Natural Razors

Did you know that the old-fashioned ways of classic shaving were actually far better than our shaving methods today? But you don’t have to go to a barber shop to get the same benefits. And you don’t get any weird chemicals on your skin!


Allow me to introduce you to the safety razor. This little gadget is targeted primarily towards men, but there’s nothing stopping us females from using it! Keep reading to see why safety razors are a great alternative for traditional shaving!


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Ditch the mysterious chemicals lurking in your disposable razor and give safety razors a try! They are the best natural razors out there. #naturalliving #naturalshaving #chemicalfree #safetyrazor

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Say “No” to the Strip and Get Natural Razors Instead!

I think it goes without saying that we know most (but certainly not all!) women’s products are a rip off. The most popular method of shaving women use are disposable razors. Men’s razors, on the other hand, are often much higher quality, last longer, and are much cheaper. 


Most of us women grew up thinking that disposable razors were the best way to shave for us. I bet the words “natural razors” never even crossed our minds! But what most women don’t realize is the cons far outweigh the pros with this method in terms of disposable razors.


I know what you might be thinking. “It’s just a razor, how could it have any dangerous chemicals?” When I told my husband about this post when I first started writing it, he stopped everything he was doing in the kitchen and looked at me like I had a third eye. “Natural razors?! How is that even a thing?” Was all he could say.


safety razor review

What Makes Natural Razors “Natural”

The answer lies in that little strip of lubricant stuff attached to almost every disposable razor. The purpose of that strip is to help the blades glide over your skin easier while keeping it moisturized. However, that little lubricating strip is full of unknown ingredients that I’m sure you wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.


This little area of women’s beauty is often overlooked, simply because it’s not something we would not consider to be full of chemicals. You can read about how to tell if your natural products are actually natural to develop your skill set with that. It’s truly enlightening when you realize that the little lubricating strip could be made of hundred of unknown substances!


However small that strip may be, it can still have adverse effects on your skin and possibly pose a risk for organ toxicity. Would you want to put something that’s been proven to disrupt your hormones right next to your lymph nodes when you shave your underarms? Didn’t think so. Women with sensitive skin should especially look into making the switch to safety razors.


A few years back, I followed the advice one of a green beauty blog that suggested I simply take the strip off. But that was much easier said than done. Those little suckers are really stuck on there! After a few punctured fingertips, I gave up and decided to come back to it.


My Switch to Safety Razors

Now here I am today, a pro at classic shaving and loving it! But what exactly is a safety razor? A safety razor takes the tradition of old-fashioned shaving and puts into a portable, hassle-free form. Instead of the three or four blades we usually see on disposable razors, a safety razor only has one.


Ditch the mysterious chemicals lurking in your disposable razor and give safety razors a try!

It also has a guard around it to protect us from severely cutting ourselves when shaving, hence the name safety razor. Another great perk of using a safety razor is you buy the handle, and only replace the blade when it dulls. And the handles aren’t plastic like most razors with a disposable head. They’re usually made of stainless steel, making them very durable.



The blades themselves usually come in packs of three or four, and they’re recyclable! That’s one less source of waste coming from your home! If you’re big on sustainability, then switching to a safety razor is a must!


One slight turn-off with safety razors, though, is the price. Some of them range from $50 to $100! But that’s where the beauty of Amazon comes in. I found this one with great reviews for a fraction of the usual price! It came with four replacement blades, and has what’s called a “butterfly” opening, where you twist the bottom to open the safety covering when replacing the blades.

My First Time Trying a Safety Razor

I’ll admit that I was a bit scared to try this safety razor for the first time. Especially when I read one of the reviews that said it cut them up very badly. However, I remembered to take reviews with a grain of salt and bought it anyway.


safety razor reviews

I’ll admit that I used this natural razor very gingerly the first time. Now, I’ve been using safety razors for a few years, and I’ve had no issues whatsoever! The blade glides very easily over my legs, and I’ve had zero nicks when shaving my underarms. In fact, I get the closest shave I’ve ever had on my underarms!


When it’s time for me to shave, I just wash my body like I normally would and get to it. When it comes to shaving cream I love using a sugar scrub right before if I’m feeling fancy! It gets a closer shave, and I don’t have to moisturize afterwards. You can check out my post on how to make your own sugar scrub to make your own!


When I put on deodorant after a shower, it glides on nice and smooth. I don’t know about you, but deodorant always stung my underarms after I shaved with disposable razors. Now I have less nicks, my skin isn’t irritated, and I can rest easy knowing that I’m exposing myself to less hazardous chemicals!


Some Extra Updates and Tricks using a Safety Razor

One thing I really disliked about my disposable razors were how easily they clogged with hair. I felt like half of my shave time was just trying to get it to work properly! With only one blade on my safety razor, the hair clogging has been minimal.


The blade also shows no sign of dulling anytime soon, so I’ll estimate that It could be a good four to six months before I need to stock up on blades again. I’ve even caught my husband stealing it from time to time for facial touch-ups.


safety razor reviews

**Update** I’ve since tried traveling with my safety razor, and one thing I learned quickly is that the metal handle will cause your bag to be searched in security. And once they find it, they also will confiscate the blade. So if you decide to travel with your razor, you’ll have to buy a new set of blades once you arrive, unless you decide to check your baggage instead.


You could get a different safety razor with a bamboo handle like this one here, but the blade itself will still set off the metal detector at security when flying. Either way, there’s going to be a lot of metal in the handle of this natural razor.


Final Thoughts on Natural Razors 

Ditch the mysterious chemicals lurking in your disposable razor and give safety razors a try! They are the best natural razors out there. #naturalliving #naturalshaving #chemicalfree #safetyrazorThe small lubricating strip on most disposable razors is full of toxic ingredients that I know you work hard to avoid. Why not look into some of the alternatives? Take the classic shaving techniques of fancy barber shops back to your own home with safety razors.


These little contraptions consist of stainless steel with a “safety” covering over the blade to prevent severe cuts. I made the switch from disposable to safety razors, and it’s be great! I get a much closer shave, and I’ve had no issues with irritation or nicks.


If you’re in the market for a new way to shave, look into classic shaving. Safety razors might just change your life! I feel so much better knowing that I’m not putting any harsh or unknown substances near my lymph nodes. 


What other ways of hair removal do you use? Do you use a safety razor and love it? Let me know down in the comments!


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