Natural Hangover Cures

If you want to avoid a hangover, you’ll need to take some precautions. But what if I told you that not all precautions are legit? Preventing and treating a hangover seems to be full of “old wives tale” style remedies that works great for one person, but not so great for another. 


There has been a quest for the one thing that helps you avoid a hangover for who knows how long. And some of the answers are ridiculous. I’m going to dive into a supposed hangover remedy using activated charcoal, one of my favorite natural living secret weapons. 


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Does activated charcoal help you avoid a hangover? I'll show the research on what we do know so far about this activated charcoal hangover cure. #naturalremedies #naturalliving #activatedcharcoal #detox

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Activated Charcoal Helps You Avoid a Hangover?

I absolutely love activated charcoal. I normally crack open a couple of capsules for an intensive detoxifying facial. And I’ll usually take a capsule whenever I feel a cold coming on, or if I feel sluggish in general. I know that it sounds weird that this black substance it so good for you, but I promise it’s life-changing! The capsule I like to use are down below. 

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I’ll admit that since I don’t drink, writing this post feels a bit strange. I found this idea when I was pondering an article on holistic health hacksOne of the hacks was that activated charcoal helps you wake up hangover-free. All you do is take a couple capsules of the black powder before you go to bed. Then you’ll wake up like nothing ever happened!


Really? Can this be serious? I mean, activated charcoal is one of the best detoxifiers out there. It’s porous surface will suck up harmful toxins like a vacuum. I even included activated charcoal in my two-ingredient homemade face mask post that turned into one of my most popular posts. It’s a little bit more heavy-duty than bentonite clay, so don’t use it more than once a week internally or externally. 


But there’s such thing as an activated charcoal hangover cure? I had to know more about this. It’s more of a preventative measure, but you’re able to follow the protocol with the research I found, it sounds like it may be able to help. But again, the research I did find was few and far between. 


The Research(?)

Here’s one of my biggest pet peeves about the health and wellness community. There’s hardly any researchhangover remedies to back up most of the stuff you see! I absolutely hate when I see a pin or a post that says X ingredient may cure cancer, or something of that nature. 


If you ever come across a claim that a natural ingredient may help or cure something, run far, far away! This simply means that the ingredient probably helped an ailment a little bit, but didn’t do anything substantial. So if you’re looking for a small boost to help with an ailment, then you’re good. 


I’m not going to deny that going a more holistic route doesn’t have its benefits. Heck, I’ve seen multiple cases of holistic remedies curing ailments that the best medicine couldn’t cure. But it’s so incredibly hit or miss that no one should truly rely on natural remedies for serious ailments.


There’s definitely no harm in giving something a try. But please don’t rely on holistic health alternatives where the only research is that it may or may not help! There’s a time and a place for natural remedies. Got a stuffy nose? Great, use eucalyptus essential oil. Suddenly diagnosed with cancer? Don’t treat yourself with tea and call it a day! Get the proper treatment! 


End rant.


Conflicting Evidence

hangover hacksWhat actual research we do have on activated charcoal helping to avoid a hangover is little to none. One notable piece of research was the mentioning of a study done on dogs versus humans. The blood alcohol levels of a dog’s stomach did have a lower score with activated charcoal than without. However, there was absolutely no change within a human’s stomach. Not to mention it’s not the most ethical of studies. 


However, I did find countless testimonies of people taking a couple capsules before or after a night of heavy drinking. They woke up feeling tired, for sure, but not hungover at all! After some more digging, I did find another article that summarizes some studies done on humans. And the conclusion was that activated charcoal does nothing for curing or avoiding a hangover.


If you want the charcoal to do anything worth while, you would have to ingest over 60 grams! Which is a dose that absolutely no one recommends. Another thing to consider is that alcohol absorbs into your system very quickly. So taking a capsule after a night of drinking will probably do nothing. 


So What Actually Does Help You Avoid or Cure a Hangover?

Food, water, and sufficient sleep. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Your liver just went into overtime thehangover hacks night before, so you’re going to need to replenish it. Drink plenty of water, have a big, filling breakfast, and make sure that you get enough sleep. Yes, it’s probably going to suck for a little bit, but hydration and sleep are absolutely key. 


If you need some tips on how to have a better night’s sleep, you can read about natural ways to fall asleep fast that I use almost every night. They also work great for nights when I can’t shut my mind off. Although I doubt you will have that problem after a night of heavy drinking.


Another tip is to avoid any “colored” drinks. This is because they are full of congeners, which contribute heavily to bad hangovers. Not to mention congeners are made of “toxic chemicals that include menthol, isopentanol and acetone” (source). I’m pretty sure it goes without saying that you don’t want those nasty-sounding chemicals in your body.  


So your super sugary, colorful drinks may be contributing to the rough morning after. They’re also not the best for your health. You’d be surprised with how much sugar is in certain drinks!


Final Thoughts on this Activated Charcoal Hangover Cure

Does activated charcoal help you avoid a hangover? I'll show the research on what we do know so far about this activated charcoal hangover cure. #naturalremedies #naturalliving #activatedcharcoal #detoxTo sum up, no, activated charcoal does not help you avoid a hangover! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love activated charcoal. It helps with digestion, skin health, and it detoxes without making you feel sluggish later. Most detoxifying agents absorb and re-release the toxins back into your bloodstream, which creates that post-detox slow feeling. 


But please, don’t rely on natural ingredients that come across as a “miracle ingredient!” I try to only write about topics on this blog that actually work and have been backed by solid research. That’s why this blog series exists. And you’ll never see “old wive’s tale” style remedies on here. Most of the time there’s usually something worth noting, but you shouldn’t rely on them as a miracle substance. 


I’ll admit this was a strange topic to write about, considering I don’t drink. But now I’ll be able to help any friends that might need a boost from a hangover. Just limit your colorful drinks, have plenty of water, get good sleep, and eat plenty of food during and after the night. I promise you that these things are the best for you and your liver!


Have you tried activated charcoal to avoid or cure a hangover? Let me know in the comments below!


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