Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what really goes into your household and hygiene products? They may smell great, or give your hair the perfect amount of volume, or get rid of that stubborn piece of food stuck to your favorite pan, so what’s there to worry about?


Healthy living living and removing harsh chemicals is more than some hipster millennial trend.If you’re on the fence about making the switch, you’ll get these five benefits if you remove harsh chemicals from your life.


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Healthy living is more than a trend. It's an ideal lifestyle. Here are the best benefits of switching to healthy living. #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #naturalliving #chemicalfree

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How to Start a Clean Beauty Routine that Won't Cost an Arm and a Leg

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Healthy Living Makes Longer, Stronger Hair

The desire to grow my hair out is what started my natural living journey! As a person with very thin, blonde hair, I found myself dreaming of luxurious hair that trailed down to my waist. It was an endeavor that many people said wasn’t worth trying, but I wanted to anyway. 


After a bit of Googling, I discovered the world of natural haircare and promptly fell down the rabbit hole. Since then, I have found companies that make shampoos and conditioners with amazing ingredients. And they do an excellent, if not better, job keeping my hair healthy.


healthy living benefits

There are countless holistic hair treatments that you can whip up at home for hair growth. You can check out my post on DIY Hair Oil and you can Learn How to Grow Out Your Hair with some simple and easy hacks. They were a major game changer for my hair growth journey!


About six months after I began my journey, I found that I had added an extra eight inches in length! I was over the moon! Even people I saw every day noticed the change. After a couple of years of long hair, I decided to cut it to about shoulder length. It was simply time for a change. But now I know that I can grow out my hair quickly when I change my mind!


What’s Wrong with My Old Haircare Products?

Why does traditional haircare cause our hair to now grow as fast? It’s full of questionable ingredients that are incredibly dangerous to your health. Take a look at some common shampoo ingredients and why they disrupt hair growth here. Big name companies will do anything and everything to achieve a desired result from a product. 


So hair is a bit of a no-brainer with healthy living, but what about everything else? There are so many hidden areas people don’t think are dangerous! Let’s explore a few more and you’ll see what I mean. 

Clear Up Your Skin with Healthy Living

All those harsh chemicals that you put on your scalp also go on your face! What most people don’t realize is your skin is an organ. Your skin absorbs good things from your environment and keeps the bad things out. It’s the first layer of protection your immune system has against invading microbes that can make you sick.


Check out this article that outlines all of the harsh chemicals commonly found in skincare. When you’re healthy living benefitsready, go through all of your skin care products and throw out anything that you think is unsafe. If you don’t know what’s safe or unsafe yet, check out my Think Dirty app review.


When I decided to move my attention from hair care to skin care, my skin started to heal almost immediately. I suffered from severe hormonal acne for years and tried everything, but the one thing that worked was a simple, natural facial care routine. Now I sometimes get small hormonal breakouts when I’m PMSing, but nowhere near as bad as before. 


Having a minimalist skincare routine can help fix the underlying causes of your skins problems. Think about it. If you’re putting at least 5 products on your face every day, that hundreds, if not thousands, of questionable ingredients being absorbed into your skin! With a DIY facial routine, you know exactly what’s what and what it’s doing. 


You can get started with DIY skincare with my free checklist! I use and love these ingredients every day, and you don’t need to be a craft wiz to do it. 


Make Any Skincare Product with This Free Checklist of Essential Ingredients!

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Doing something as simple as tossing just one of your harmful skincare products will help, I promise! Plus, you’ll be one step closer to your healthy living dream! Just one product will cut out a huge amount of chemicals your skin is forced to absorb every day. But there’s more to healthy living than just your skin and hair. 


Healthy Living Will Give You Peace of Mind

healthy living benefitsOnce you try natural living, you never go back. Entering the world of holistic, healthy living is like entering a black hole that you are all too happy to get sucked into. The more you educate yourself on what actually goes into your household products, the more you will want to change.


But don’t get too stressed about it, and take your time! It took me about a year just to get my haircare routine to my satisfaction. In the meantime, dip your feet into the world of self-care ideas and mindfulness! Having a clear mind and body does wonders for your overall health.


If you’ve never tried meditation, I highly recommend you give it a go at least once. Meditation for beginners has never been easier! One of the biggest things that helps me meditate when I’m too stressed to think is binaural beats. It gets you into a meditative state and does the work for you!


Self-care is also one of the most underused forms of therapy without actually going to a therapist’s office. You can keep your own DIY self-care kit at home to use on bad days, and there are plenty of activities to try that are not so normal


When people think of healthy living, they usually think of a fit girl running on the treadmill that only lives on acai bowls and nothing else. It’s so much more! You should not only keep your products in check, but your mind as well. Because if your mind isn’t up to par, your body won’t be either. 


Healthy Living Will Make You Save Money

You might be scoffing at this reason, but it’s 100% true if you remove harsh chemicals. It just depends on how you want to live your new-found natural life. Some people prefer to make absolutely everything, and that’s great. I’m also a little jealous!


healthy living benefits

But no one has time for that. And that’s also okay. You simply do what fits your lifestyle best. I personally prefer to do a mix of the two, because sometimes it’s easier to make a product. On the other hand, there are some products that I don’t want to make at all!


There are thousands of brands out there that will charge you an arm and a leg for, say, a natural facial cleanser. The ingredients are great, but you know that the facial cleanser you have now will get the job done just fine. So why would you even consider that kind of a switch?


It all goes back to what we were talking about earlier and how dangerous some of the ingredients in our products are. The FDA has publicly written that they have little to no control over what companies can and cannot put into their products. So why take that risk? Give your health a little more control and get a little pickier with your products. 


Luckily, you don’t have to buy that super-duper expensive facial wash. If the store-bought options are too expensive, you can make it. There are so many beauty and household products you can make just by combining a few simple ingredients. The best part? You can buy most ingredients in bulk and use them for months!

Your Quality of Life Will Improve with Healthy Living

healthy living benefitsOnce you start your natural living journey and remove harsh chemicals, the results will slowly seep in. You can reach goals that you thought were impossible in the past! I got my hair to grow down to my waist, and now it’s the healthiest it has ever been. And my skin has cleared to the point that I rarely wear foundation, and my body acne is nonexistent!


I’ve never felt the desire to go back to my old products, and whenever I’ve had to use them for whatever reason, my hair and skin was not happy. I’ve certainly had my trials, like learning not to use baking soda as shampoo, but now you don’t have to do that. You’ve got my own trials and tribulations to help you along the way!


There are so many companies out there that promise you this or that, when in reality they are hurting your health and stealing your money. Living a natural life gives you the power to simplify your lifestyle, while allowing your body to be its healthiest self.


My mental health has improved drastically since I started taking it seriously and working on it daily. We can truly overcome everything and anything if we stop ourselves from getting in our own way. Switching to healthy living has not only improved my own life, but the lives of other people around me. I’ve helped friends overcome both big and small health obstacles and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. 


Final Thoughts on Healthy Living 

Wanting to remove harsh chemicals from your life may sound like a gimmick at first, but there’s more than meets the eye. Before we finish, I have a challenge for you.


Healthy living is more than a trend. It's an ideal lifestyle. Here are the best benefits of switching to healthy living. #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #naturalliving #chemicalfree

I challenge you to do some research of your own on how you can have a natural, healthy life. Or take a look at my suggested articles below to get your feet wet. Once you have an idea of how everyday products are jeopardizing your health, go through your cleaning cabinet or shower caddy.


See how many toxic ingredients you can find in your home and beauty products. The facts will certainly shock you! Then I want you to decide which area you would like to start with first, and gradually replace anything that is unsafe. Take your time with this part! I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and stop. 


I’m so happy that you’re here reading this article in the first place. Because that means that you want to improve your health and quality of life. This is a great first step. So do some research of your own, and I’m here for you too! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. 


Have I made you want to eliminate harsh chemicals from your home? Let me know in the comments below!


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