Get Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Summer is right around the corner, which means that shaving season is coming! Which also means it’s that time of year for razor burn, bumps, and overall skin irritation. But I’ve got the simplest DIY razor bump remedy to let you live your best life.


As much as I hate shaving, I love having smooth skin. But razor bumps ruin the fun like no other! So read on to see this amazing discovery on how to get rid of razor burn in an hour if you catch it on time.


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Annoying razor bumps getting in the way of your summer? This DIY razor bump remedy will take care of that in no time. With only 2 ingredients! #razorbumpremedy #diyrazorbumpremedy #naturalliving #diyremedies

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What Causes Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps always seem to occur right when you least want them. Whether it’s a day at the pool, or a fancy date, bad shaving practices right before these things is usually the culprit. Those annoying red bumps that appear after shaving are your hair follicles screaming for help.


Once your hair starts to grow out after your shave, the hair shaft can turn around and continue to grow into your skin. That’s where the bump part of razor bumps come in. The bumps are essentially caused from your hair being stuck in its follicle. (source)


Another common way for them to occur is for the hair to be unable to grow out of the follicle properly. This creates a pimple-like bump that can easily get infected. This is how I get razor bumps on my bikini area. If anything remotely touches my skin down there, my hair suddenly gets trapped in its follicle. 


razor burn remedy


Razor bumps are especially common in sensitive areas of the skin. This can be the neck area for men, or the bikini area for women. It’s all a matter of the quality of your razor and how you treat the area afterward. 


The best treatment for ingrown hairs is prevention. But if you’re way past that point, don’t worry! I’m going to tell you how to get rid of ingrown hairs quickly. First, let’s go over how to prevent razor bumps in the first place. 


Good Shaving Habits Are All in The Process

It seems like the areas that we want hairless the most are often the most sensitive. *Sigh* There are several factors other than sensitive skin that can cause razor bumps. The root of the cause being bad shaving habits.


This includes using a dull razor (switch to a safety razor like this one!), not using shaving cream (use a natural shaving cream instead), shaving against the direction of hair growth (who doesn’t?), and improper hygiene. The perfect recipe for razor bumps would be something like this: Shaving your bikini line with a month-old razor using only water and doing it very hard against the direction of hair growth to make sure you got everything.


Then you head to the gym and do an extra sweaty workout without taking a shower afterwards. Everybody (including myself!) is guilty of doing something like this, which creates the perfect environment for your hair follicles to become irritated, thus making the hair grow backwards into your skin.


Your skin needs to be clean, and it needs to breathe! Using the right razor is also super important. Did you know that the little lubricating strip on women’s disposable razors are full of harmful chemicals? Switching to a razor without a strip, like a safety razor, may tremendously reduce the amount of razor bumps because there won’t be any irritating chemicals leeching into your skin!


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The bikini line can be especially challenging area to shave because it’s usually suffocated by clothes and sweaty skin touching sweaty skin. For this reason, razor bumps are often unavoidable for some women, including me.  


Ingrown Hairs Can Vary from Person to Person

Some people can get away with applying some shaving cream and be totally fine with smooth skin. But for most people, that’s a cruel daydream. I’ve always envied people like that. There was even a period of my life where I would only wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms when I went swimming because I was so self-conscious. 


I’m incredibly prone to razor bumps, which makes summertime a little challenging for me. No matter how many remedies I’ve tried after searching how to get rid of razor bumps down there, nothing seemed to work. I’m one of those people that could shave with a new razor every single time with the absolute best shaving cream, care for the area more than I care for my cats, and I’d still get razor bumps!


good shaving techniques


I tried any kind of razor bump soothing cream I could find at the beauty section of my supermarket. Terrible, terrible idea! Those traditional creams have notoriously long ingredient lists that do nothing for your ingrown hairs. They only hinder your health overall! And there isn’t much out there for natural razor bump treatments either. But you don’t need to worry about that. 


When we moved to an apartment complex with a pool, something in me snapped. I want to take advantage of the pool this summer, and I don’t want something as stupid as razor bumps to stop me! So I scoured the internet for homemade remedies for razor bumps, and I’ve found the best solution!


My Super Easy DIY Razor Bump Remedy

This is the simplest recipe I found for how to get rid of razor bumps at home. For this quick and effective DIY razor bump remedy, you will need two things:



That’s it! Put two aspirin tablets in a small bowl, and spritz them with about 1 tablespoon of water. You want just enough for the aspirin to break down and form a paste.


It takes less than a minute for the aspirin to break down. Mine only took about 20 seconds. Then add in about another tablespoon’s worth of aloe vera gel and swish the mixture around. Now you’re ready for application!


aspirin razor bump remedy



How to Apply Your DIY Razor Bump Remedy

Take a small cotton ball or a cotton pad and dip it in your aspirin and aloe mixture. Dab the mixture on your freshly shaved area right after you shower. Let your skin soak up the mixture in the open air for about 5-10 minutes before putting any clothing over it.


You can rinse the mixture off after 15 minutes or so, or you can leave it on with no issues. I prefer to leave it on for better prevention. You should have no razor bumps within a few hours, depending on how severe existing ones are.


Why Does This DIY Razor Bump Remedy Work?

The aspirin is a key component because it is full of salicylic acid that can calm inflammation on the skin. It also tends to dry out the skin. Basically, the mixture calms the skin while creating an environment that makes it harder for more bumps to form. 


The aloe vera gel is a bit more self-explanatory. Aloe is one of the best things to calm inflamed skin, and a sensitive patch of skin loves some aloe to help soothe it. Aloe is good for your face, hair health, hair growth, and you can even take it internally for digestion!


This dessert plant is a truly amazing asset to your natural living pantry. I always keep a live aloe plant at home, and I have some aloe vera gel in the fridge too. I usually put it in one of my DIY natural facials.


ingrown hair treatment


My Experience With this Razor Bump Concoction

I was pretty skeptical about this working, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had spent the last month shaving my bikini line once a week with a not-so-great razor blade, and my skin was not happy. At all. 


I figured I would give this a shot since I already had the ingredients laying around the house. I applied this mixture three times a day for two days, and my razor bumps completely disappeared! It left me completely floored!


If this mixture can work for me, I’m sure it will do wonders for you. And I wouldn’t apply it that often. I think that once or twice a day should do the trick just fine. You don’t want to dry out your skin with all the aspirin and create new problems. 


good shaving techniques


Some Tips and Final Thoughts on How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Who knew that aspirin tablets and a little bit of aloe vera gel would cure my horrible razor bumps?! Please, don’t bother trying any razor bump creams from the store. They have toxic ingredients and do nothing for your skin. 


Always use preventative practices when shaving! Make sure that your razor is clean and sharp and use a good shaving cream too. I love my DIY shaving scrub, or you can find a great shaving cream for sensitive skin. Then you can apply this mixture afterward to prevent ingrown hairs from happening. 


While this concoction made all my prominent razor bumps go away, I still wasn’t completely in the clear. Some of the older, more severe bumps didn’t completely go away, which taught me two things:


One, that this is best used when razor bumps are just starting to form. And two, that time is really the best healer of razor bumps. Even now, I have a few really bad bumps that are starting to scar. So if you remember anything from this post, use this razor bump remedy right after you shave!! This will prevent any bumps from forming.


Or you can use it at the first hint of a bump coming on. Believe me, you’ll know it. Lastly, remember to always keep your razor blades sharp and clean, use a good shaving cream, and be gentle to your sensitive skin.


Have you tried this razor bump remedy before? Let me know in the comments below!


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Annoying razor bumps getting in the way of your summer? This DIY razor bump remedy will take care of that in no time. With only 2 ingredients! #razorbumpremedy #diyrazorbumpremedy #naturalliving #diyremedies

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