Is Norwex Legit?

Norwex is a company that sells personal care and household cleaning products. The company’s aim is to reduce the amount of chemicals in the home, which is what Essential Moves to Wellness is all about! I’m here to give you my unbiased Norwex review on their microfiber cleaning cloths and how they work. 


In this post, I’m going to take you through the amazing microfiber products of Norwex. The short answer is yes, Norwex is a legit company, and I think they’re worth it. But you should still read my tips below to get the most out of their products and avoid their terrible business model. 


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Norwex promises using these microfiber cloths with only water. But is Norwex legit? Read my unbiased Norwex review. #sustainability #microfiber #healthyliving #naturalliving

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How Norwex Works

If you have no idea what Norwex is, no worries! Norwex microfiber cloths are a special kind of microfiber, because they are infused with a special kind of silver that suffocates and kills any bacteria it comes into contact with. It’s a great sustainability option, because the only cleaning agent you’ll need is water! 


The main product that Norwex sells is their amazing microfiber cloths. This microfiber is special, in that it picks up absolutely everything. Dirt, bacteria, you name it. Then, when you’re done cleaning, the special silver within the cloth will suffocate the bacterium and kill them. 


norwex review

What’s amazing about this microfiber cloth is that it works on just about anything! This means your body, kitchen counter, shower, just about any surface within your home! Since this microfiber cloth is so versatile, you can get it for just about any need! Norwex makes cloths for your body, face, counters, windows, etc. 


They even make mitts for tasks that involve scrubbing or dusting, and an extra long cloth for a back scrubberNorwex also offers other products for just about anything home and personal care. Their selection ranges form toothbrushes to laundry detergent to lip balm!


You could totally transform the sustainability and use of chemicals in your home from just this company alone! And there’s options to replace literally everything in your home when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene. 


Norwex’s Microfiber Beauty Options

These microfiber cleaning cloths work to keep your body just as clean as your home! I use their body pack towel set instead of body wash in the shower. With Norwex’s antibacterial properties, my body gets just as cleaner, if not cleaner, than using regular body wash.


Since I’m only getting rid of bad things on my body, and none of the good things that regular body wash takes away, my skin has never felt better! Seriously. I suffered from terrible body acne most of my teenage years, and I tried everything.


microfiber cloths

Within about three months of only using Norwex microfiber cloths on my body and face, my acne vanished! I was completely floored! Now it’s been years since I’ve used any kind of soap on my body regularly, and I haven’t looked back. I know you want this to be an unbiased Norwex review, but don’t worry. I want to give you the positive and negative. 



This microfiber cloth should be called the Swiss army knife of beauty, because I also use my body pack to remove makeup. I love the satisfying feeling of removing foundation with this cloth! Then I just rinse out the cloth as best I can before hanging it up to dry.


Norwex also offers towel turbans, bath mats, and bath towels made of the same microfiber fabric. I’ve been meaning to try the turban out, because this cloth is super absorbent! Plus, the quality of the microfiber won’t snag on your ends and make them split.


By the way, if you want to find some easy tweaks to your beauty routine to help your hair grow fast, Learn How to Grow Out Your Hair with These Little-Known Hacks.


Cleaning with Norwex

If you think that Norwex could change your personal care routine, that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Norwex revolutionizes the way you clean your house. Remember how Norwex aims to reduce the number of chemicals in your home?


They do that by completely eliminating the need for any cleaning agents. Since the cloths pick up everything and anything on the surface, why would you need a cleaning agent? The only thing you need to activate the microfiber’s properties is water. That’s it.

Norwex makes special cloths tailored for each household task, such as a window-cleaning cloth, counter cloth, even a special dusting mitt with its own wand. Of course, you can always get a few cloths and use them for literally everything, too. 


Save Some Major Green by Being Green!

If you only used Norwex cloths to clean your house, imagine how much money could save! You wouldn’t need to buy paper towels (at least not as much, if you still like having paper napkins with meals), and you wouldn’t need any cleaning agents! Windex, Clorox, Mr. Clean, all gone!


cleaning hacks

The same goes for beauty. I wish I could have kept a tally of how much body wash I’ve skipped out on buying since I switched to Norwex. And those makeup wipes riddled with nasty toxins? Don’t need those either!


If you want to save even more money, check out my post on reusable dryer sheets and my first thoughts on them! This is a health and wellness blog that’s all about eliminating harsh chemicals from your life, so I haven’t used any big name cleaning brands in a while. 


Some Helpful Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind with Norwex

I want to keep this unbiased Norwex review true to its name and give you some much-needed pointers with buying this product. Going back to the microfiber being a Swiss army knife, you could use the microfiber for literally any job.


I’ve read about other bloggers using their body cloths for their windows and counters with amazing results. I personally haven’t tried it, just because I don’t like putting something near my face that wiped my counters, even if it is sanitary.


Based on this, I don’t think you need to get a Norwex cloth for every single cleaning task in your house. It really just depends on your budget and personal preference. If you really wanted to get the most out of Norwex, You could buy however many basic microfiber packs you want and still get the same results.


Caring for Your Norwex Clothsis norwex a scam

Now I’m going to address one question that I see a lot about Norwex: “How on Earth do you clean these things??” It’s actually pretty simple.


The official Norwex instructions state that you can wash them with low-lint items, like sheets and jeans. Regular detergent is fine, just don’t use bleach. You also want to use HOT water instead of cold to open up the fibers and let them get a deeper clean.


Now, if you used your cloths on an area full of germs, such as a toilet or a surface with raw meat, the cloth MUST be cleaned afterward. The silver in the microfiber may suffocate the bacteria, but it can only kill so much. So Norwex recommends that you launder germ-ridden cloths after use.


I found this article written by a Norwex representative that goes through her own tips and tricks for cleaning her cloths. One tip I learned was that they must be washed in hot water. I always put things I want to last longer in a cold delicate wash by default, so I put one of my cloths (the blue one) in a hot wash, and wow! It practically looks like new!


Look at it compared to another cloth that I previously put through a cold wash:

cleaning hacks


You probably can’t tell much from a glance at this picture, but the fibers on the tan cloth aren’t as fluffy, and it looks a little more worn out. In person, the blue cloth is much fluffier, and so soft! So one thing I’d recommend if you do get Norwex cloths, is to always put them in a hot wash, and the dryer is fine to use too.


Be Careful How You Buy Norwex!!

Now, there’s one thing I really don’t like about Norwex that I think is worth addressing and makes it an unbiased Norwex review. And that is Norwex is technically an MLM company, and those always give me a bad vibe! Most MLM schemes are just that, schemes. 


Those who choose to go door to door or host those awkward parties at friends houses to sell Norwex usually make next to nothing, while the head of the company is living large. This article on the pros and cons of being a Norwex representative are outlined here, and it’s not pretty. 


If you’re interested in buying Norwex, I recommend you simply check them out on Amazon. That way, you don’t have to deal with all the pushy salespeople that deserve much better pay and working conditions.


My Unbiased Norwex Review. It’s Legit, But Be Careful!Norwex promises using these microfiber cloths with only water. But is Norwex legit? Read my unbiased Norwex review. #sustainability #microfiber #healthyliving #naturalliving

Getting Norwex to replace several of my home and body care items was one of the best decisions I made when I was transitioning to a natural lifestyle. I haven’t bought body wash in years, and I don’t need to buy makeup remover either!


These amazing little cloths can get rid of any unwanted stuff on your home surfaces, from germs to dirt to stuck-on food. Just remember to launder any cloths used on placed with a large amount of germs. And always use hot instead of cold water! 


Another thing you should be careful with is that Norwex is a MLM company, meaning that there are representatives that sell these cloths at those awkward parties where no one actually wants to buy anything. You can easily avoid the pressure by choosing your cloths on Amazon instead!


If you’re looking for a way to revolutionize the way you clean your home, or the way you look at personal care, I highly recommend you take a look at Norwex. I promise you won’t regret it.


Have you ever tried Norwex? What do you love about it? Let me know in the comments below!


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