Pre and Post-Workout Skin Care

So you’ve committed to working out more, and you’re crushing your workout regiment. Congratulations! But you didn’t sign up for all these new breakouts! I’m going to give you my favorite natural skin care tips for athletes on how to avoid breakouts both pre and post-workout. And all of these tips use natural, nontoxic methods so your whole body can breathe a bit easier!


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Breakouts from your active lifestyle need a few tweaks to your skincare routine. These natural skin care tips for athletes will heal your skin fast! #naturalskincare #naturalliving #nontoxicbeauty #diyskincare

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Have a Set Skin Care Routine Pre and Post-Workout

You know better than to dip into some deep stretches or an intense HIIT workout without warming up first! Or, at least I hope so. You need to treat your skin the same way you treat your body. Start enacting a set skincare routine for before and after you workout, no exceptions! You need to build a habit if you want to heal your skin from breakouts.


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It will take some tweaks, of course, as you get to know yourself and how you handle this new habit. And you will mess up. But there’s nothing wrong with that! Don’t be afraid to mess up and be wrong. Besides, I’ve grown to like my pre and post-workout skincare routine. It helps me get in the zone and unwind afterward much better than before.


If you’ve never had much of a routine around your workout, try implementing more than just these natural skin care tips for athletes! Try eating breakfast at a set time every morning, or plan ahead and place a full glass of water on  your nightstand so you can drink it when you wake up. 


By the time you have the rest of your workout time down to a well-oiled routine, your skincare won’t be a problem at all! You’ll be able to do it without much thought, which is a good thing. You can help prevent breakouts without thinking about it, and you won’t stress about it, either. 


Remove Your Makeup

You want to workout with your skin just the way it’s supposed to be, au naturale! Your pores will open up as you get more and more hot, and you don’t want any makeup to get trapped in there! You’ve got enough to worry about with any and all bacteria that could get trapped in your pores as well. 


But I don’t recommend you use typical makeup remover wipes. Those are loaded with toxic chemicals that you don’t want to rub all over your skin and sensitive eye areas. I use a carrier oil instead of coconut oil to remove makeup, and it works even better than makeup remover wipes, in my opinion! 


What I mean by carrier oil, is an oil that isn’t very potent like an essential oil, and it’s perfectly fine to putnon-greasy lotion recipe directly on your skin! You usually can’t put an essential oil on your skin without diluting it with a carrier oil first. 


Coconut oil is one of the most popular natural makeup removes, and I used it for years! But I’ve discovered that there are better options out there, especially if you want to use the oil on your entire face. Coconut oil can be a bit too heavy for your face, and can clog pores, but a lighter oil will work just fine! 


I highly recommend using jojoba oil as makeup remover, because it’s very similar to the oil your face makes already. It’s lightweight and absorbs easily, and gets rid of every single lick of makeup on your face. Just take a few drops of jojoba oil, and rub it gently in circular motions all over your face. Then take a cotton pad and wipe the oil off. It’s that easy! 


You can certainly rinse off the rest of the oil with water if you don’t like that lingering oil feeling. And if you’re only removing eye makeup, you can get away with using coconut oil on your eye area just fine! 


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key for overall skin health! It keeps your skin looking young, you can sweat more, which means your body detoxes itself better, and you’ll have much more energy. I know that it sounds counter-intuitive of these natural skin care tips for athletes, but you need to sweat the proper amount to help ensure your skin’s health. 


Your skin was made to sweat so your body can detox itself, so let it do its thing! And stay stylish in the process! I love Hydro Flask because they come in cute colors, they use a straw instead of a lid, and it’s BPA-free! Drinking from a straw instead of an open lid hydrates you easier, because you tend to take it more water. 

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So grab your Hydro Flask, take nice long sips as you go, and don’t be afraid to sweat! Think of sweating as detoxing both your inside and outside, which will help create clear, happy skin! 


Wear Proper and Clean Workout Gear

I know that this sounds a bit self-explanatory for natural skin care tips for athletes, but there’s good reason for mentioning it. I’m sure we can all admit to re-using a shirt that we didn’t sweat in, but I don’t recommend using that method when it comes to workout gear. 

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Even if you only wore a shirt or pair of pants just a little, you shouldn’t wear it again for an intense workout. Whatever you got on the shirt when you wore it the first time, like dead skin cells, bacteria, or a little sweat, will seep into your pores as you work out. And those are the things that causes body acne! I know it’s tempting to re-use a piece of clothing that did get much out of its use, but you shouldn’t work out in it if you’re trying to cure your body acne. 


Along that same vein, make sure you’re wearing the proper workout gear! Especially if you’re going to be outside in the cold or sun. Investing in a nice jacket or sport bra will be very beneficial to your skin. My personal favorite workout brand is Queenie Ke. They make great dupes for Lululemon, at very affordable prices on Amazon. Click here to check it out!


Use a Natural Sunscreen

You need more than a good jacket to protect yourself from the sun, of course. If you’re going to be outside at all while you work out, sunscreen is absolutely vital! Don’t do what I did quite a lot last summer and forget sunscreen. You skin will thank you for it later. 


Go the extra mile with sunscreen this year and give a natural sunscreen a try! Traditional sunscreens have been researched and proven to disrupt our hormonal systems, not to mention destroy our environment (source). However, there are sunscreens that use natural ingredients, and get the job done just fine. My personal favorite natural sunscreen brand is Badger Balm. 

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You can get Badger Balm sunscreen just about anywhere these days, but keep in mind that you need to get the “sport” version of their sunscreen. Anything that doesn’t say “sport” will wear off quickly and be completely useless. I’ve used the sport version at day trips to water parks in the past, and it stayed on and worked perfectly. 


Wash Your Hands Post-Workout

This step absolutely cannot be missed if you workout regularly at a gym. I’m sure you’d rather not hear the details about all the gross things lurking on that equipment, so that’s keep all that yucky stuff off of your face, too. You’re about to wash your face and touch it a whole bunch, so it’s important that your hands are clean first. 


It’s also important that you don’t touch your face while you’re working out too. Not only are you preventing breakouts, you’re also preventing a potential cold and flu virus from entering your system. So don’t touch your face until after your workout, when your hands are nice and clean!skin care for athletes


Shower or Rinse Off Immediately

While this is similar to my previous natural skin care tips for athletes, your body is a bit different from your face. Now that all that good sweat is out of your body, you don’t want it to linger. Not showering after a workout sets you up for body acne, because all that bad bacteria can sink back into your pores and cause breakouts.


As soon as you get home, or if there are any showers at your gym, jump in and give yourself a quick rinse off, at the very least. And don’t worry if you don’t have soap! I’ve done quick rinse-off sessions after an intense dance class and had it work fine. As long as you have some clean clothes to change into afterward, you’re good to go!


Use a Mild Cleanser 

If you do have soap, or want to use soap after a workout, make sure that you pick a mild soap that’s gentle on your skin. It just got a beating from that intense workout, so don’t make it any more irritated than it already is.


A mild soap is free of any toxins that you find in typical body wash, so stay far away from those! My favorite soap that gentle and helps fight body acne is the Clear Body Soap from Just Nutritive. I used this soap for years, and it helped a great deal with my stubborn back ace. Click here to check out the Clear Body Soap! Or if you’ve never head of Just Nutritive, check out my in-depth review


Norwex Cloths Work Great for Body Acne

If you’d rather skip the soap after a workout, I’ve got you covered! Norwex cloths are a more environmentally friendly option that can kick your body acne to the curb in no time! Norwex is a Norwegian company that sells microfiber cloths infused with a special silver that vacuums up and kills bad bacteria and dirt. 

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I went soap-free for a few years, and only used Norwex cloths. Lo and behold, my body acne was completely cured! You can read more about my journey with Norwex and how I use these special cloths with my unbiased Norwex review


Tone Your Face with Rosewater

You may have heard of using a toner on your face, but why? A toner helps balance your skin’s oil production and even out your complexion, as well as prevent breakouts. But don’t go out and get an expensive toner from the beauty counter! 

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Rose water is all you need in a toner, because it balances your skin’s PH, and calms your skin’s overactive oil glands. It’s also calming to your skin, so it will help with any inflammation after a tough workout. You can easily get rose water in a spray bottle that you can use to mist your face after a workout. Just spray and let dry! 


Use a Natural Moisturizer and Lipbalm

Once you’ve used your rosewater toner, don’t forget to moisturize! You don’t want to leave your skin feeling high and dry after a workout. After all that sweating and cleansing, help bring your skin back to normal with a natural moisturizer. 


I don’t like to use a straight oil to moisturize my skin, although I did use pure Argan oil as a moisturizer for the first few years of my natural living journey. Now, I make my own lotion that I can use on my face and body. You can check out my super popular DIY lotion recipe if you want to make your own. 


If you’d rather not get your hands messy with making your own lotion, there are plenty of other moisturizers for you to try! Just Nutritive’s skin care line has amazing options for just about every skin type. 


And you can’t forget the natural lip balm! This is a vital step before your workout if the weather is cold. Your lips need just as much protection as the rest of your skin. The only natural lip balm that keeps my lips moisturized without feeling weird after a while is Dr. Bronner’s lip balm. 

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Dr. Bronner’s is primarily known for their popular castile soap that you can use in DIY home and beauty products, but they make just about everything else beauty and hygiene-related! You can find their lip balm in just about any natural grocery store, or on Amazon. My personal favorite is the peppermint flavor. 


Final Thoughts on Natural Skin Care Tips for Athletes

Breakouts from your active lifestyle need a few tweaks to your skincare routine. These natural skin care tips for athletes will heal your skin fast! #naturalskincare #naturalliving #nontoxicbeauty #diyskincareNo matter how you do it, you need to have a skin care routine if you want to prevent breakouts pre and post workout. And using natural and nontoxic products are essential as well. Although no one talks about it as much, there are too many toxic ingredients lurking in your skincare products. 


The FDA has little to no control over what goes into most company’s products, which gives a company free reign to use whatever they want. Whether or not it affects their customer’s health, they want your money and the right results from their products. 


Try your best to stick to natural products, or DIY products that have only a few ingredients. Once you know what’s in your products, it’s very hard to go back. And if you ever have any questions about natural living, you’ve got a friend in me! 


What do you do to prevent breakouts after a workout? Let me know in the comments below!


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