Just Nutritive Product Reviews

Just Nutritive skin care is a rapidly growing brand of hair and skin care products made with the best natural ingredients. If you’re looking to make the switch to natural skin care, this is the perfect company for you!


This review is going to be all about how Just Nutritive works, my thoughts on some of their most popular products, and how they can benefit you! These products are chemical-free, handmade, and completely natural.


I’ve been using Just Nutritive skin care products for years, and I’m so thrilled to finally write this post for you. If you suffer from any kind of skincare problem, such as acne, rosacea, or dry skin, Just Nutritive has something for everyone! So read on below to see what makes Just Nutritive unique to you!


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Find out how to get healthy skin with Just Nutritive skin care products! This natural skin care brand is chemical-free, handmade, and completely natural! #naturalskincare #justnutritive #naturalingredients #healthyskin

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What is Just Nutritive?

I first discovered how to get healthy skin with Just Nutritive (then called Just Natural) at the same time I discovered Pinterest. The owners of Just Nutritive were pretty smart about using Pinterest to get traction online, because you could see them everywhere on the platform a few years ago.


These days, Just Nutritive is still on Pinterest, though not as much. But my exposure to Just Nutritive and the vast wealth of knowledge on Pinterest is what got me on my natural lifestyle journey! One of the first things that I got from Just Nutritive was the Oily Hair Shampoo. You can read more about my experience with that and the rest of their hair care products in my in-depth Just Nutritive hair care review.


Basically, Just Nutritive is a great company that sells handmade all-natural hair and skincare products. I immediately fell in love with their haircare products, so of course I wanted to give some of their skincare line a try!


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities.


Honest Ingredients with (Mostly) Real Reviews

One of my favorite things about Just Nutritive is that they have a clear list of ingredients for each product, with little descriptions for the main ingredients and how they’re good for you. Those descriptions were some of the first healthy skin tips I ever read! This is crucial for people who are just being introduced to natural living, like I was several years before.


I would read about the ingredients listed and figure out ways to make my own products as I learned and got more comfortable with how these natural ingredients could help me. But the one thing that seemed fishy was the Just Nutritive product reviews. Since I’ve already covered this in my Just Nutritive hair care post, I’ll be brief here.


If you spend any amount of time looking through their site, you’ll notice that there are reviews of each product off to the right. That’s great, until it seems like literally every product has glowing reviews! They don’t use the star system, and rely on customer’s stories instead. I couldn’t find a single negative thing!


natural skin care


This would make any potential customer a little uneasy, thinking that this company is a scam, and for good reason! But I did a little digging and found that you can also get Just Nutritive products on Amazon, although their selection is a bit limited. The reviews on Amazon are, of course, completely uncensored.


Just Nutritive’s homepage states that all of their products are made completely by hand, so one product might look slightly different from another. And since everything is all natural, it might take a little bit for your skin to adjust. It’s so used to being slathered in chemicals that there might be a bit of a shock, but in a good way!


What I mean is that the more you use products from Just Nutritive, the more your skin will love it! And there are tons of positive reviews for each product. But I would take the reviews on their website with a grain of salt.


This led me to believe that Just Nutritive only publishes their positive reviews, and you can get a more realistic picture on Amazon. The reviews are mostly positive nonetheless though. So with that said, let’s jump into some products that I’ve tried over the years!


Just Nutritive’s Body Nutritive Serum Review

This was one of Just Nutritive’s most advertised products when I first discovered them! I saw it on Pinterest at least three times a day! The Body Nutritive Serum is advertised as a tanning oil, as well as an overall skin serum. The purpose is to give your skin a nice glow while helping to diminish imperfections like flakiness and even cellulite.


body nutritive serum


The Body Nutritive Serum is chock full of amazing ingredients that will make your skin glow. It has some of the same ingredients as the Clear Body soap, like avocado and kukui nut oils. But it also has hazelnut, peach kernel, and walnut oils. All of these oils are light, easily absorbed, and contain essential vitamins for your skin’s health.


So, Does it Work?

I got the Body Nutritive Serum to moisturize my legs after shaving and help even out my skin tone a bit. The serum itself is very light, and the smell is divine! When I applied it for the first time, it absorbed easily into my skin without feeling greasy.


My skin instantly felt moisturized and soothed, and it evened out my skin tone nicely! I think that it does what the ad says in terms of overall skin health. I put this on after every shower, especially during the summertime. And guess what? I never got razor burn!


What I’ve never been able to understand about this product is how and why it’s advertised as a tanning oil. It has absolutely no SPF, or any other ingredients designed to make your skin look darker. In fact, the grapeseed oil in the serum can be cause for worse sunburns than usual!


It also claims to help diminish cellulite, which is a false claim in and of itself. There is no miracle cream or serum that can make cellulite disappear. Believe me, I’ve tried! The only things that will reduce it a little bit is hydration, healthy eating and regular exercise. Otherwise, it all just comes down to genetics.   


before and after

before and after

You can see in the before and after pictures on the left and right that the serum is a very light, almost clear color. The picture on the right is what my hand looked like when I rubbed it in. You can see there are no signs of greasiness, yet my skin isn’t darker.



Overall, I think this product is great as a skin serum for literally anywhere on your body! My legs love it and never get razor burn right after the shower. But this is NOT a tanning oil! Please always wear sunblock with SPF of at least 30! On the bright side, this serum has literally lasted me several years. And it never lost its potency or smelled weird. So I think it’s a great investment for the health of your skin!


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Just Nutritive’s Clear Body Soap Review

I first tried the Clear Body Soap when I was in college and feeling insecure about my body acne. With all the stress of schoolwork and trying to survive, I was feeling pretty desperate. I also wasn’t too sure on how to get healthy skin at the time, either. So I discovered Just Nutritive skin care on Pinterest.


The ingredients in the Clear Body Soap are full of great antibacterial ingredients that will kill the germs causing your acne. Plus, there’s plenty of nourishing ingredients that won’t strip your skin of the oils it needs.


clear body soap


The antibacterial agents are tea tree and Manuka oils. Tea tree is a well-known essential oil great for killing all the bad things we don’t want on a surface, and Manuka oil is great for killing fungi! You might recognize Manuka oil from Manuka honey. They’re the same thing! Manuka oil is just a concentrated part of Manuka honey with its anti-fungal properties magnified.


As for the nourishing ingredients, there’s avocado and kukui nut oils, perfect for your skin! Avocado has lots of essential fatty acids and omega 3’s, and kukui nut oil is one of the best oils for mimicking your skin’s sebum (source). This creates a one-two punch for your skin’s health, by getting rid of any bacteria while leaving your skin soft and nourished.


So, Does it Work?

Out of all the things that I’ve tried to help with my stubborn body acne, this worked the best. I use this luxurious soap after right after a workout to prevent new acne from forming, and it worked way better than the acne body washes I tried at the personal care section of the grocery store.


I’ll admit that it didn’t work so great for me in the beginning, because I didn’t fully understand the best practices for natural skin care for athletes. I wouldn’t wash right after a workout, which I later found out was one of the root causes for my body acne. 


clear body soap


But now that I’m older and more experienced with proper natural skin care, this body soap works great! It’s better for the environment, my skin doesn’t feel stripped, and I’ve had minimal body acne. I use it as a part of my rinse-off routine after every workout, and it hasn’t failed me yet!


If your skin needs some extra nourishment while fighting acne, then I think that this soap is an excellent option for you. It helped immensely with my body acne, and gave me the confidence to wear swimsuits and tanks tops again.


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Learn How to Get Healthy Skin with Just Nutritive

You can quickly see how to get healthy skin naturally with the products of Just Nutritive skin care. All of their products are handmade with their ingredient lists completely out in the open. So it’s a great company to trust if you’re just starting your natural lifestyle journey and need to learn some healthy skin tips!


The Clear Body Soap was the first thing I tried from Just Nutritive, and it did wonders for clearing up my body acne. The Body Nutritive Serum helped prevent with razor burn and made my legs feel luxurious! But don’t use it as a tanning oil. Always use sun block!


So if you’re still on the fence about going all natural, give product from Just Nutritive a try. I promise you’ll be hooked. If I hadn’t found Just Nutritive, I probably wouldn’t be here typing this post. It’s amazing how life can change from the little things, isn’t it?


Have you tried Just Nutritive before? Let me know in the comments below!


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