Best Essential Oil Gifts

These gifts for essential oil lovers are realistic, practical, and fit just about any price range! I’ve got 10 options for you to choose from with suggestions from the best essential oil company, in my honest opinion. As an essential oil lover, each of these things get my seal of approval. 


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These gifts for essential oil lovers are realistic, practical, and fit any price range! There's even some oil-less options if you don't know where to start. #essentialoils #naturalliving #essentialoilgifts #healthylifestyle

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Get High-Quality Oils from a Reputable Company

If you’ve never bought essential oils before, feel overwhelmed with which essential oils to buy, or simply have no idea what you’re doing, I got you! Before I get into this list, I think it’s worth mentioning which essential oil company I love. 


I always take my product recommendations seriously, and Rocky Mountain Oils is a brand that I can confidently tell you about! Rocky Mountain Oils has some of the highest-quality essential oils on the market, but they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Seriously, I could smell a major difference between my old oils and Rocky Mountain Oils. 


high quality essential oils

Another reason I love Rocky Mountain Oils is it’s not a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. In other words, you won’t have to deal with those awkward parties with someone pushing useless products at you while you pretend to enjoy some wine and snacks. I personally have never found those to be much fun.


The customer service is top-notch at Rocky Mountain Oils. Their representatives can give you recommendations for which oil to buy, and answer all of your tricky questions! Plus, you get free shipping in the U.S. on orders over $25.00. And it’s very easy to get to that amount. 


You can check out my in-depth Rocky Mountain Oils review to see how they make such high-quality oils, and see some of my favorites! You’ll find the best way from me on how to find the best gifts for essential oil lovers from Rocky Mountain Oils. Or, if you’re a seasoned essential oil lover, using any of your favorites will work just fine. 


Essential Oil Diffuser Set

essential oil relaxation routineI had to put this one first on the list because it’s one of the easiest gifts that go a long way! This essential oil diffuser set is perfect for a budding essential oil enthusiast. It comes with a small diffuser that can easily fit on a desk with relaxing mood lighting emanating from the top. 


You also get a set of basic essential oils for just about any mood. Or you can use them for DIY projects! Either way, this gift set can be a major stepping stone onto the path of better health and wellness.


A nice little book on aromatherapy diffuser combinations would be a great addition to this gift set. And I’ve got some good recommendations for that below!


Aromatherapy Books

You gotta include a good way to use all of these essential oils! Unless the person you’re giving these gifts to is an essential oil veteran, it makes a nice touch. A companion book is like icing on the cake when it comes to gifts for essential oil lovers. 

gifts for essential oil lovers
Get your aromatherapy book here!

I highly recommend “500 Formulas for Aromatherapy: Mixing Essential Oils for Every Use.” It’s a very basic approach to essential oils, and covers everything from hygiene to cleaning to diffusing. And it’s incredibly cheap! If you have time to wait for shipping, this book is totally worth adding as a companion. 


Or if you’d like to go more in-depth, I recommend “Essential Oils for Dummies.” It’s also incredibly cheap, and it goes more into the science behind holistic health and essential oils, with more complex formulas. Either way, these books would be hard to say no to based on the price alone! 


Diffuser Jewelry 

As an essential oil lover, I would be ecstatic if I got this as a gift! Diffuser jewelry is great for those days when you’re out of the house and not around your diffuser. Just a few drops on a porous lava rock will leave you smelling good all day. 

Get your diffuser jewelry here!

I love diffuser jewelry on days where I know I’m going to be super stressed, so I’ll do something calming like lavender. Or I’ll diffuse eucalyptus if I have a stuffy nose. There are so many different kinds of jewelry, but I recommend a necklace because it’s closer to your nose. 


Glass Supplies for DIY Products

If you want to make some great essential oil recipes, you’d best get something to put them in! It’s true that you could get whatever cute plastic bottle you see at the craft store, but essential oils are different. They last longer and are more potent if they are stored in dark glass. That way, sunlight can’t seep in and reduce the product’s shelf life. 

gifts for essential oil lovers
Get your essential oil glass supplies here!

I recommend this set of glass bottles because it covers everything for an essential oil lover. They could make air fresheners, cleaners, lotions, the list is endless! Plus, how cute are those little labels that come with each bottle?


DIY Perfume Rollerball Set

Making your own perfume is a nice way to make yourself feel unique and beautiful. Why not make your own little set for the essential oil enthusiast in your life? Or any DIY enthusiast, for that matter. These roller bottles are great for DIY perfume because they come with special droppers and bottle openers. 

best aromatherapy gifts
Get your essential oil roller bottles here!

To make it a set, just add in one of the books I talked about earlier, maybe a few floral oils from Rocky Mountain Oils, and you’re good to go! I absolutely love rose essential oil


Wood Storage Shelves

With all of those amazing essential oils taking up space in a cupboard, a cute way to display them makes a great gift! Hexagon-style storage shelves are all the rage for essential oil lovers, but those can cost a very pretty penny. 

gifts for health and wellness
Get your essential oil storage box here!

Instead, this wooden shelf is cute, stylish, and won’t cost you more than a couple bottles of essential oil! You can even pick from a few different colors to match your friend’s style. It can be displayed on a wall, or on a table. 


Essential Oil Travel Clutch

Using essential oils on the go comes in more ways than one! This canvas clutch by Rocky Mountain Oils works great for safe storage in the car, your desk, anywhere at all. It holds up to 7 roller bottles and 6 15ml traditional-sized bottles. 

aromatherapy gifts

Get your essential oil clutch here!

It fits perfectly in your purse for emergencies, such as anxiety, a cut, or sore muscles. It never hurts to be prepared! 


DIY Bodycare Books

You can even go the extra mile for someone who is more advanced with their essential oils. That’s why I recommend the book Organic Body Care: 101 Homemade Beauty Product Recipes. It’s true that not all of these recipes include essential oils, but they certainly go hand in hand. 

diy beauty products
Get your DIY beauty product book here!

A fun DIY to try is a great gift all on its own! Fun bath and beauty products to make include sugar scrub, facials, and bath bombs. It could be a great gateway into natural beauty beyond essential oils! 


Essential Oil Courses

You can get researched, high-quality education on essential oils sent to your inbox in the form of 40 different digital courses. The Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle is one of my favorite things to tell my readers about!

What's inside Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle plus cheatsheetsbest essential oil gifts
Get your Herbs and Essential Oils Bundle here!

You may be thinking that the price of 40 different courses would be insane, and it would be! But if you buy them through Ultimate Bundles, you can get top-notch essential oil education for 97% off! It’s great for eliminating the learning curve that comes with natural living in general. 


Seasonal Essential Oil Sets

Essential oils make a great gift for any lover of health and wellness, any time of the year! And there’s almost always some kind of seasonal set to look out for on Rocky Mountain Oils. This time of year, I absolutely love their fall latte set of three essential oil blends. 

holiday essential oils

Get your fall latte blend kit here!

This set consists of Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, and Eggnog latte. I absolutely love to use these blends in DIY’s all across the house. Or they work great to simply diffuse for a chemical-free holiday ambience. And yes, they smell like the real thing!


Final Thoughts on Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers

These gifts for essential oil lovers are realistic, practical, and fit any price range! There's even some oil-less options if you don't know where to start. #essentialoils #naturalliving #essentialoilgifts #healthylifestyleIf you have no idea what to get someone in your life that loves health and wellness, I guarantee that they will love any of the things on this list. I know I would, and I’ve been using essential oils for about 6 years now. 


I’ll admit that I didn’t completely know what I was doing with them until about 2 years ago. But what took my knowledge to the next level were things like books and courses that I talked about up above. The gift of knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give! 


And don’t worry if you get overwhelmed with all the different kinds of essential oils out there. This post has plenty of options that don’t involve actually getting essential oils at all. But if you want to take the plunge, the customer support at Rocky Mountain Oils can help you no problem. 


What would you pick from this list? Or what would you add? Let me know in the comments below! 


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