Healthy Couple’s Valentine’s Day Gifts

Unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas seem to be getting more and more redundant. And your significant other can be especially hard to buy for if they’re a self-proclaimed health nut. I’m definitely that person! If you know that your Valentine won’t like the typical box of chocolates because they’re not healthy, this is the gift guide for you. 


I’ve got a good list of items, ranging from practical to cheap to easy to DIY! Fun homemade gifts can get you some major brownie points because they show that you really put some thought into it. But don’t worry if you’re not the DIY type. I’ve got lots of options that you can get in a pinch. 


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These healthy Valentine's day gifts are great for the health and wellness lover with a wide range of cheap and expensive options. #healthylifestyle #healthyvalentinesday #healthandwellness #noncandygifts

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Yoga Mat

Make your significant other’s workout more stylish! You can’t go wrong with a new yoga mat, whether or not they’re a yogi. If they do Pilates, yoga, or any kind of floor workout, then a yoga mat makes a great gift. I use and love this yoga mat because it gets grippier the more you sweat. And it comes in several different designs and colors that anyone will love. 

Check out my favorite yoga mat here!wellness valentine's day gifts

It’s certainly an investment, but it’s truly life-changing to have a high-quality yoga mat! Now I can do my downward dogs with a little bit more safety, because my feet or hands always slide out from under me when I’m starting to get warmed up. 


Meal Prep Tupperware Set

I know that this Valentine’s day gift idea doesn’t sound “gift-able,” but it could mean a lot if your significant other. If they are super organized, trying to lose weight, or simply wants to give meal planning a try, this is the best way to support them! 

non-candy Valentine's day gifts
Check out these meal prep containers here!

I absolutely love these glass meal prep Tupperware containers because they’re much better than plastic. Most containers are BPA free, but these are less likely to be thrown out on accident. Plus, they still have that nice separation into three little compartments!  


A Day Out Hiking

If your significant other is more of an experience-based gift lover, this is for you! This is one of my favorites of these healthy Valentine’s day gifts because it’s really a chance for you to spend some nice quality time with your significant other. couple's valentine's day


Do some research on local hikes in your area, and try to find something you know your partner would like. Also keep in mind how physically challenging the hike is as well. You don’t want to tire them out too much! My husband learned this the hard way when we were first dating. 


If there aren’t any good hikes in your area (my apologies if there aren’t, I’m truly spoiled with them out here in Colorado), take them out on a day-long date that involves a lot of walking. It could be a museum, the zoo, whatever they like! The key here is to get out of the house to do something active and make a day out of it. 


Unique Chocolate

I didn’t want to leave this list of healthy Valentine’s day gifts totally candy-free! There are plenty of healthy chocolate options that your partner will love. Especially if they are a chocolate lover, you could get them a whole sampler of unique chocolates! 

health and wellness valentine's day
Check out my favorite unique chocolate bars here!

My personal favorite chocolate is Chocolate XOXOX. It’s a brand that has several different kinds of unique chocolates. They have something for everyone, from dark chocolate to fruit to sea salt caramel! I absolutely love the toffee and almonds in milk chocolate flavor. You can get these at just about any candy section of any store. 


Essential Oils

Yes, you can totally give essential oils as a Valentine’s day gift! Especially if your partner is a health nut. It high quality essential oilsreally shows that care listen to them and support their endeavors. My favorite company for the best essential oils is Rocky Mountain Oils. They have high-quality oils that won’t cost an arm and a leg, and they have such a wide variety! Check out my in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils if you want to learn more. 


Rocky Mountain Oils has the perfect essential oil kits for every occasion, including Valentines’ Day! They have their Sweetheart Collection year round that you can get in a cute little kit. It’s a set of 2 roller blends designed for “him” and “her” to promote love and passion. 


If anything, these scents help promote feelings of masculinity and femininity. They help give a little confidence, which is what everybody needs these days. The “his” scent is very woodsy and strong, while the “hers” scent is sweet and captivating. Click here to check out the Sweetheart Collection


Natural Hair Treatment from Just Nutritive

Natural beauty is one of the best parts of being a health and wellness junkie! All of the fun products you can buy or make for yourself can be so fun to experiment with. If your significant other loves bath and beauty, they’ll love what Just Nutritive has to offer. They sell hair and skin care products that are handmade with natural ingredients, including their Protein and Vitamins Hair Treatment.


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities.

Natural haircare is much more effective than regular haircare, because traditional products are riddled with toxic ingredients that are hindering your health. When I first switched to natural haircare, my hair grew over six inches in only a couple of months! 


Just Nutritive has a whole array of products for you to choose from, but I highly recommend their hair treatments, especially if your partner is trying to grow their hair out. They’ll have long, soft locks in no time! Just Nutritive was the first ever natural company I tried, and I love to recommend them to my readers. 


DIY Hair Oil Treatment

If the price of Just Nutritive’s hair treatments is a bit too much for you, no worries! You can easily make your own hair treatment that will work just as well. We’re getting into the DIY portion of these healthy Valentine’s day gifts, and these are some of my favorite options. 


I’ve got a whole post on how to make your own hair oil treatment to get the full instructions. But the gist of it is that you need to mix a few oils based on your desired results. You’ll need a carrier oil, plus some essential oils to add an extra boost. You can get your essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils, and everything else you’ll need can be found below. 

I don’t recommend coconut oil for thinner hair, but oils like jojoba and sweet almond are great options. And you can’t forget to put it in a cute little container! Then just tie a ribbon around the lid with a sweet little note on how to use the oil, and you’re good to go! 


Homemade Lotion

Sure, you could buy some lotion from a big name chain store, but who knows what’s actually gone into making that lotion? Plus, it might not be your partner’s favorite scent, and it’s not that personal of a gift, in my opinion. Show that you put some thought into this gift and make your own lotion!


I know you must be thinking “How on Earth do I make my own lotion??” because it sounds pretty daunting. But I promise you that it’s much easier than you think. My DIY non-greasy lotion recipe is one of my top posts here on Essential Moves to Wellness, because it’s so easy with just a few ingredients. 

A quick trip to Amazon will give you everything you need. And as for the scent, it can be unscented if your partner is sensitive, but I use essential oils to add scent. Ask your partner what they like and go from there! Ask if they like more floral or sweet scents, or what their favorite essential oil is! 


Fun Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

This is yet another fun DIY Valentine’s Day gift that you can customize to your partner’s liking. If lotions seems a bit too much for you to deal with, this is a great alternative. It’s much easier to make, because this sugar scrub is just a matter of combining your ingredients in the right ratio. 


nourishing sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is one of my favorite gifts to give to people, because people see them as a luxurious beauty treatment. And I agree! I absolutely love to use sugar scrub in the place of shaving cream, because my legs feel so soft and smooth after. 


Check out my customizable sugar scrub recipe to make your own version. Again, what you use to make this unique really depends on what your significant other likes. You can even add fun things into this recipe, like dried rose petals, tea leaves, or anything else your partner might love. 


Homemade Facials

Last, but certainly not least, you can give your partner the gift of a good homemade facial. I know that you can get plenty of these in the store, but those are not the best option for your health. I honestly don’t understand the point of those stick-on face masks that make you look like an animal. 


My post on Homemade face masks with a few ingredients is a great gift because it’s more personal, it shows that you put some effort into the gift, and it can be made very quickly. Just put it in a cute jar with a name tag, and BAM! A cute Valentine’s day gift that looks like it took a lot of effort. 

You can shop my favorite ingredients for homemade facials above, but definitely make sure you put them in a air-tight glass container. That will make it last longer, because these facials usually last a week to a week and a half before the mold starts growing. 


Final Thoughts on these Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts

What makes the Valentine’s Day gift ideas healthy is that they are nontoxic, and usually handmade. ThatThese healthy Valentine's day gifts are great for the health and wellness lover with a wide range of cheap and expensive options. #healthylifestyle #healthyvalentinesday #healthandwellness #noncandygifts makes it much more sentimental, which your partner will greatly appreciate. Even if your significant other isn’t on the health and wellness train, these ideas are great for anyone. Especially if they’re looking to get a little healthier but don’t know where to start. 


Just keep your budget in mind, and pick one or a few of these things off the list. You could give a whole gift basket of DIY bath and beauty products! I know I would swoon if my husband did that for me. Or you can show your support of your partner’s latest health endeavor, like working out more. 


Whatever you decide to get, just remember that Valentine’s Day is meant for you to acknowledge each other and spend some time together. If you still don’t know what to get your significant other, your time is one of the most valuable things you can give. Spend a day out doing your favorite things, and maybe surprise them with a small trinket at the end. 


Would you love any of these healthy Valentine’s Day gifts? Let me know in the comments below!


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