Authentic Guacamole Recipe

The avocado has been deemed a superfood in recent years, and I’m not mad about it. But the best guacamole is is that’s made from scratch. It’s healthy, and you know exactly what’s going in your snack or party appetizer. 


Guacamole is now considered an absolute must for parties and everyday munching, so go the extra mile with this easy and healthy guacamole recipe! Most of the time, the prices for packs of ready-made guacamole are the same, if not more, than buying the ingredients yourself.


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Wow your party guests with this simple and healthy guacamole recipe that anyone can make. #healthyguacamole #partyfood #healthyfood #healthylifestyle

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This Healthy Guacamole Recipe is Sure to Please!

My lovely mom and guest entertainer extraordinaire has used her own healthy guacamole recipe for years. She decided to combine some pico de gallo she had previously made with a few avocados, and bam! With a few tweaks, she made her own recipe that yields loads of complements. We serve it at every family party, with old and new people complementing it every time!


What I love about this recipe is its ability to have a great guac taste each time you make it! No need to worry about experimenting with spices and endless taste tests. She has agreed to let me share the recipe with you all, and I hope you and your guests find it just as amazing! 


Of course, you can adjust the spice amounts to your own liking. That’s why there’s no set amount required with the spices. What I have below is simply the range that I think you should stay in to get that great guacamole taste every time without too much effort. If you like more garlic, by all means, add more garlic!


You can use this healthy guacamole recipe to make garnish for your next Mexican night dinner! I absolutely love to put this on my homemade burrito bowls, or you can have it with chips on the side. One of my favorite meals to have this on the side of is my Super Fast and Easy Fish Taco Recipe.


Some things you may need for this recipe:

Healthy Guacamole Ingredients


  • 3 ripe, regular-sized avocadosWow your party guests with this simple and healthy guacamole recipe.
  • 5 Roma tomatoes
  • 1/2 white onion
  • 1-2 handfuls of cilantro
  • 2-3 cloves garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: squirt of lemon juice


How to Make Healthy Guacamole

Something worth noting: This guacamole recipe makes about four cups of green goodness. If you plan on making this for yourself, I would recommend using two avocados instead of three, and halving the rest of the ingredients. Or you can ignore this note and make a bulk amount of guacamole for the week!


Don’t forget to wash your tomatoes and cilantro! Learn how to properly wash the harmful pesticides off your produce with The Best Pesticide Remover—Tested! You would be amazed if you knew what was left on your produce if you didn’t wash it. Don’t worry about this with the avocado though, because you’re throwing out the skins. 


Let’s Get Started!

  1. Start by cutting your avocados in half and pitting the seeds. Then chop the Roma tomatoes, onion half, cilantro, and garlic as fine or chunky as you prefer. Instead of garlic cloves, I opted for a spoonful of minced garlic. There’s no shame in eliminating some chopping time! authentic guacamole
  2. Squeeze the avocados from their skins into a medium to large mixing bowl. Add tomatoes, onion, cilantro, garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Use a potato masher or fork to mash up the avocados with the other ingredients. Mix and mash until you are happy with the consistency.easy guacamole
  3. Test your guacamole creation with a tortilla chip and admire your culinary prowess!


Some Extra Tips and Tricks for Perfect Guacamole

I want to note here that the guac in the picture above looks very chunky with not a lot of actual avocado. My husband took out a whisk after I was done photographing this (of course), and gave it an extra stir. It turned out much better looking. So if you think your guacamole turned out a bit too chunky, take a whisk to it to soften it up.easy guacamole



I managed to find some perfectly ripe avocados for this go around, but that’s unfortunately not always the case. Avocados are one of the most finicky foods to harvest at the right time! I get a little too excited whenever I see a big display of them on sale at the grocery store. 


What I’ve learned with ripe avocados is that it depends on how squishy they are. When you go to pick some out at the store, give your potential avocado a firm squeeze. If there’s a little bit of give, then it’s just about ripe. If there’s a fair amount of give, it’s perfect and you should buy it right now! But if there’s a lot of give, it may be overripe. You can buy it anyways, but it’s a bit of a gamble.


Now it’s time to find ways to eat your delectable guacamole!


Final Thoughts on This Healthy Guacamole Recipe

You can eat this healthy guacamole with chips, veggies, intercepting fingers, anything you like! Present it in a cute bowl with some dip-able appetizers, and you’ll be a hit with your guests. Some of my personal favorites include peppers, celery, almond crackers, or plain organic corn chips.


Wow your party guests with this simple and healthy guacamole recipe that anyone can make. #healthyguacamole #partyfood #healthyfood #healthylifestyle

And If you’re ever in the need for a unique healthy desert to finish off the party on a high note, check out my 5 Ingredient Healthy Homemade Almond Joys! It’s a sugar-free finisher that’s sure to please. I make it for nearly every get-together and potluck at work. 


Now you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your guests will love your food without the added cost and worry of store-bought guacamole. Don’t get me wrong, I love convenience, but there’s no telling what actually went into that store-bought guacamole you’re tempted to buy. You’ll learn that I don’t really trust labels, and you shouldn’t either. 


On a different note, I’m now going to spend the rest of my weekend munching on anything that goes with guacamole. Anyone care to join me?


Would you try this homemade guacamole? Let me know in the comments!


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