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If you’re dreaming of changing your lifestyle to one that’s more conscious of the toxins in and around your body, congratulations! You’re well on your way to living your best life. But all that natural and organic stuff you see in stores seems pretty expensive, huh? I was there too. 


Natural living on a budget is very realistic and attainable! I first started my natural living journey when I was a broke college student, and I did fine. You don’t need all those fancy natural products to get healthy. It just takes some willingness to DIY and swap out a few things. Here’s how I afford my natural lifestyle on a budget. 


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It may seem like natural living is incredibly expensive, but you can do it right and still save money! See how I do natural living on a budget. #naturalliving #budgetfriendly #healthyeating #cheapeats

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How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine that Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg

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Switch to Reusable Products

While this one won’t give you much instant gratification, switching to reusable products can save you a ton of money down the line. Plus, they’re much better for your health. Start small and get a few reusable silicone bags to store your food and snacks. Then, when your budget allows, expand your reusable armory until you feel comfortable that everything has been replaced. 


You’d be surprised how much stuff can be switched to reusable! Plastic bags are usually the first thing we think of, but there’s reusable cling wrap, reusable grocery bags, even mesh cloth produce bags! Take a walk through your kitchen and think about all of the little things that you throw out every day. It adds up pretty fast! 


Detox Your Kitchen with Reusables!

nontoxic water bottleNow you may be wondering, “What’s wrong with my old stuff? Sure, saving the environment is nice, but I wanted to go natural!” Well, going natural and saving the environment kind of go hand-in-hand. You see, while all those one-use products are great, they’re pretty big hazards to your health. And by that, I mean that there are all kinds of nasty toxins hiding in those products.


There are all kinds of hidden toxins in your home, lurking in places you wouldn’t think about. The plastic in your kitchen is one of those places. You might see more plastic products labeled “BPA Free,” and that’s because people are realizing how dangerous it is. BPA is is chemical used to coat plastic, and has been linked to brain damage, birth defects, and bad behavior in small children. (source)


BPA and many other chemicals leech into your food, especially when heated. While the FDA has stated that it’s usually in trace amounts, I wouldn’t take my chances. I don’t want to eat a sandwich I packed for work covered in chemicals! If you can, I would recommend you switch your tupperware to glass to avoid any and all chemicals found in plastic. Again, not the cheapest switch in the short term, but imagine not having to buy plastic baggies for the next few years! And glass will last much longer than plastic. 


Make as Much of Your Household and Beauty Products as You Can

Yes, you read that right. One of the biggest money savers for natural living on a budget is DIY. That’s why the DIY section of Essential Moves to Wellness is so huge. I love making my own products, because it’s easy, natural, and saves money! In most cases, you just need to buy a few bulk ingredients, and you’re set! I can sometimes go years before needing certain ingredients again! 


I’ve seen other natural living bloggers DIY absolutely everything, and I’ve also seen bloggers buy andcheap natural living products promote absolutely everything. But there’s no wrong way to do this! A natural lifestyle is completely customizable; that’s what I love most about it! I personally prefer to do a mixture between the two, though I think I fall more towards the DIY end of the spectrum. 


It all depends on you. Your preferences, your current budget, and how much effort you’re willing to put into this. And don’t feel like you have to throw everything out at once! That’s not the best way to start a new lifestyle. You can simply wait until everything runs out, and replace the products as you go. In the meantime, you can experiment on DIY’s and do research on things you want to buy. 


You can also feel free to grab my checklist of all the basic ingredients you’ll need if you want to dive into DIY skin care! Don’t worry, it’s super easy. 


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DIY All of Your Cleaning Products

Unless your budget has a little more wiggle room than most, I highly recommend you make your own cleaning supplies. People have been doing it for hundreds of years, and they did just fine. It’s truly amazing once your eyes are opened to all the cleaning supplies you can make with things already around your house! 


One of the first cleaning products I ever made was my natural all-purpose cleaner. I already had all of the ingredients on hand, so it was a no-brainer! And I was thrilled that I didn’t have to go out and buy more cleaner that I knew wasn’t the best for my household. Then, as my other cleaning products ran out, I slowly replaced those with DIY cleaners as well. You can find all of them down below:



These are all of the products I use around the house, and everything works great! My house is clean and germ-free, and no one is soaking up all those harsh chemicals left behind. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t use my old Windex cleaner without developing a coughing fit! And I love that my house smells of familiar things like lemon and peppermint, instead of harsh cleaning chemicals that only create resistant strains of germs. 


Pick and Choose Your Beauty Products

cheap organic makeupI know I just told you to DIY all of your cleaning products, but I’m going to be a bit lenient with beauty products. Mostly because they’re a bit more complicated to make. Even then, not all DIY beauty products will work for you.


Take my journey with discovering that you should not wash your hair with baking soda. I thought that baking soda shampoo would take care of my hair, but I was dead wrong. It almost ruined my hair completely! Our locks are unique and sensitive, and for that reason, I want to caution you against making your own shampoo and conditioner. 


I even tried castile soap shampoo for a bit, and that wasn’t much better. I quickly learned how to use castile soap in home and beauty the right way, and my hair just wasn’t one of those things I could use it on. It caused a huge amount of buildup on my hair that left it feeling greasy and waxy. No bueno. 


Make What You Can and Buy the Rest

I was very much done with DIY hair care, so I decided to ditch it altogether and look at what naturalnon-greasy lotion recipe products were out there. Luckily, chemical-free hair care is booming! There are so many options, and they’re very affordable for natural living on a budget. My current favorite shampoo is anything by Acure Organics. I love them because they’re usually one of the cheapest brands at my grocery store. 


Otherwise, the only thing that I make is my non-greasy lotion. It’s one of the more complicated DIY’s I have on Essential Moves to Wellness, but it’s so worth it. I use it on my face and legs every day, and my skin cannot live without it! It smells the way I want it to, and I can rest at ease knowing it’s all natural. 


I choose to buy everything else, including deodorant, toner, toothpaste, and my soap bar. I’m okay with doing that because I’ve found products that are decently cheap. And, honestly, these products are simply too hard to make, in my opinion. When there are great store-bought options, it’s hard for me to consider making them. And I’m okay with that, because that’s literally all the products I have! You can see absolutely everything I use on my Natural Living Necessities page.  


Reduce Your Number of Beauty Products

Yes, I only keep the bare minimum of beauty products in my bathroom cabinet. Natural living on a budget also goes hand-in-hand with minimalism, usually. The only products I use on a daily basis include deodorant, toothpaste, facial toner, and dry shampoo or regular shampoo and conditioner, depending on the day. I also use bar soap in the shower for body wash. 


cheap clean beauty

I also have my own little bag of natural makeup for everyday use, as well as special occasions. But that’s it. I don’t even own a facial cleanser! I’ve simply used water to cleanse my face right from the start of my natural living journey. And you know what? My skin is the clearest it’s ever been! Your skin and hair can only take so much. 


My skin care routine is washing with a Norwex cloth when I take a shower every other day or so, then toning my face with rose water spray, topping it off with my homemade moisturizer, and I’m good to go! I’ll occasionally do a homemade facial, but that’s it.


Try to evaluate your own skin care routine and see what you actually need. You don’t need a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, moisturizer, serum, and finishing spray! I’ve thought about trying a serum, but my moisturizer takes care of that. Test out what you may or may not need by removing products slowly and/or replacing them with something better. Your skin will thank you for it! 


Switch Your Meat with Veggies

I’m sure you know that meat can get pretty expensive, so if you’re looking to get a little healthier while sticking to a budget, I suggest you add more veggies to your diet. I’d love to buy organic meat, but that’s just not in the cards for me right now. 


organic food on a budget

Eating healthy feels like an uphill battle sometimes, but one easy way to eat healthy is to replace some of the meats in your diet with vegetables. For me, I usually only have meat with my dinners. Breakfast is usually a smoothie, lunch is a superfood salad or a grains and roasted veggie bowl, and dinner is your classic meat with starch and veggies. 


One super easy lunch I like to make is quinoa with roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, and salsa. Sometimes I’ll even add some homemade ranch if I’m feeling fancy. I could have easily put something like ground turkey in there, but I chose to put more flavor and veggies in my lunches instead. It gives me a happy body, and a happy wallet! 


Final Thoughts on Natural Living on a Budget

Sometimes I think that natural living gets a bad rap because it seems like it’s only meant for the rich. All healthy things seem to be attainable if you have money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. It just takes some thinking outside the box and a little elbow grease. 


It may seem like natural living is incredibly expensive, but you can do it right and still save money! See how I do natural living on a budget. #naturalliving #budgetfriendly #healthyeating #cheapeats

When your budget allows for it, slowly start to replace all of your one-use plastics and tupperware. Use silicone bags and reusable grocery bags. You’ll prevent harmful chemicals used on plastic from leeching into your food. 


One of the biggest ways to switch to natural living on a budget is to make as much of your home and beauty products as you can! I highly recommend you make all of your cleaning products, because they’re incredibly easy, but you can pick and choose what beauty products you want to replace. Some of those aren’t worth making when there’s great store-bought options out there. 


Last but not least, try replacing some of the meats you eat with vegetables. It will be easier on your wallet, and you’ll eat much healthier as well! Try only eating meat for dinner and see what happens. Extra fruit and vegetables will give you more vitamins and nutrients than that large slab of steak. Slowly incorporate these changes, and you’ll be all natural without breaking the bank in no time!


Do you have any natural living budget tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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