Rocky Mountain Oils Review

I’m here today to tell you about my favorite essential oil company. If you’re looking for well-priced, quality essential oils, then look no further. It’s pretty easy to get ahold of essential oils these days, but not very many of them are good quality. If you want your oils to do their job, you need to make sure that they are pure.


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Get pure essential oils for a good price with this Rocky Mountain Oils review! Live your healthiest life with essential oils that are high-quality, from a company you can trust. #essentialoils #naturalliving #rockymountainoils #healthylifestyle

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What Rocky Mountain Oils Stands For

Rocky Mountain Oils started when a group of natural health enthusiasts came together to make the ultimate essential oil brandTheir goal was to make pure, affordable oils that the whole family could use. And they certainly succeeded.


high quality essential oilsOne reason I trust Rocky Mountain Oils over other companies is that it’s not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme. I’ve never found those awkward product parties held at friend’s houses terribly appealing. Rocky Mountain Oils takes sales-driven employees out of the equation, so you know that customer service will be helpful and honest.


Out of all the essential oil companies I’ve come across, I’ve never felt like I could trust a brand like Rocky Mountain Oils. Everything you could possibly want to know is on their website. And they take quality and purity very seriously.


Safe, Pure Essential Oils

How do I know that Rocky Mountain Oil’s products are legit? One of their biggest priorities is that their oils are safe, or as they call it, S.A.A.F.E. What does that stand for?


Satisfaction guaranteed.
Free of Adulterants
Effective and Pure


This essentially means that Rocky Mountains Oils takes their entire production process very seriously, so you can have the best oils possible. Most oils that claim to be pure are not actually pure at all, and your nose will tell you.


Some oils just don’t smell quite right, and that’s because there are other unwanted additives. Throw these out immediately! Impure oils don’t just smell weird; they can make you have an aversion to the oil entirely. So stop taking risks and see what Rocky Mountain Oils has to offer.


Learn and Compare Oilshigh quality essential oils

If Rocky Mountain Oil’s promises still aren’t enough for you, never fear! You can see exactly what went into the little bottle you received! It’s called CG/MS lookupJust enter the little batch number on the bottom of your essential oil bottle, and you’ll see a list of that oil’s chemical makeup.


Pretty sweet, huh? Rocky Mountain Oils is the only company that does this, so you know that they’re confident in their products! Not only does Rocky Mountain Oils teach you about each of their individual oils, but how to use essential oils as a whole.


There’s a page on the basics of essential oilssafety with children, and a whole page just on lavender use! They even alerted my attention to essential oil safety, and I’ve learned how to use them properly as well. I’ve got it all wrapped up in a post on essential oil safety you can check out. 


Now, if you’re a loyal user of another essential oil company, you can compare Rocky Mountain Oil’s blends with other big brands. That way, it’s easy to see if Rocky Mountain Oils carries a blend similar to your favorites! If you’re on the fence about switching because you don’t want to leave a certain blend behind, they’ve got you covered. 


My Rocky Mountain Oils Review

high quality essential oilsI’ll admit that I didn’t take the quality of my essential oils seriously until recently. A little while ago, I reached rock bottom when I purchased an obscure oil from a company on Etsy without giving it much thought. Huge mistake!


The essential oil came in a clear plastic bottle (A huge no-no. All essential oils should be stored in black glass bottles for preservation) and smelled like rancid fish! The seller tried to convince me that the smell was the oil’s actual scent, but I didn’t buy it.


Why am I telling you this? Because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did! Rocky Mountain Oils taught me the importance of good quality essential oils, and they have completely exceeded my expectationsI’ve tried a few of their oils, and I want to share my honest thoughts on them.


High Quality Single Essential Oils

I love to keep a small amount of single oils handy so I can mix and match them in my diffuser. Some of my favorites are Peppermint, Lavender, and Orange


high quality essential oils

Now that I’ve tried these oils for a little while, I can safely say that I know what these oils are actually supposed to smell like! My old oils smell fake compared to Rocky Mountain Oils.


I especially love how invigorating the peppermint oil is. It smells just like the plant! Rocky Mountain Oils offers the best ways to use the oil on the product page, which is super handy. You can take a look at the peppermint oil here.


Now, this Rocky Mountain Oils review needs some explanation on their lavender. Lavender Greece has a slightly sweeter scent with earthy undertones for your typical lavender scent. Lavender can be overpowering for many people, so Rocky Mountain Oils gets their lavender buds from Greece, instead of other well-known places like Bulgaria. Click here to see Lavender Greece!


I’ve never smelled lavender that was so invigorating! It calms me instantly, and leaves me in such a good mood. You can see Lavender Greece in action in my money-saving download! Just enter your name and email below!



As for the Orange oil, it is now one of my favorite uplifting scents! My past orange essential oils smelled like a hard candy, but Rocky Mountain Oil’s Orange smelled just like a fresh peeled orange. Much more authentic! I’m not even a citrus person, but this orange oil is very pleasant to smell. And I love to add it to my DIY all-purpose cleaner! Orange oil also helps cut through grease. Click here to buy the Orange essential oil!


Essential Oil Blends

high quality essential oilsThis Rocky Mountain Oils review wouldn’t be complete without a review of one of their blends! As a single oil kind of person, I’ve never seen the point of oil blends. I guess I find the option of mixing and matching a small collection of oils more appealing.


But with how good of a roll I was on with Rocky Mountain Oils, I thought I’d give a sleep-related blend a try. On stressful nights, I love to have a sleep-inducing mixture of oils on my diffuser. This is especially crucial in my relaxing nighttime routine for better mental health


I decided to give the blend Dreamtime a go. It’s a mixture of sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, ginger root, and petitgrain (bitter orange). When I first got a whiff of this blend, I was a bit put off. I wasn’t sure what to say in this Rocky Mountain Oils review! It was a little too strong and sharp for someone to fall asleep to, in my opinion.


But as time went by, I’ve warmed up to the scent, and now it’s warm and inviting. It definitely takes only one or two drops in my diffuserSo I think with this blend in particular, go for it if you love warming, non-floral scents. It helps me fall asleep much faster, and now I wake up in a much better mood! Click here to buy Dreamtime essential oil.


My First Roll-On Essential Oil

I’ve always wanted to try a roll-on essential oil, so I went with the most practical option Rocky Mountain Oils had to offer. Being a ballet dancer, I needed more than just a daily stretching routine to help with sore muscles. So I went with Muscle Soothe to see if it could actually help me out.


Muscle Soothe consists of frankincense, black pepper, marjoram, lavender, and tangerine oils. The black pepper oil provides a warm, soothing sensation to tired muscles. And I love how this smells! The tangerine is the strongest odor to me, and I’m not mad about it. I apply it regularly to my right shoulder and outer elbow, because a lot of tension sits there for me.


high quality essential oils

Now I want to clarify here that this is for mild muscle tension. Anything that has a serious amount of pain should be examined or worked on by a masseuse. For the ultimate test, I tried Muscle Soothe on the bottom of my feet after dancing on them for over four hours. Gotta love recital season! 


By the way, if you want to see what natural makeup I use for recitals, check out my post on the best Chemical-Free Stage Makeup Products that I use for my everyday looks too.


I applied and massaged the oil on my tired feet and put them up for a while. While it didn’t work right away, I was shocked at what happened. The pain migrated from deep within my feet to the top layer of skin, and stayed there. Eventually, I decided to get up and walk around, and the pain melted away as I walked. It felt great! Click here to buy the Muscle Soothe roll-on oil blend.


I still use this roll-on almost every day. Now that Essential Moves to Wellness is taking off, I usually apply it on my shoulders around my neck, because I tend to carry quite a bit of tension there. I just give myself a quick neck massage, and the tension slowly melts away!


My Overall Thoughts on Rocky Mountain Oils

Get pure essential oils for a good price with this Rocky Mountain Oils review! Live your healthiest life with essential oils that are high-quality, from a company you can trust. #essentialoils #naturalliving #rockymountainoils #healthylifestyleOverall, I’m so glad that I found this essential oil company! I can rest assured that my essential oils are pure and have amazing quality. There’s a massive difference between how my old oils smelled compared to Rocky Mountain Oils!


The sheer amount of effort that they put into educating their buyers is astounding, and that shows that they really care about their customers. I hope that they come out with more oil options soon! I would buy Argan Oil from them in a heartbeat!


The packaging of their products is also above and beyond in terms of quality. Each individual oil is put into a cardboard tube made of recycled materials with their little logo printed all over it. The oils come in boxes and fit all of your oils perfectly, so you know that there won’t be any broken or jostled products. 


Their single oils, blends, and roll-ons have left me with more knowledge and an even more open mind on how I can use essential oils in my life. I hope that Rocky Mountain Oils does the same for you. Click here to go to Rocky Mountain Oils’ website


Have you tried Rocky Mountain Oils? What are your favorite essential oils? Let me know in the comments below!


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