The Absolute BEST DIY Makeup Setting Spray (Tested with Pictures!)

Homemade Setting Spray

Try out this easy DIY makeup setting spray to keep your face looking fresh while nourishing your skin at the same time! I usually don’t bother to make my own makeup, but this one is too easy not to try out. Plus, this homemade setting spray will actually moisturize your skin, unlike other setting sprays that will irritate it.

All it takes is a few ingredients you likely have around the house. And if you don’t have them, they’re just a quick grocery trip away! This natural makeup setting spray uses all-natural ingredients to keep everything in its assigned seat with zero problems. But how do we know that it works? 

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Does DIY Setting Spray Work?

Of course! And I’ve got the pictures to prove it further down in this article. The best part is that I was able to successfully make my makeup stay in place with just a few natural ingredients, unlike most brands out there. 

While there are some very successful makeup products that we love, almost all of these big companies pose major hazards to our health. What people don’t know is there are little to no guidelines on what companies can and cannot put in their products.

As a result, most companies put in whatever ingredients they want, so long as it achieves desired results. These common ingredients can be found in just about any makeup product, and it’s scary! They’ve all been linked to cancer spikes, organ disruption, and infertility.

Once you learn the truth about your favorite companies, it can be horrible to think of all the things you’re putting in your body! But don’t feel bad, because you didn’t know. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your health. And you deserve to be an informed consumer!

For this reason I choose to make or buy products that are chemical-free and non-toxic. You can get your feet wet with chemical-free products with my Think Dirty App Review. Or educate yourself on a sneaky marketing tactic called greenwashing.

There’s something for everyone in the clean beauty community! You can go as crazy or as minimal as you want with your lifestyle. If you buy products that are a better alternative even by a little bit, you’re saving your health. And if you’re able to make absolutely everything, then more power to you! I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, so I’m also a little bit jealous. 

How Do You Make Your Own Makeup Setting Spray?

You’re going to combine a total of four ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it up and spray. That’s it! And like I said earlier, this DIY makeup setting spray recipe is pulling out all the stops, so you don’t have to add everything in this list to your own DIY setting spray. 

Did you know that most all skincare products are very easy to make with just a few ingredients? Check out my free checklist to see what I’m talking about. If you want to give DIY beauty a try, this checklist is a must! Every clean beauty guru has these things in their cabinet, and it saves a ton of money. You just have to buy a few bulk items that can last you years. 

We’ll be using a few items from this checklist for this recipe. That’s what I love about clean beauty. You just need a few versatile ingredients! 

How to Make Setting Spray

You will need:

Use the funnel to combine all ingredients in your spray bottle. When you’re ready to use, just give it a good shake and spray! Keep your eyes closed and don’t open them for a minute or so until the spray completely dries. Feel free to put on a few more layers if you really don’t want your makeup to budge. Once everything is dry, you’re good to go!

You can add essential oils depending on what you want to do with your skin. If you want extra moisture and some relaxation for your skin, go with lavender. Or you can go with orange and lemon if you want to brighten and wake up your skin!

I can’t recommend Rocky Mountain Oils enough for all of my essential oil needs! They actually care about their customers and educating them on proper essential oil use. Plus, they have everything from singles to blends to roll-ons. Check out my  in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils!

Vegetable glycerin is used in natural beauty quite a bit because it nourishes your skin and keeps it moisturized. It also acts as a barrier for your skin, which makes it the main makeup-setting ingredient. Rosewater is very similar, but it’s much more lightweight. Plus it smells amazing!

This is also a great DIY makeup setting spray with aloe vera gel to keep your skin extra soothed and moisturized. Not to mention that aloe vera will help strengthen that barrier between your skin and the outside world.

As for witch hazel, it’s a great natural astringent, so it helps to keep any extra oils at bay without drying out your skin. It’s a great alternative to rubbing alcohol because it will definitely irritate your skin as it dries it out. 

It Takes Several Ingredients to Make a Great DIY Makeup Setting Spray

In all honesty, you could do a DIY makeup setting spray with just one of these ingredients, but I want to make sure that it gets the job done! One common mistake people new to clean beauty make is they assume that one natural ingredient will be just as effective as their chemical-laden beauty product. But when that idea flops, the idea of switching to clean beauty loses some of its credibility.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of products that you can make from using just one or two ingredients, but others…not so much. If you want to get the same kind of results given to you from products that were sabotaging your health, you’ve got to think outside the box. 

It’s always best to put all the power of several ingredients together to create one powerful natural product. Except with essential oils. Those are already too potent to be used on their own. And you should always exercise essential oil safety! But in cases like this, it’s sometimes best to simply pull out all the stops. 

Let’s Test Out this Makeup Setting Spray!

I didn’t just want to make this post without giving this DIY makeup setting spray the ultimate test! And that test just happened to be my winter ballet performance.

I’ve been dancing ballet since I was 13 years old, and I absolutely love it! It keeps my mind sane and my body in shape, and it’s the ultimate creative outlet for me. What more could I ask for? I highly recommend you find a hobby that improves your life, if you don’t already have one. 

On recital days, I dance for about 4 hours including prep and stage time. I obviously don’t wear makeup for the prep time, but I am dripping when it comes to stage time! You can take a look at all the natural makeup products I use for performances if you’re curious.

So this test is the equivalent of me wearing a full face of makeup while doing hot yoga. Or, you know, whatever makes a person incredibly hot and sweaty for a couple of hours. This full face of makeup is usually on for a good three to four hours, depending on how I’m feeling after the performance. 

The Before

Here’s my unfiltered face without makeup, gasp! Not too sure why I was making this face.

before makeup setting spray

And here’s all of my makeup applied and ready to go! It’s weird how much makeup can change a person.

You don't need to spend tons of money on makeup! Try out this easy diy makeup setting spray to keep your makeup looking fresh while nourishing your skin at the same time!

The Results

I quickly misted my DIY makeup setting spray after I finished and went about the rest of my performance. This involved leading warm-ups for the whole school, so I really had to be on my A-game for the younger dancers. 

My warmup involved a typical ballet class with added cardio, stretching, and ab work. I was definitely dripping by the end of it! But I love how I feel right before a recital: Strong, accomplished, and like I’m ready to take on the world.

Then came the calm before the storm, where I wait to go onstage. I usually like to watch from the wings while keeping myself warm with some light stretching. You can check out my daily stretching routine to get more flexible. 

After warm-ups, four dances, curtain call, and lots of excitement, here’s the end result!

after makeup setting spray

The differences I want to mention here are that my friend put blush on me right before we went on, so that’s why my cheeks are red. And my face is much more tan than before, partially due to lighting and my foundation getting darker as my skin gets warmer.

This picture reminds me that I should always blend my foundation into my neck. Despite my rookie makeup errors, everything stayed put! There was no smudging, dripping, caking, nothing. I was very pleased I didn’t have to borrow my anyone’s extreme-strength makeup setting spray. 

My friends even complemented me on the way it smelled when I sprayed it, and now they want bottles of their own! I asked people what they thought of my makeup afterward, and they were very impressed with how well it stayed during the performance. 

What Else Can You Use as Makeup Setting Spray?

If you want to make a great DIY makeup setting spray for oily skin, then I might consider adding alcohol instead of witch hazel. But I would only do this as a last resort, or if you have very oily skin that gets out of control when you sweat. 

You see, I prefer witch hazel over rubbing alcohol for setting spray because witch hazel is much gentler on your skin. Rubbing alcohol runs the risk of over-drying out your skin, which leads to more oil production, which leads to breakouts. 

Otherwise, this DIY makeup setting spray uses just about anything else worth trying for freezing your makeup in place. Like I said, you don’t have to use everything in this recipe, but I would at least use everything minus the essential oils. 

Can You Use Water as Setting Spray?

Nope, unless you want all that hard work you did on your makeup to smudge and slide off. Seriously, using water for setting spray will do absolutely nothing for your skin or your makeup’s ability to stay perfectly on your face all day long. 

The purpose of this homemade setting spray is to create a barrier between your skin and the outside world. Water will absorb slightly into your skin, but the majority of it will evaporate away. That’s why you need ingredients like glycerin and aloe vera gel! 

Final Thoughts on This DIY Makeup Setting Spray!

If this DIY makeup setting spray can make it through my recital, then it can get you through your day! I certainly don’t wear this much makeup, hence the rookie mistakes with application. But now I have yet another simple DIY that I can rely on when I need industrial strength performance.

This proves that you can switch to clean beauty and not compromise your products and what you love! It just takes some learning and adjusting. Then you’ll be ready to start switching out your old hazardous products with new ones that will actually help your health, instead of hinder it. 

And you don’t have to use the witch hazel, rose water, and vegetable glycerin just for this. Each ingredient can be made into so many other things! So if you ever need some makeup setting spray, don’t run to the makeup store! Just make your own.

Have you tried DIY makeup setting spray? Let me know in the comments below!

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