New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Trying to figure out how to get healthier? The New Year is the best time to start! Anytime is the best time to start, but it seems like everyone’s mindset makes a sudden shift on January 1st. And it’s going to be the 20’s again, so start this new decade strong!


I’ve got seven  different New Year’s resolution ideas for 2020 that you can look at to create your own new year’s resolution. Some improve your mind, others improve your body, but most will help both! Just doing one of these things will make a positive impact on your life, so do what feels right!


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Trying to figure out how to get healthier? I've got five different New Year's resolution ideas for 2020 that you can look at to create a new you! #healthyliving #newyearsresolution #naturalliving #healthyfor2020

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Read a Self-Help or Personal Development Book

I’ll admit that I didn’t take the idea of self-help or personal development that seriously until a few months ago. But then I read this life-changing book that completely rewired my brain to be a better version of myself and actually pursue my goals. I loved it so much that it had to be the first thing on this list of New Year’s resolution ideas for 2020. 


Now I know enough to realize that personal development is essential to mental health. If you’re looking to beat that anxiety, or simply “get your sh*t together,” you need to give personal development books a try. My absolute favorite book for personal development is The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. It completely changed the way I think about myself and my life overall. 

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The Success Principles teaches you to take responsibility for your life and your actions, how to make realistic goals and achieve them, and how to take on the impossible and chase after your dreams. I know it all sounds a bit cliche, but author Jack Canfield uses unconventional methods that have worked for millions of people, including myself! 


One of the Most Popular Books for New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020

My second favorite personal development books are You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. They were actually the first personal development books I read, and I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical of the ideas at first. I also wasn’t thrilled about the language on the covers. But the more I read, the more intrigued I was about personal development.


For me, I think that You Are a Badass is was prepared me to take the ideas from The Success Principles seriously and put them into action. Regardless, I think that all three are worth reading, because they will completely change your outlook on life and money. If anything, your old way of thinking isn’t working, so why not try a new way?


Eliminate Harsh Chemicals from Your Home and Replace Your Old Products

healthy lifestyle switchIf you’re new to Essential Moves to Wellness and just stumbled upon this post, eliminating harsh chemicals is the biggest focus of this blog! It is incredibly important to me that people be educated about what harmful ingredients are lurking in their everyday products. I’m talking about products like the ones I list on my Natural Living Necessities Resource Page, ranging from your kitchen cleaners to your beauty routine!


Sadly, most products these days are made with incredibly harmful ingredients that most companies don’t care to remove. And there’s no one out there to regulate the use of certain toxic ingredients, so big corporations can get away with it. To make matters worse, the FDA has little to no control over the ingredients companies choose to put in their products. 


Luckily, there are companies out there that have safe and natural ingredients. But be careful of greenwashing! Natural products have been making waves in the past few years, and companies are cashing in on the trend without actually changing their ingredients. But I’ve got a handy guide on how to avoid greenwashing so you can stay informed. 


Switching to natural products may sound a little extreme or unnecessary, but it’s as easy as getting a new product at the store when your old one runs out! This is one of my favorite New Year’s resolution ideas for 2020 because you can do it at your own pace. Check out my top 10 natural home and beauty products actually worth your money


One of My Personal Favorite New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020!

I’m currently the healthiest I’ve ever been, and that’s because there are far fewer toxins in my life! They were lurking in products I used every day. So I decided to gradually switch products as they ran out.


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities.

For hair and skincare, I love Just Nutritive. I got my very first bottle of natural shampoo for oily hair and loved it! They have a natural, handmade product for just about anyone’s unique hair or skin. Click here to go to Just Nutritive’s website, or you can check out my in-depth review here.


If you want to dive in head-first with making your own products, it’s much easier than you think! Check out my free checklist down below for how to make any skincare product!

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It’s totally up to you on what you want to make and what you want to replace. For me, I prefer to buy most of my makeup and hair products, and I make almost everything else. Check out all of my favorite DIY posts here for inspiration.


As for finding companies I trust, I use the Think Dirty app! Think Dirty is an incredibly handy tool that I use to scan any potential product. When you scan, say, a bottle of body wash, you’ll get a comprehensive list of ingredients with their levels of toxicity and an explanation why. Check out my review of the Think Dirty app if you want to see how I use it every day. 


Read Up On How to Switch to Natural and Healthy Living

While there are plenty of resources out there to help you find the best way to switch to natural living, there’s nothing like traditional education tools. And by traditional education tools, I mean books. There are countless books on how to get healthier and eliminate the harsh products from your life, but what if you could get ahold of the best resources that are tested by professionals?

What's inside Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle
My friends over at Ultimate Bundles have one of the best resources on natural living, The Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle. It’s literally a bundle of 29 ebooks, 4 printables, and 7 ecourses worth over $700.00, but you only pay $50.00!


This is one of my favorite resources to recommend to my readers, because I trust the content that Ultimate Bundles selects every year. I myself have read through the contents of the Herbs and Essential Oils bundle, and I learned so much valuable information! It’s helped me bring better and more informative content to you. 


If the steeply discounted price still seems like a lot to you, don’t worry! The bundle goes on sale once a year, and the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle comes out once a year too, which features even more helpful healthy living education at a cheaper price. Simply sign up for my email list below so you’ll be the first to know. You’ll get a free gift for doing so! 

How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine that Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg

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Try Practicing Meditation

healthy new year's resolutionsI know that this seems like a new-age technique on how to get healthier, but I promise you it’s worth trying. Meditation is really like a sport for your brain (source). You can train it to handle stressful situations, or be observant of your feelings and reactions. My meditation guide for beginners gives you a brief rundown on the different types of meditation and how to fit it to your needs. 


Mindfulness meditation is one of the most common and easiest forms of meditation. It’s something that I practice when I can, because it makes me learn how I am actually feeling at a given moment. Just keep it simple and sit up straight in your bed before you fall asleep every night. Keep your breath even, and try your best to be in the present moment, thinking about nothing else.


Do this for five minutes a night, and you’ll notice that you’re in more control of your thoughts in a couple of weeks or so. You can do this in the morning too, if that works better for you! I personally love to start my day with a quick 5-minute guided meditation. It helps me get in the right mindset for the day to be positive and productive. 


If nothing else, I love to turn on some binaural beats meditation music whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or distracted. It helps my brain get to a more relaxed state without much effort. If you’ve never heard of binaural beats, you seriously need to check it out! My binaural beats meditation guide gives you the easiest way to meditate. 


Commit to a New Active Hobbynew year's resolution ideas

If you’re looking to lose weight but you already know that your health kick won’t last long, this section is for you! I can’t tell you how many workout plans I’ve tried and barely lasted a week. The key is that you quickly learn how to get healthier when you find something that doesn’t feel like work.


Take a look at what makes you focused and committed and run with it, literally and figuratively! For me, I do better in a class setting. So I’ve been taking some classes at my local rec center and loving it. Or if you’re scared of judge-y people at the gym, I totally get it (I am too!). There are plenty of workouts on YouTube. But the key here is to try something you’re genuinely interested in.  


Give Ballet a Try!

If you’re looking for something that’s unique and challenging, I 100% recommend ballet! I’ve been taking it for over 13 years and I love it to pieces. Ballet may seem like an art form only meant for the skinny and flexible, but that is so far from the truth! You can read all about how ballet can benefit everyone, no matter how old.


I take a weekly beginner adult class in addition to my advanced classes, and there are adults of all ages and skill levels. So find some adult classes in your area and give it a try! You can even get your feet wet with some easy ballet stretches you can do every day. I did them every day and I saw a dramatic improvement in my flexibility. 


The key to this resolution is that you have to find some level of commitment that will actually hold you accountable. For me, it’s committing to a class where other people are expecting me. Plus, I love being in a group setting where we can feed off of each other’s energy!


Experiment with Clean Eating

healthy resolutionsWhat is clean eating exactly? It to me is one of the simplest New Year’s resolution ideas for 2020. Clean eating is what the names sounds like. You avoid anything processed or unnatural and only eat unprocessed foods. Processed foods include things like lunch meat, potato chips, soda, you get the idea.


However, lightly processed foods like bagged spinach and roasted nuts are just fine, because they’ve been slightly modified for convenience. The easiest way to eat clean is to try making most of your food yourself. Try something simple, like baked or grilled chicken with roasted veggies.


I’ve got some good recipes on here that are clean and delicious too! There’s my favorite easy and healthy guacamole recipe that always wows party guests, and my superfood salad with homemade dressing. And if you absolutely hate packing a healthy lunch, I got you covered. You can check out 30 healthy lunch ideas to pack instead of a sandwich


If you’ve already resolved to try a temporary fad diet for your resolution, please don’t do it! Diets have been proven time and time again that they do not work! I can even tell you this from way more experience than I care to mention. Instead, go for a lifestyle change. Make clean eating your new lifestyle and you’ll see much better, longer lasting results.


Practice Self-Carebest new year's resolutions

Self-care seems to be the newest mental health trend, and it’s a bandwagon worth getting on! If you want to learn how to be healthier, learn self-care! It’s as simple as doing something for yourself that you want to do, so long as it helps your mental health in some way.


Things like doing the occasional face mask, a bubble bath, reading a good book, and so much more count as self-care. Just make sure that it doesn’t seem like another daunting task on your to-do list. If it’s easy for you to do and you want to do it, then go for it!

Here are 10 self-care activities for the fall and winter months to give you some good ideas. I actually need to do a few of these when I’m done writing this post! New Year’s is a time of renewal and self-reflection, so don’t be afraid to schedule a mental health day do something you love! 


And if you’re a self-care veteran, here are 3 unusual ways to practice self-care for the New Year. I highly recommend them if you can’t take the whole “put on a facial” kind of self-care seriously. Everyone is different, which means they need different types of self-care. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box! 


Take Baby Steps with these New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020!

Trying to figure out how to get healthier? I've got five different New Year's resolution ideas for 2020 that you can look at to create a new you! #healthyliving #newyearsresolution #naturalliving #healthyfor2020No matter what you may or may not pick from this list, your execution is really what matters with New Year’s resolutions. Just start small with actionable baby steps. For example, if you want to eat clean, make a resolution that you’ll eat one clean meal a day for the first few weeks of January. 


Then, when you’re ready, bump it up to two clean meals per day, and so on. Just  go with what seems realistic to your current mindset and lifestyle. And you need to keep doing it, even when you don’t want to! The personal development books will help you through that tough adjustment phase. 


Whether it’s taking some fitness classes, meditation, or learning self-care, take it slow so your habits will develop into what a resolution should be. That way, you’ll end all those hollow promises of getting healthy  that only last a week or so.


What is your New Year’s resolution? Let me know in the comments below!


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