DIY Sugar Scrub for the Holidays

This DIY sugar scrub makes a unique gift for any beauty lover! Plus, it’s scented like a decadent peppermint mocha! I love to use sugar scrub as “shaving cream” on my legs. They always feel so smooth and soft after! So I’ve decided to kick it up a notch for the holidays.


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With peppermint everything, why not bring some to your shower? This decadent diy sugar scrub has some peppermint mocha essential oil that will make you smell sweet while maintaining soft skin for the winter months! #peppermintmocha #naturalliving #essentialoils #healthychristmasgift

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The Secret Ingredient—Rocky Mountain Oils Holiday Blends

There is just about any kind of DIY sugar scrub you can make, it just takes some creativity and the right ingredients. And for this recipe, there is one very important ingredient that you’ll need. You may be wondering how this DIY sugar scrub will smell like a steaming cup of peppermint mocha.


Instead of an intense combination of essential oils that costs way too much money, you can buy one oil and call it good! Rocky Mountain Oils, one of the best essential oil sellers, has amazing holiday blends that come out this time every year.


exfoliating sugar scrub

My personal favorite is Peppermint Mocha. It’s the perfect blend of peppermint, coffee, and balsam of Peru (chocolate) essential oils. My first impression of this oil was that it smelled just like a peppermint patty! I didn’t pick up on the coffee scent too much, but it’s certainly there.


And if you really want the coffee smell in this DIY sugar scrub, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Or if you’re not too big on coffee, I’ve got you covered too! I love to diffuse this oil on it’s own when I need a quick mood booster. Peppermint is one of my favorite scents, and Rocky Mountain Oils certainly does it justice!


If you’ve never heard of Rocky Mountain Oils, you’re missing out! You can learn more about them on my review of Rocky Mountain Oils and their products. It’s not an MLM company, so you won’t deal with pushy sales people trying to make a living. Instead, they are one of the most honest companies I’ve come across in terms of ingredients. And their customer service actually wants to help improve your understanding of essential oils. You can click here to buy your own peppermint mocha essential oil blend.


By the way, this scrub makes an amazing self-care treatment! It keeps your skin exfoliated and moisturized for that rough winter weather. Read all about 10 Self-Care Activities for the fall and winter months.


The Other Sugar Scrub Ingredients are Just as Important!

Sugar is one of the best exfoliating agents in the natural community. There are plenty others, of course, but the sweet smell complements just about everything. The same goes for brown sugar!

As for your oil, I went with Sweet Almond oil. My favorite DIY sugar scrub used to involve coconut oil instead, but I wanted an oil that wouldn’t mask the peppermint mocha scent. Coconut oil can be a very heavy oil, too. It never seems to fully absorb into my skin. Which is super annoying. 


Sweet almond oil is very lightweight, absorbs fast, and skin loves it! I find that I don’t feel as greasy when I use this DIY sugar scrub. Plus, the fatty acids in the oil help with skin elasticity, making your skin age slower. Click here to buy Sweet Almond Oil from Rocky Mountain Oils! I also have all of the main ingredients listed above from Amazon for your convenience. exfoliating sugar scrub


Now, if you’re on Pinterest at all (I mean, who isn’t?), you might have come across some beautiful-looking sugar scrubs. I wanted this to be gift-worthy, so I split open a peppermint tea bag to add a green minty look. It also smells amazing!


Another completely optional addition is coffee grounds. If you’re looking at this recipe simply to get some more coffee in your life, then I highly recommend adding coffee grounds to this DIY sugar scrub. Coffee grounds are amazing at diminishing cellulite, and fight aging! (source)


I actually opted out of using coffee grounds, simply because I don’t drink coffee. My body is also very sensitive to caffeine, so I stay away from it. My batch came out great without the grounds, so I wouldn’t worry if you can’t get ahold of any!


How to Make Your Own DIY Sugar Scrub with Peppermint Mocha

For this decadent sugar scrub, you will need:

*These things are optional.exfoliating sugar scrub

  1. Combine your white and brown sugars and coffee grounds in a medium-sized bowl, stirring evenly.
  2. Split open your mint tea bags, if using, and mix in the leaves. Add your desired amount of coffee grounds depending on how much you like the scent.
  3. Add the Sweet Almond oil and Peppermint Mocha essential oil blend and mix until the sugar scrub starts to form clumps. Transfer to a glass container and store for up to four months.
  4. Add a fun label and give as a gift for the holidays!


The ingredient measurements almost completely fill up one regular-sized mason jar. If you’re looking to fill a different-sized container, measure your ingredients in ratios. Your white sugar should make up 1/2 of your container, the brown sugar should be 1/4, and the sweet almond oil should be 1/4.


As long as you follow those ratios, your DIY sugar scrub will turn out great. Feel free to add your Peppermint Mocha blend, tea leaves, and/or coffee grounds to your own liking. I don’t usually put extra ingredients in to be aesthetically pleasing, but hey, it’s the holidays. 


How to Use Your DIY Peppermint Mocha Sugar Scrub

To use, simply take about a quarter’s worth of sugar scrub when you’re in the shower, and massage into your skin in circular motions. Don’t massage too hard! You want your skin to be exfoliated, not raw. Keep massaging into your skin until the sugar dissolves and you’re left with the oils. 


exfoliating sugar scrub

If you’re feeling extra fancy (or stressed out), I love to put sugar scrub on my shoulders and give myself a good shoulder massage! The oils feel amazing, and the peppermint from this particular blend really help to invigorate my senses. You can give yourself a quick massage anywhere you need with this DIY sugar scrub!


On a regular day, I prefer to use mine in the shower on my legs, and sometimes my arms. If there is any lever over sugars, feel free to simply rinse them off.  I prefer to shave right after, and that’s it! You’ll have smooth skin that you won’t even need to moisturize afterwards!


Pro Tip: If you do use this as a shaving cream, make sure that you clean out your razor blade when you’re done. Otherwise, it will be full of dead skin, sugar, and oil. Not a good thing to leave in your razor. Wondering what razor I use that fits my natural lifestyle? Check out my first “natural razor” experience!


You can also keep your jar near your bathroom sink and do an occasional hand treatment. Just wash your hands like normal, but rub a small amount all over your hands before washing away the sugar with soap. Or you can skip the soap altogether! Your hands will smell like a peppermint patty all day long!


Final Thoughts on DIY Sugar Scrub

This makes a great gift for the natural beauty lover! I gave this to a few of my family members last year, and they all loved it. A few of them even asked for the recipe. 

With peppermint everything, why not bring some to your shower? This decadent diy sugar scrub has some peppermint mocha essential oil that will make you smell sweet while maintaining soft skin for the winter months! #peppermintmocha #naturalliving #essentialoils #healthychristmasgift

If you’re giving this as a gift that you know will be a hit, I highly recommend attaching the recipe to the jar so people can make it on their own! It can be a sticker on the lid, or I would use a tag that they can easily detach so it won’t get wet in the shower. 


If you don’t know what to get for a coffee lover, peppermint lover, or beauty lover, this definitely makes you think outside the box. Or it makes a great self-care gift for you!


Click here to buy your own Peppermint Mocha essential oil blend!


I’m curious to see what you think of this recipe if you decide to make it! Leave a comment below and tell me how it went!


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