How to Shave With No Irritating Chemicals 

If you just can’t avoid razor bumps, razor burn, or nicks when shaving, I’ve got the ultimate solution on how to shave like a pro. 


In this post, you’re going to learn how to shave with natural products to get the best skin of your life. I’ve tried and tried, and I’m confident to say that I have a shaving routine down pat! And this is coming from someone with incredibly sensitive skin.  


Shaving can be harsh on sensitive skin, and your run-of-the-mill products are riddled with toxins! So I’m giving you the guide to end all guides on how to shave without any harsh chemicals. Your skin will be soft and glowing after every shower, with no annoying irritation.


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Shaving can be harsh on sensitive skin, and your run-of-the-mill products are riddled with toxins! Learn how to shave with natural products and avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. #shaving #naturalliving #sensitiveskin #chemicalfree

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Start With a Good Razor

Let’s start at the very beginning, with your razor. You might think that just about any razor you can buy at the store should be perfectly fine to use, right? Wrong!


Most razors would be totally fine to use, if it weren’t for that lubricating strip they come with. It might help you glide over your skin with less nicks, but that moisture strip is incredibly hazardous to your health. It’s amazing what toxic chemicals are hiding in little nooks and crannies in your house!


good shaving techniques

Most of the ingredients listed in moisture strips have been linked to cancer (source). And you’re putting all those toxic chemicals on your armpits next to your lymph nodes! That’s like a one-way ticket to hormone disruptors and other nasty illnesses. 


Not to mention that fragrance is often on the list for moisture strips, which can include over 100 different chemicals! And the company is not required to list those ingredients at all.


Switch to a Safety Razor

Since most companies care more about the product performance rather than their customer’s health, I personally don’t buy razors with moisturizing strips anymore. I switched to safety razors a little over two years ago, and I’ve never looked back!


good shaving techniques

You can read all about how to use a safety razor hereSafety razors are primarily marketed towards men (of course), and there is no toxic moisture strip whatsoever. So you can learn how to shave the fancy way!


What exactly is a safety razor? Basically, it’s a razor handle that’s usually stainless steel, and the head can open up for you to place a very thin razor blade in there. I’ve read that it’s a favorite among the army, because they travel easily and don’t need replaced often. 


The blades last longer than traditional disposable blades, and they give you a much closer shave too! The kind of safety razor that I use is made of the traditional stainless steel, so it’s indestructible, and should last as long as I need. I got it on Amazon for about $15.00 here (not an affiliate).


Safety razors can be a bit pricey, so I was lucky to find this one. But hey, you only need to buy the blades for the rest of your life with this! My safety razor came with a set of four blades, but I found that the men’s shaving section of my grocery store carries replacement blades that fit just fine.


Get the Right Kind of Shaving Cream

I’ll admit that I didn’t use any kind of shaving cream or lubricant until recently. I know! I know! But my safety razor gave me such a close shave that I didn’t see the point in it. But skin should always be moisturized after shaving to retain its elasticity and overall health.


good shaving techniques

During the summer, I always make sure that my legs are moisturized after shaving so they don’t look like a desert. And in the winter, I try to moisturize even if I don’t shave because of the cold. So either way, moisturizing is extremely important for your skin!


Using the right kind of shaving cream is what’s going to make or break your routine. I’ve learned that now. Because whenever I do use a good shaving cream, my legs feel heavenly! And I get a longer-lasting shave too. It’s just better all around to use a good shaving cream. 


Unfortunately, most shaving creams out there are also riddled with toxic chemicals. But you still have options! There are two ways that you could go about getting the right shaving cream for you.


You Can DIY Your Shaving Cream

There are plenty of shaving creams out there that are perfectly safe for your skin. You just have to know where to look. 


good shaving techniquesIf you’re in the mood for a super simple DIY, then look no further. I combined several boring shower tasks into one with this easy sugar scrub recipe. It’s super versatile, so you can make it smell like whatever you want. And if you have super sensitive or dry skin, there’s something for that too!


Use this sugar scrub to exfoliate, lubricate, moisturize, and disinfect your skin for the best shave ever. It will even get you a closer shave too! I’ve made this sugar scrub as gifts in the past, and everyone has asked me for the recipe when they run out. 


You can customize it however you like based on the essential oils you use. I personally use this kind of shaving cream, even though it’s not really a cream, because it’s so easy to make with ingredients I already have around the house.


Or Buy Your Shaving Cream

If the idea of making something does not sound appealing to you, no worries! There’s something for everyone in the natural living community. The best places to find chemical-free shaving creams are at any health food store near you. I like to go to Natural Grocer’s because they have a great natural beauty section.


good shaving techniques

Don’t worry if you don’t know of any health food stores near you. Just keep an eye on the beauty section of all the stores near you and search through the products you find. I love to use my Think Dirty App to find new products. You can read my Think Dirty App Review if you don’t know what that is. 


Even some grocery stores have an all-natural section! Most of my King’s Soopers have great options for natural beauty, and that includes shaving creams. But don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you by gathering my top three best shaving creams here. They range from high-end to super cheap to online only to super accessible!


If You Still Get Razor Bumps or Razor Burn

My skin is so sensitive that I always get some kind of irritation if I’m not careful. Luckily, I have the perfect solution! This remedy is perfect for after shaving the bikini area, because that’s usually the most sensitive area to shave.


good shaving techniques

No matter what I do, I always get at least a few razor bumps during the summer. But this made them go away in less than a day! I have the ultimate cure for razor bumps right here! It’s only two ingredients, and you probably already have them around the house.


The key with this remedy is that you should use it as soon as you see an ingrown hair or razor burn. The earlier you use it, the better! That way, those pesky ingrown hairs won’t turn into a scar. I love it when I can share easy and effective DIY’s with you guys, and this is one of my best!


Another secret I recently discovered is that waxing has little to no effect on me! I get two, maybe three ingrown hairs when I wax now and I can totally handle that. I managed to find a store-bought sugar wax that isn’t toxic you can find here (not an affiliate).


Some Extra Tips on Good Shaving Habits

This post wouldn’t be the ultimate guide on how to shave without some miscellaneous tips! All of these things combined will give you a fool-proof shaving routine. 


Always make sure that your razor blade is sharp and not dull! I can’t stress this enough! As soon as I notice that my shave isn’t as close as usual, I throw out my blade and get a new one. Your chance of getting ingrown hairs and irritation is much higher when you shave with a dull blade, so be careful of that.


good shaving techniques

Another tip for safety razor users is to make sure that you keep your blade clean and dry when you’re not using it. That blade is made of real metal that will rust if it’s left in water for too long. Do you want to shave with a dull, rusty blade that’s full of hair? Didn’t think so.


When I go to rinse my safety razor, I’ll sometimes open it up and take out the blade to be extra thorough if I just de-furred myself. Then I’ll just dry it off a bit with a towel when I’m done shaving, and put it in a dry corner of my shower that doesn’t get much water.


My last tip is to exfoliate! You won’t believe what dry, flaky skin can do to hinder your skin’s health. Dead skin can get trapped in your hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs. Plus, dry skin does not look good after a shave.


That’s why I recommend my DIY sugar scrub as shaving cream. It prevents dead skin from ruining your smooth, silky legs.

And That’s My Secret On How to Shave Like a Pro

As long as you use this post as a kind of checklist, then you should be able to shave with no problems whatsoever. And you won’t be putting harsh chemicals near sensitive parts of your body, which is a huge win!


Just remember to use a good safety razor, your favorite kind of homemade shaving cream or one from the store, and use my razor bump remedy when life happens.


Shaving can be harsh on sensitive skin, and your run-of-the-mill products are riddled with toxins! Learn how to shave with natural products and avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps. #shaving #naturalliving #sensitiveskin #chemicalfree

Don’t forget to exfoliate before and moisturize after, so your skin will be healthy and glowing all summer long. Go ahead and experiment with products and DIY’s and find your favorites! A natural lifestyle can be personalized however you like!


So go and show off those legs you’ve been hiding all winter! You deserve to feel pampered and worth showing. There’s definitely nothing like the feeling of smooth, freshly-shaved legs in the summertime. 


Do you have a chemical-free shaving routine? Let me know if the comments below!


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