Easy Self-Care Ideas Perfect for Summer

Make this summer count and take care of your wellbeing with these self-care ideas that aren’t bath bombs and facials. I’ve chosen these activities with mental health in mind, and all of these ideas have been proven to help the body and the mind.


So go through this list and choose a few (or all!) of these ideas that stick out to you. Remember that self-care is something you actually want to do, not something you need to check off your to-do list.

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Make this summer count and take care of your wellbeing with these self-care ideas that aren't bath bombs and facials. These ideas are proven to help your mental health no matter what. #selfcare #summer #naturalliving #mentalhealth

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Make Your Own Summer Care Products

Summer is the perfect time to dabble in some new DIY’s! And with all the flowers and plants in bloom, you’ve got everything at your fingertips. Pick an area of your home that you would like to try a DIY. There’s food, beauty, home products, mental health, the list is endless!


I love to make beauty products because I want to treat my hair and skin well. And I’ve never felt better than when I switched to natural living!

easy self-care

One of my personal favorite DIY’s ever is my homemade lotion because it’s non-greasy and fast-absorbing. Plus, I’ve got some troubleshooting tips that will make it easy to create for every level. 


I’ve got a great makeup-setting spray that I whipped up to help my foundation stay in place. It was put to the ultimate test when it kept my makeup looking fresh during my summer dance recital. Once you start making your own beauty products, you can’t stop.


Now I only use store-bought products when I’m feeling too lazy to make my own. I could be here all day telling you about my favorite DIY’s, so you can check out my ultimate list of DIY posts here. Try not to get too lost!

Change Up Your Sacred Space

If you don’t have any kind of space dedicated to relaxation and mental health, you should really make one! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Try arranging some of your favorite pillows on a chair that’s in a quiet area, or designate a spot outside that makes you feel safe.


The key here is that you want your space to be comfortable, safe, quiet, and have things that make you happy nearby. For me, my bed is my sacred space. I have a handy little essential oil diffuser, a good book, and comfy pillows at my disposal. Plus, one of my cats always sits on my lap!

easy self-care


So do some soul-searching and try to find a sacred space of your own. What is your favorite part of your house? Why is it your favorite? Think about the “why” of your favorite space and amplify it.


If your favorite space is your bedroom because the kids can’t come in, make it an actual boundary that kids can’t come in during certain times. Make it even more special by having certain things that you love to enjoy on your own, like those chocolate bars you’ve been hiding!


I know that this example doesn’t apply to everyone, but the message is the same. Think of a place you love, and then make yourself love it even more by bringing in things that you enjoy.


Bring in the Cheeriness to Celebrate Self-Care!

Once you have a sacred space, get it summer-ready! Of all the summer self-care ideas, this one gets you excited for the warmer weather.


easy summer self-carePut some flowers from the garden in a vase, open the window, put away the blankets, and diffuse some summer-themed essential oils! One of the easiest ways to change a mood in a room is to diffuse essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils. Just put a few drops of your favorite scent in a diffuser, and you’re good to go!


Rocky Mountain Oils offers high-quality essential oils at very reasonable prices. And if you’re new to essential oils, no problem! They have amazing customer service for both the newbie and pro. You can start here with my beginner’s guide to essential oils, or read my in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils here.


Once you’ve got the mood set, the rest is a piece of cake! I love to diffuse orange essential oil while reading a book with my favorite herbal iced tea.


Watch the Sun Rise

If you’re not a morning person, I don’t want you to ignore this out of all the self-care ideas on here. It’s been proven through several studies that people who get up earlier are often more successful. So why not pick now to try being an early riser?


Trust me, you don’t want to try getting up earlier when it’s freezing cold out and the sun doesn’t rise until easy summer self-careyou’re halfway to work. Now that it’s warm out, set an alarm to wake up about half an hour before the sun is set to rise.


And don’t forget to choose a good spot to watch! Take a pillow and blanket to your local park, drive up to a scenic overlook, or simply enjoy it from the comfort of your backyard if that makes you happy.


Watching the sun rise is one of the most therapeutic self-care ideas because it helps put perspective to your day. Plus, it gets you started on the right foot. Witnessing something as beautiful as the sunrise can clear your head. Just like these other ideas I have here that can clear your head anytime.


And since you’re up bright and early, you’ll have loads more time to get stuff done! The hardest part to me is getting through the initial wake-up. It’s dark out, and your body will be so confused. But once you make it through that hurdle, you’re golden. It will all be worth it when you start to see the light poking through the horizon.


Stretch It Out Every Day!

Stretching is one of the most underused ways to relax, in my opinion. Most people don’t stretch for several reasons, ranging from it being too painful to simply not needing it.


But if you sit at a desk all day, you need to stretch more than anyone else! You are doing your body a major disservice by not giving some time to stretch and use your muscles. Desk workers complain about muscle stiffness all the time, and stretching will help alleviate that. Daily stretching also helps calm your mind.


easy summer self-care

Try to block out all of the things stressing you out and focus on the sensation in your muscles as you stretch. You’ll finish with less tension and a much calmer mind.


As a ballet dancer, I stretch almost every day. I love the feeling of my muscles stretching longer and longer, so a good stretch session always helps me feel better if I need a break. You can check out my daily ballet stretches anyone can do right here!


Don’t panic that you can’t do these stretches! Everyone has to start somewhere, so go at your own pace. You don’t have to do everything I do. As long as you do the stretches you’re comfortable with, and you stand up with a clearer head, you’ve done your job right.


Commit to Checking Things Off Your Bucket List

This one is great for personal growth, as well as self-care. Summer is usually a time for people to step back, enjoy the sunshine, and do something fun. So why not commit to doing something you know you’ll love?


It doesn’t have to be super big, either! If there’s a restaurant you’ve been dying to check out, go do it! A particular art exhibit at the museum? Go do that! I’m committing to a big bucket list item of mine at the beginning of this summer. My husband and I decided to plan a road trip around the southwestern portion of the U.S.easy summer self-care


One of the stops is a quick night in Vegas to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka, and I could not be more excited! I’ve loved Cirque Du Soleil since I was in my early teens. And I’ve been entranced by Ka for almost a decade!


The tickets weren’t cheap, but I’ll finally be able to say that I saw my dream show in just a couple of weeks. I know that seeing Ka will get my summer off to a great start, and I’ll try to tackle the rest of it the same way.


Do some deep thinking, and come up with some items you’d love to check off your bucket list this summer. I don’t care how big or small it is, just write some ideas down and decide what you want to commit to.


The feeling of accomplishment is one of the best forms of self-care, and gives you confidence to move onto the next thing!


Summer Self-Care Ideas Should Make You Happy

As always, if none of these things sound appealing to you, don’t do them! The key with self-care is that it has to help your mental health in some way. But, I chose these items because they are bound to help you in some way, shape, or form. Not doing them won’t hurt you, but doing at least one of these summer self-care ideas will help you somehow!

easy self-care tips

And don’t forget to get your free resource from Stacey at No Fuss Natural! I promise you have absolutely nothing to lose! Just click on this cute image to the right.


If you don’t enjoy the luxury of a summer vacation every year, I’m here to remind you that you should take time for yourself! Check something off your bucket list, make yourself a facial, watch the sunrise, anything at all.


What’s your favorite summer self-care activity? Let me know in the comments below!

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