DIY Mopping Solution

Save yourself the added cost of buying traditional mop solution from the store and try homemade mop solution! This safe, gentle mopping solution is free of any harsh chemicals, but still cleans your floors. You most likely have the ingredients around the house already, so there’s no extra runs to the store!


I know that you may have some concerns if this mop solution is right for your floors, and I can confidently tell you that it is! But for the peace of mind of my readers, you can customize this recipe however you see fit. If there’s a certain ingredient you don’t like, you can most likely replace it. So let’s get moving and pick those ingredients out!


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This safe, homemade mop solution is free of harsh chemicals, but still cleans your floors. You most likely have the ingredients around the house already!

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About These Simple Mop Solution Ingredients

There are only three ingredients in this homemade mopping solution, and you can easily find them in your pantry (or your bathroom cabinet)! Like I said, you can switch out these ingredients if you don’t like some of them, and I’ll go over substitutions in a minute. 


You will need 1 gallon of hot water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, and 5 drops of disinfecting essential oils. If you don’t know what makes an essential oil “disinfecting,” don’t worry, I’ll help you with that. 


See how simple this is?! You only need 3 ingredients, and one of them is always free! You don’t need to worry about the water being filtered, because you your floors aren’t too finicky of a surface. And you can’t mop properly without water!


diy mopping solutionVinegar works great in this mopping solution because of its high acidity (source). Vinegar is essentially alcohol that has gone through a double fermentation process. When wine isn’t left sealed, it turns sour and highly acidic, creating vinegar. In fact, vinegar is one of the highest things you’ll find on the PH scale. 


The high acidity of vinegar cuts through grease, dirt and other stains. It can even get rid or brine and other hard-to-clean atrocities. Thats why it’s great to use on your floors. You don’t know what it’s actually like on your floors unless you actually lay on them, but this homemade mop solution takes care of that. Everything will be cleaned away, leaving nothing behind. Unlike most traditional mop solutions that leave a chemical residue. 


So what’s with the essential oils? I’ve added them to this recipe for some extra disinfecting power. And they make your house smell amazing (Yes, you can still smell them through the vinegar)! Some great options include lemon, orange, lavender, tea tree, and peppermint. I get all my essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils and love the quality!


Some Ingredient Substitutes Worth Mentioning

My research showed that some people were apprehensive to use white vinegar on their hardwood floors, while others used it just fine. Vinegar is fine to use on hardwood, although it is worth mentioning that you can’t use it on granite because the acidity tends to erode the stone. But I doubt any of you have granite floors. 


Despite all this, if you have some fancy hardwood floors that you’re paranoid about ruining, I’ve got you! Rubbing alcohol makes a great substitute because it’s not as acidic as white vinegar, but it still cuts through grease and dirt. And it’s a great disinfectant! 


I found some recipes that make you put some castile soap in this mopping solution, and that’s a terriblediy mopping solution idea. Vinegar and castile soap should never be mixed because their chemical makeups will clash and create a greasy result. You can learn how to use castile soap the right way in home and beauty if you want to learn more about that. 


Don’t fret if you were excited to use your brand new castile soap on your floors! There are plenty of recipes out there. In fact, you could simply use my DIY all-purpose spray recipe as a mopping solution and you would get great results.


The last ingredient substitute I want to mention is that you can use a squirt of lemon juice to replace the essential oils if you’re in a pinch! Lemon is a very powerful fruit. The acidity of it works very similar to the white vinegar, and kills all germs in its path. But let’s move onto the question I’m sure you’re all wondering. 


What’s Wrong with Traditional Mopping Solution?

The main ingredients in this recipe have actually been used in cleaning houses for well over 100 years! They’re safe chemical compounds that have been a house staple until about 40-50 years ago. What happened? Big business happened. 


Big corporations and commercialism began to take over our culture and society, and they made us trust them over the things we’d been using for so, so long. They needed to compete with homemade cleaners, so they used harsher chemicals that seemed to give things a better clean. 


diy mopping solutionWhat we didn’t know is that these synthetic cleaners made things cleaner than they needed to be, which created more resistant strains of bacteria. And we relied on finding more intense cleaners instead of going back to basics. 


These days, most big name cleaners are full of toxic or harsh chemicals that we simply don’t need when it comes to cleaning. I totally get that we want to kill all of the germs, but traditional cleaners are killing them and creating more resistant strains. And the stuff you come into contact with is not good for your body at all! 


There’s hormone disruptors, skin and eye irritants, and even lung irritants if inhaled too much. It is possible to over clean something, and that’s what nearly all traditional cleaners do. So go back to what worked best during a simpler time. Your wallet will certainly thank you!


My Homemade Mop Solution Recipe

You will need:


Here are some quick links if you need to go shopping:

Start by filling up your mop bucket until it’s got one gallon of hot water in it. This is why I insist you get a bucket that let’s you measure what’s in it! Or you can just eyeball it, too. If you have a lot of surface area to cover, you double this recipe.


Add in your vinegar or rubbing alcohol and essential oils. I like to mix it all around when I first put my mop in the bucket. Then go ahead and mop like normal! Don’t forget to sweep first. I’ve certainly been guilty of forgetting to do that!


First Impressions on This Solution

I went with the main ingredients for this homemade mopping solution, and it worked great for me! There was something about it that made mopping my floors so satisfying using hot water (being an adult is weird, isn’t it?). It left this warm, slightly steamy trail behind that dried up pretty quick. And the steam from the essential oils made my house smell amazing! 


Keep in mind that I have “wood” linoleum floors that worked pretty well with this. The essential oils I diy mopping solutiondecided to use my first time around was 5 drops each of lavender and peppermint. There was enough water in this recipe that I didn’t need to worry about diluting them. You can read more about how to dilute essential oils and essential oil safety if you want to learn more. 


Unless it’s freezing cold out, I always walk around my house barefoot, so I can tell the difference between a clean and dirty floor. Walking on my floors after mopping felt amazing! They even felt a little cleaner than the Pin Sol I had been using years before. Plus, the smell of the Pin Sol was way too overpowering. This homemade mop solution left a light aroma of my favorite essential oils instead.


Final Thoughts on this Homemade Mop Solution

One common theme among natural and chemical-free cleaning is that it only takes one or two ingredients. Society has turned cleaning into this hazardous mess of chemicals that we rely on far too much. We don’t need all of these things to be germ free! 


This safe, homemade mop solution is free of harsh chemicals, but still cleans your floors. You most likely have the ingredients around the house already! #naturalcleaning #naturalliving #diycleaning #easycleaning

I personally think that some germs are good, otherwise our immune systems wouldn’t be able to fend for themselves. There are plenty of cleaning ingredients that can kill the right amount of germs, and don’t jeopardize your health.


My cleaning cabinet has been simplified quite a bit lately. And frankly, I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally get rid of all the hazardous cleaners in my house. Part of me didn’t think they would work, and it honestly just wasn’t a priority of mine. 


Do your home and your body a favor and give this mopping solution a try! You’d be surprised at how a few simple ingredients can do the same job as hundreds of harsh chemicals.


Have you tried natural DIY cleaning? Let me know in the comments below!


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