Dandelion Root Benefits

Does dandelion root cure cancer? Let’s look into this strange Pinterest hack. Dandelion is a great plant with many benefits, but its ability to cure cancer has come up several times on the internet. 


I remember when I first joined Pinterest, I pinned everything that I thought was helpful or mind-blowing. What I didn’t know what that most of my pins were not fact-checked. Just about anyone can make up something and have it go viral. This, my friend, is one of those things.


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Don't always believe Pinterest hacks! Let's dive into the research behind the supposed cure for cancer with dandelion root. #dandelionroot #healthylifestyle #cancer #pinteresthacks

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Dandelion Root Disclaimer

Now, one of the first things I’d like to say is that this post is not about to trash dandelion root’s reputation. I absolutely love the root of this pretty-yet-annoying weed! What I plan to do instead is debunk a weak claim about one of its benefits.


When I was deciding what to do for another Natural Myths Busted post, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t look on Pinterest for ideas sooner! The last natural myth I busted on onions potentially curing the flu was discovered on Facebook.


So after a few minutes of scrolling through Pinterest hacks, I found myself asking, “does dandelion root cure cancer?” among many other things. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I saw when I searched things like “health hacks.”


So with that out of the way, let’s get into what I found. 


The Claim on Dandelion Root Curing Cancer

dandelion root benefitsOnce I had my question, I typed “dandelion root cure cancer” into Pinterest’s search bar. Hundreds of pins popped up with promises of curing so many ailments in addition to cancer. All of them had rather crude illustration of the human body and people suffering, which made it hard to look at. 


I found pins that said “A Dandelion can treat hepatitis, liver, kidneys, stomach…” but the biggest one I saw was “A Magic Potion to Cure Cancer in 2 Days.” I couldn’t believe that stuff like this was pinned to thousands of boards!


If dandelion root was really a cure for cancer, then cancer wouldn’t be such a big problem in our society. And what an amazing world that would be! So we have to wonder, how does stuff like this get circulated in the first place? 


How the Myth Started

This idea that dandelion root cures cancer doesn’t come from someone looking to watch the world burn, believe it or not. “Does dandelion root cure cancer?” began to swirl in people’s heads after anecdotal evidence surfaced online.


The Windsor Regional Cancer Centre located in Canada reported that an elderly man went into remission after he drank dandelion root tea every day. Every other form of treatment had failed. Take a look at an article here that explains the whole thing. It seems pretty legit, until you look a bit further.


I quickly realized that this site was a little on the sketchy side, because I couldn’t navigate through moredandelion root benefits than one page without my browser having a hissy fit. But I did the dirty work for you, and found that the site is mostly a collection of stories on how people beat cancer using holistic remedies.


That’s great that people can read other people’s stories, especially for motivation if you’re fighting cancer yourself, but this site shouldn’t be used to treat it. This site is also not affiliated with any major cancer research centers, which is another red flag. The original article on dandelion curing cancer didn’t even go into specifics!


The Facts About Dandelion Root

It’s true that dandelion root has some amazing benefits, but curing cancer within 48 hours is not one of them. I found another article here that goes more in-depth on the anecdote that started the claim. It does a pretty good job of providing good sources that debunks dandelions curing cancer.


One of the more important quotes state: “Dandelion has not been shown to treat or prevent cancer.


dandelion root benefits

Dandelion is used in traditional medicine to treat many ailments. Laboratory studies have shown that dandelion can kill certain bacteria and other microbes. It was also found to have anticancer properties in colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia, and melanoma cells, but studies have not been conducted in humans. Dandelion has estrogenic activity. It may increase the growth of hormone-sensitive cancer cells. Dandelion can also promote urination.”


Basically, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence that supports dandelion root having properties to cure cancer. It sounds like it may have potential, but you shouldn’t rely on it. As with any other natural remedy that seems to have shaky claims. 


The Real Benefits of Dandelion Root

Despite dandelion root’s inability to cure cancer, this is one of my favorite herbs! Whether you take dandelion root as a supplement, or enjoy an occasional cup of tea, there are amazing benefits.


Some of the real benefits of dandelion root include digestive system health, water weight management, and liver detoxification. It’s basically a giant detoxing agent for your body. I’ve even seen people with severe liver damage get prescribed dandelion root supplements.


Dandelion root in tea form is the most common way that people take it. In fact, one of my favorite tea flavors is roasted dandelion root! Just make a cup with a tablespoon or two of half and half with your favorite sweetener.


This tea is like heaven in a mug! The roasted flavor mimics coffee, without the caffeine. I’ve never been a fan of coffee, though, but I love it! There was a three week period where I was able to get in a cup of this tea every morning, and I felt amazing. I had more energy, I felt lighter, and my mind was completely clear.


Roasted dandelion root tea is also a great option for people who are trying to kick their coffee addiction. You can still get a great tasting drink while detoxing your body!


Does Dandelion Root Cure Cancer?Don't always believe Pinterest hacks! Let's dive into the research behind the supposed cure for cancer with dandelion root. #dandelionroot #healthylifestyle #cancer #pinteresthacks

The answer is a resounding “no!” Just think about it. If dandelion root was really proven to cure cancer, then it wouldn’t be a problem.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a supporter of the natural lifestyle community. And I think that living a healthy life and taking some natural remedies can certainly help someone beat cancer, but there are more powerful forms of medicine for treatment.


I do think that there is potential in a lot of natural options, there just needs to be proper testing. So to end, please be careful with what you pin!  You may not actually try the pin, and the idea sounds cool, but please don’t spread false information.


Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Do you like to drink dandelion root tea? Let me know in the comments below!


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