I’ve made unstuffed cabbage soup before and it was so good! Not to mention it lasted my husband and I a good three days!


unstuffed cabbage soup


If you’ve never had unstuffed cabbage casserole before, think of it as a lovely ground beef medley of veggies and cabbage swimming in spices. It’s not too overbearing but has just enough flavor to make you feel happy and satisfied.


Zucchini Pizza Casserole

Want to stay healthy, but really love pizza? Here’s your solution! Zucchini has a very bland flavor on its own, but when you put it in the right combination, you can make something amazing!


zucchini pizza casserole


I love all of these healthy dump and go meals, but I love that this one turns a veggie casserole into something that we consider junk food. And it tastes great! Who knew that all it would take would be zucchini, pepperoni, pizza sauce and cheese?


Keto Slow Cooker Marinated Asian Pork Tenderloin

Everyone deserves to have a luxurious pork tenderloin for dinner every once in a while. Here’s how to make a healthy pork tenderloin with little to no effort! This particular recipe has cooking instructions for both a slow cooker and an instant pot.


slow cooker tenderloin


Simply add all the listed ingredients to the pot, set, and go! Pork tenderloin always seems like a complicated fancy dinner, but it doesn’t have to be! You can pair it with mashed potatoes, mixed, veggies, anything you like! And it’s a great slow cooker healthy dump meal for those on the keto diet.


Easy Mexican Quinoa Casserole Recipe (One Pan)

This is an excellent mix of some Mexican pantry staples! I love a good casserole of all my favorite Mexican flavors, and this recipe certainly delivers. It’s a great one-pan recipe that comes together in just half an hour.


mexican quinoa


This healthy dish will also last you a good few days, depending on how large your household is. You’ve got corn, beans, tomatoes, cilantro, and ground turkey all mixed in with quinoa to add even more nutrients to this amazing dish.


Chicken and Yellow Rice Casserole

Yellow rice is a much more flavorful option compared to brown or white rice. So if you find regular white rice to be too bland, give this recipe a try! It’s another quick and easy option that should come together in no time flat.


chicken and yellow rice


Add in some chicken thighs instead of breasts, and you’ve got yourself one of the savoriest meals of the week! It’s a great form of comfort food that won’t leave you feeling sluggish later. It’s definitely an excellent slow cooker chicken dump dinner for when you’re too tired to cook.


Final Thoughts on These Healthy Dump and Go Meals

No matter what recipe you decide to make of all these healthy casseroles, I hope I made your weeknight dinner escapades a little bit easier! Healthy dump dinners are so easy because all you have to do is prep your ingredients and go!


Yeah, it takes a bit more work than microwaving a T.V. dinner, but it’s so much better for you in the long run! You want to nourish your body, not destroy it with processed foods. It’s a better philosophy to put a bit more work into your health instead of swimming in hospital bills.


Give some of these recipes a try for next week’s dinner menu and let me know what you think! I’ll definitely be making some of that polenta pretty soon. Start gathering the main ingredients now, like rice and frozen veggies so you’ll be ready to go!


What is your favorite dump and go meal? Let me know in the comments below!


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Try these healthy dump and go meals for nights when you’re feeling lazy. These easy dump meals work in a crockpot, instant pot, or oven! #healthymeals #cleaneating #healthycasserole #healthylifestyle

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