How to Get Healthy Hair with Natural Haircare

Learning how to get healthy hair seems like such a complicated process. It doesn’t have to be! After scouring Pinterest for hours, I discovered that natural, nontoxic products were the secret on how to get healthy hair.


Just Nutritive is one of the few companies I’ve seen that tapped into Pinterest fame, and it was a pretty smart move. But are their products legit? I’m going to answer that question with a nice little review and some tips on how to get healthy hair.


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Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities. #healthyhair #naturalbeauty #naturalliving #naturalproducts

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What is Just Nutritive?

Just Nutritive is a company that sells hair and skincare products with pure, natural ingredients. They’ve been making waves on social media the past couple of years. If you have a Pinterest account, you’ve probably seen an ad here and there for Just Nutritive (formerly known as Just Natural Skin Care).


Their website seems to have a natural product for just about any skin and hair problem! All of Just Nutritive’s products, from the the packaging to the actual product itself, is made completely by hand. I like this because it shows they really want their products to be as natural as possible.


They even have a couple of what I like to call “disclaimers” on their homepageOne states that because everything is made by hand with pure ingredients, the overall look of the products may vary slightly. This way, you’ll know that the product you order will be unique.


Another point they make on their homepage is that the longer you use the product, the more your hair andjust nutritive review skin will improve. In other words, using Just Nutritive products may even solve problems you didn’t know you had! I can attest to this with my own hair growth journey.


Here’s the best picture I have of the longest my hair has ever been on the right. When I made the natural lifestyle switch, my hair was just touching my shoulders.  Once I switched, my hair grew over 6 inches in 3 months! It took more than just changing my shampoo and conditioner though. Like doing regular DIY hair oil treatments and trying a few hair growth hacks. 


Just Nutritive was one of the first natural shampoo products I ever tried, and it made my hair pass a certain length for the first time ever! What’s better, it even got slightly thicker than before! I was totally over the moon for reaching my hair growth goals. 


Honest Ingredients and (Somewhat) Honest Reviews

One thing that I absolutely love when companies do is list all their ingredients on the product page. Just Nutritive goes above and beyond that! The list is easy to find, and the ingredients are recognizable. This means that the company has nothing to hide!


Just Nutritive takes this one step further, and has a little description of the main ingredients and how they’re used. This is an amazing tool for people new to natural living! Just Nutritive also has reviews on the product page, which I always appreciate.


just nutritive review

But before you get excited from all the positive reviews, I would take them with a grain of salt. After perusing through the website for a little bit, I noticed that there were no negative reviews. This seemed a bit fishy to me, because there wasn’t even one review that sounded remotely negative.


You can see for yourself here on their very popular Normal Hair Shampoo. The reviews are to the right and the bottom. Absolutely all of them are positive. I tried to dig elsewhere for some honest reviews, and I realized that Just Nutritive is also on Amazon.


Ah, good old Amazon reviews. I looked up the exact same products on there, and the reviews were much more honest. There were definitely some people who were less than pleased, but the reviews were actually good overall. So my advice would be to check the reviews on there first if you’re on the fence about a product.


Don’t get me wrong, the reviews were actually pretty good for the most part. But be wary that Just Nutritive only publishes positive reviews on their site. What follows is my own personal experience with a few of Just Nutritive’s products, and how they helped me along my natural lifestyle journey.


How to Get Healthy Hair with Just Nutritive Products

Going with a company like Just Nutritive is a good choice when learning how to get healthy hair. Eliminating all the harsh chemicals from my haircare routine was one of the best things I ever did, for my hair and my life.


I tried making my own shampoo before trying Just Nutritive, but that was a total disaster. The baking soda “no-poo” method almost ruined my hair. I quickly learned that I should not use baking soda shampoo, so I thought I’d try a shampoo from Just Nutritive and see what happens.


Just Nutritive’s Oily Hair Shampoojust nutritive review

I chose the Oily Hair Shampoo because my scalp gets pretty oily pretty fast. My first impression when I received the shampoo was that the bottle was HUGE. Seriously, I think I got about four or five pound’s worth of shampoo.


I was so excited to use this shampoo, but I was disappointed with my first use. My hair felt a little weighed-down from the product. I was so confused, considering this was supposed to be a deep-cleaning kind of shampoo. What could be weighing it down?


I was determined to make this massive amount of shampoo work for me. So I tried something recommended to me on another natural beauty blog. I took a small squeeze bottle and filled about 1/6 of it with shampoo, and filled the rest with water. Then I gave it a good shake in the shower, and squirted it all over my head and washed like normal.


My hair felt like a dream after! It hair felt soft, clean, and nourished. Apparently all I needed to do was dilute the shampoo a little bit. So if you try a shampoo and it feels a little heavy, try diluting it and see what happens.


Although it may seem like an inconvenience, diluting the Oily Hair Shampoo actually turned out to be an amazing perk! Since I already had a massive bottle of this shampoo, I didn’t need to buy any more for a solid year! So it was a well-welcomed inconvenience in my book! Click here to buy your own Oily Hair Shampoo!


Just Nutritive’s Dry Hair Conditioner

just nutritive reviewNot only do I have oily roots, but dry ends as well. There’s nothing like waking up to heavy, oily roots and static-y ends! So the Dry Hair Conditioner seemed like a good choice. I’ve been able to keep my dry ends at bay with some DIY Hair Oil. But I always need a good conditioner that can keep my thin hair moisturized without weighing it down.


Surprisingly, Just Nutritive’s Dry Hair Conditioner was able to do just that! After what happened with the Oily Hair Shampoo, I thought for sure that this conditioner would be too much. I will say that I have to be a bit careful with how much I apply to my ends. If I used a liberal amount, then my hair felt a little weighed-down. But if I used a small amount, my hair felt great.


This is another inconvenience that I’m okay with, because this conditioner also lasted me a little more than a year! It was so nice not having to worry about buying basic haircare for over a year. It definitely saved me a ton of money. Click here to buy Just Nutritive’s Dry Hair Conditioner!


There’s More than Just Shampoo and Conditionerjust nutritive review

If you’re looking to heal any other conditions that you may have, such as dandruff, hair loss, or even frizzy hair, Just Nutritive has something for you to try. So if there’s a problem you’re trying to fix with natural ingredients, I highly recommend this company.


Just Nutritive also has an amazing selection for skincare, and even pet care! You can check out my post for healthy, natural skincare from Just Nutritive hereAs for how to get healthy hair, just start with finding the right shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type.


And if you’re feeling extra thorough, maybe even invest in one of their hair treatments too. Trust me, if my hair can grow while staying healthy, yours can too. They offer everything from clarifying treatments to leave-in conditioners. 


My Overall Thoughts on Just Nutritive

To me, Just Nutritive is a good first-timer’s company for those who are slowly transitioning to a natural, healthy lifestyle. It gives you a good opportunity to learn about ingredients and figure out what natural products are like.


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities. #healthyhair #naturalbeauty #naturalliving #naturalproducts

Yes, the price may be a bit steep at first glance. But you’re really paying for a year’s worth of shampoo and conditioner, maybe even more! And what’s better, Just Nutritive always has offers to their customers for 20% off their next order. All you need to do is make a first time purchase, or subscribe to their newsletter.


Overall, their products seem to work well for their customers, but there’s always some trial and error. So feel free to experiment!  And don’t worry if a product doesn’t work for you. Just Nutritive has good customer service and allows you to return any product you’re unhappy with.


So if you’re still on the fence about trying natural products, give Just Nutritive a try! You might be surprised by the results! I don’t think Essential Moves to Wellness would exist if I hadn’t found this company. 


Click here to go to Just Nutritive’s website.


Have you ever tried any products by Just Nutritive? Let me know in the comments below!


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