Holistic Care Package Ideas

Help brighten your friend’s day while they recover from being sick in bed! A care package for a sick friend is a small gesture that can speak volumes. But don’t just throw a bunch of junky snacks in there with a card!


Try making a holistic care package so your friend will truly benefit from what you give them. What you include in a holistic care package are things that will help nourish your friend’s body and spirit to make their recovery a little quicker!


Don’t worry, there really isn’t that big of a difference from how to make a care package in the traditional way. It’s just a matter of switching out a few traditional brands and products for better ones with healthy, nourishing ingredients. So let’s get started!


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A gift for a sick friend is great, but a holistic care package is even better! Learn how to make a care package with healthy and natural goodies. #naturalliving #naturalproducts #healthylifestyle #carepackage

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Set a Budget for Your Holistic Care Package

I feel like one of the biggest blockades that people face when trying to be healthy is the high price tag. While it is true to some degree that healthier products are more expensive, that is one of the worst excuses to make for not being healthier!


There are so many loopholes to living healthy on a strict budget. And think of it this way: Would you rather pay a bit more to be consistently healthy, or be stuck paying down a mountain of hospital bills?


*Steps off of soap box* Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that making a holistic care package for your sick friend shouldn’t break the bank. You can certainly go all out, but that’s totally up to you. You can figure out how to make a care package full of natural products for under $25!


Decide Your Care Package Contents Based on Your Friend’s Restrictions and Needs

With your planned budget in mind, think about what kind of stuff your friend would like to receive. There are several things to consider, such as dietary needs and their likes and dislikes. Think about their unique situation and ask yourself these questions:


Are they in a hospital or at home?

Is there anything that they mentioned they could use right now?

Are there any foods they absolutely must avoid?

What are their favorite hobbies?

What are the symptoms they are currently dealing with?


holistic remedies


Use these questions to get an idea of the things you could include when deciding how to make a care package with holistic products. And don’t worry if you still have no idea, I’ve got a good list of things down below. Depending on how well they can function, I’m sure they’ve already told you a good amount of ideas based on the things they miss.


One thing I personally wouldn’t include in a care package for a sick friend is anything too sugary (this includes traditional cough drops!!) because we don’t want it causing any extra inflammation. Again, the purpose of a holistic care package is to nourish and heal the body.


Plan Your Box Size and Delivery Method

Based on your budget, decide how big you want to make your care package. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs if you decide to mail it! I personally wouldn’t go for too big of a box so you don’t overwhelm your friend, but to each their own.


You should also decide if you’re going to ship the box to the person, or if you want to deliver it yourself. If this person lives out of state, you’ll obviously have to ship it out. I’m currently writing this post at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, so delivering a care package in person is completely out of the question.


Of course, you could just drive up and leave it at their doorstep. Keep practicing proper social distancing! It’s a good alternative if you’re too scared to go to the post office. Regardless, you’re probably better off using an old box that would fit in your own mailbox for shipment.


holistic care package


Find Cute Stuffing and Packing Materials

This tip goes along with picking a theme for your holistic care package, if you’re feeling a bit extra. You don’t have to pick a theme or cute decorations by any means! Just stuffing newspaper in between everything will work fine too.


No matter what kind of stuffing you pick, just make sure that you have it on hand. Especially if you are mailing your package. You don’t want everything to break on the way! You can pick from fun earth-toned colors or blues for a calming feel. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this brown crinkle packing paper


If you don’t have any decent-sized boxes on hand, go a little crazy and pick out a box with a cute pattern on it! This variety pack of shipping boxes has the cutest patterns on them. This is a great touch that shows your friend you’re really thinking about them. And it’s an easy way to go the extra mile!


Pick Your Holistic Care Package Contents!

Now for the fun yet time-consuming part, the shopping! I’ve got some ideas below of natural products that are much better for your friend’s body to aid in the healing process. They’ve been through enough already, let’s not make it worse!


You might not have heard of some of these products before, but don’t worry, I’ve got links and explanations for each of them. I think you should even get some of these things for yourself and get a natural medicine cabinet going. But we’ll take that one day at a time.  


Lip Balm

This is a must-include item if your friend is staying in a hospital! All that dry air can make their lips feel dry and chapped. But it’s also great for anyone that’s been suffering from a runny nose to provide some extra moisture to that area.

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Here’s where the holistic part comes in: Choose a lip balm that’s 100% natural and free of chemicals. There are all kinds of brands to choose from, but I use and love Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm! I highly recommend the variety pack above, but I would at least get the peppermint flavor to help clear the sinuses. 


Soft Pjs or socks

Another must-have is something fuzzy and cute that your friend can wear in bed to keep them warm. You can go with a full pajama set, a shawl, a fuzzy blanket, fuzzy socks, or whatever will fit in your box!

Click here to check out these cute fuzzy socks! 

If you’re using a small shipping box, I would go with the socks. I absolutely love to give and receive fuzzy socks with fun patterns on them. Try to get a pattern of something that your friend loves to brighten their day! I still have a pair of cat mermaid (yes, you read that correctly) socks my brother-in-law gave me years ago. 


An Uplifting Book

I don’t know about you, but sitting in bed all day staring at the wall is no fun. So give your friend something to stare at other than their phone to break up the long days. There are plenty of books with an uplifting message to choose from! Or you can go ahead and ask what’s next on their reading list.


Click here to get your own copy of The Alchemist!

One of my favorite uplifting books is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I was forced to read it in high school and ended up loving it. I still have it on my bookshelf today. It’s a great book for helping you realize your purpose in life without it being a giant lecture. It’s actually a great story in and of itself! 


Natural Cough Drops

Remember how I mentioned earlier that traditional cough drop brands are loaded with sugar? There are better options! They’re still made of sugar, but naturally occurring ones so that our bodies are able to digest them properly.

Click here to get your own natural cough drops!

Natural cough drops are made of honey and lemon with essential oils that soothe and calm inflammation in the throat. These natural cough drops are great for healing because they are made with Manuka honey, ginger and Echinacea. Manuka honey is even better than raw honey because it has stronger antibacterial properties, as well as antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits. 


Anti-Inflammation/Pain Killer

You could throw a bottle of pain killers in this care package for your sick friend, but there are better options. There are such things as pain killers that nourish your body! This bottle of Prana is a mixture of Turmeric and ginger that’s designed to calm internal inflammation.


ginger for inflammation


Internal inflammation is one of the leading causes of pain! I’ve seen people take this for headaches, migraines, sore muscles, anything pain related. I also want to mention that I’m not affiliated with this brand, I just genuinely love the product and think it’s genius!


Aromatherapy Oils

If your friend is suffering from a particularly stuffy nose or has aches and pains from muscle stiffness, essential oils would make a great addition to your care package! You can’t go wrong with Eucalyptus for the sinuses, or take it up a notch and go with a blend, like Deep Breathe from Rocky Mountain Oils.


homemade vaporub


As for the stiff muscles, Rocky Mountain Oils offers roll-on blends. I personally use and love Muscle Soothe! I put it on my neck and shoulders when I’ve had a tense day at my desk. You can check out my Rocky Mountain Oils review if you want to learn more about high quality essential oils!


Soap/Beauty Products

Enjoying a new bath or beauty product can be especially satisfying when you’re on the mends from sickness! I always feel dirtier and greasier than I normally would get when I’m not sick. But standing in a hot shower or enjoying a hot bath is like heaven when you’re just starting to feel like a human again.


Learn how to get healthy hair with these amazing natural products! Just Nutritive is an amazing hair and skincare company that provides natural products in large quantities.


Give your friend the gift of a luxury natural bath and beauty product! Just Nutritive was one of the first natural companies I ever tried and I still use them today! The Oily Hair Shampoo will always be my favorite hair care product of theirs. Read my Just Nutritive hair care review to find out how I made my bottle last a full year!


Another great gift from Just Nutritive would be their Clear Body Soap, or their top-selling Body Nutritive Serum. The soap helps clear acne without any harsh chemicals, and the serum is an all-over body oil that heals scars and imperfections. I put it on my legs every day during summer!


Healthy Baked Goods

While including a cute homemade touch to a care package is a great idea, I would be careful with this one. We don’t want to do anything too sugary or otherwise inflammatory! Luckily for your friend, there are plenty of great healthy treat options out there.


healthy cookies


Cookies are a great option to be packed up, so try to look up a healthy version of your friend’s favorite cookies! I’ve got a healthy homemade Almond Joy recipe too, if your friend likes coconut.


But if your friend loves food and you really want to go the extra mile, I highly recommend you check out Organically Addison. She has the best dinner and dessert recipes that fit dietary needs like Whole 30, Paleo, Vegan, and more! I think her Paleo Carrot Cake Cookies would be perfect for a holistic care package. I’ve made several of her desserts and loved all of them. Even my picky husband was a fan!


A Heartfelt Card

You’ve got to let your friend know you’re thinking of them with more than just objects! A nice card with some kind words are sometimes all your friend may need to get through this tough time. But it also wouldn’t hurt to include a little page in info on what all these things are in the basket and how it can help your friend.

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Depending on what you think your friend needs the most, I would do either a heartwarming card or a funny get well soon card. It’s really up to you. Even a simple “thinking of you” card is nice! Since I’m a cat freak, I always get cat cards for my birthday. It makes me contemplate how I present myself to people, but it makes me happy, nonetheless.


Assorted Teas

My last care package suggestion is one that should not be overlooked! Unless your friend absolutely hates tea. Even then, I would still consider it. There are so many healing teas out there that can help aid in your friend’s healing.

Click here to get organic echinacea tea!

I highly recommend anything organic you can get your hands on with herbs that promote immunity and healing. Echinacea is a popular herb in teas because it acts as an immune system stimulant. I drink the echinacea blend every day whenever I feel a cold coming on.


Assemble Your Holistic Care Package and Deliver!

When you’ve got all of your holistic care package gifts assembled, pack it all nice and pretty in your box and drop it in the mail! I made a mock-up of all the suggested items I had on hand to give you an idea of what it could look like. You can see it on my Instagram page


No matter what you decide to include in your care package for a sick friend, I’m sure they will absolutely love it. I know I would be thrilled if I got a package full of nice things to make me feel better.


What’s more, going with a holistic care package will help you rest at ease knowing that you’re giving your friend something to help their body in the recovery process. Just make sure that you don’t include anything sugary or full of nasty toxic chemicals.


What would you put in a holistic care package? Let me know in the comments below!


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A gift for a sick friend is great, but a holistic care package is even better! Learn how to make a care package with healthy and natural goodies. #naturalliving #naturalproducts #healthylifestyle #carepackage

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