How to Make a Rosemary Hair Rinse for Fast Growth and Scalp Health

This rosemary hair rinse recipe will accelerate hair growth and promote a healthy scalp. And it’s so easy to make! 

So you want to grow out your hair long, strong, and super-fast. I mean, who doesn’t? And I’ve got just the trick to help you along with your hair growth journey using a super easy rosemary hair rinse.

There are a couple of ways you can go about making your own rosemary water for hair growth. I’ll go into both ways in detail, plus give you a few more tips for optimal hair growth results. 

Rosemary Hair Rinse Benefits

Rosemary is good for your hair because it increases circulation in your scalp, which then stimulates the hair follicles to grow faster. It’s one of my favorite secret hair hacks

The secret ingredient in rosemary is ursolic acid, which can also be found in the peels of fruit. Ursolic acid is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, which means that it can help calm an inflamed scalp while bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

dried rosemary and sage

It basically creates an ideal environment for hair to grow faster, or for new hair to start growing again.

Another thing worth noting is that rosemary can slightly darken your hair over time if used regularly. I’ve even seen people dull out their gray hairs with a rosemary hair rinse! 

If you’re trying to lighten your hair or don’t want it to go any darker, I wouldn’t use this herbal hair treatment too regularly. You certainly won’t see a dramatic change overnight, but your hair might darken a shade or two if you use this hair rinse regularly over the course of two to three months. 

As someone with dirty blonde hair, I’ve never noticed any change in my color because I only use this rinse one a month or so.

The high number of antioxidants in rosemary are what’s responsible for darkening your hair over time. They revitalize your hair and remove any product buildup, which is great, but it can also remove any free radicals that lighten your hair as well. 

That’s why I don’t recommend this rosemary hair rinse for color-treated hair, because it can throw off the hue. However, I personally think that the pros outweigh the cons if you’re trying to grow healthy hair.


Is Rosemary Rinse Good for Hair?

Now that you know what the actual herb is all about, you may be wondering if rosemary-infused water will have the same properties. The short answer is yes! You can wring all those good nutrients out of rosemary and create a brew your hair will love.

I will say, however, that you will get the full benefits of rosemary water if you follow the instructions I have below. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. I have two routes for you to go down that you can make in one day, or over the course of a couple weeks.

rosemary water

Since it obviously won’t do you any good to simply take some rosemary and rub it on your scalp (I mean, you would still smell good), rosemary water is the next best thing for your hair to actually absorb and use all that hair growth magic.

This rosemary hair rinse was a huge help on my own hair growth journey. I started out with thin hair that refused to grow past my shoulders, but when I switched to clean beauty products and did regular hair treatments, everything changed.

How Often Should I Put Rosemary Water in My Hair? Can You Leave Rosemary in Your Hair?

Of course you can! It’s possible that spraying rosemary into your hair without rinsing it out can heighten its effects, but I personally think it won’t improve them by much. 

But hey, I still think it’s worth it because it smells great and improves your mood. It can also help soothe your scalp while keeping your hair light and bouncy.

clean beauty for beginners

You can apply this Rosemary water spray for hair growth success as often as you like! But I recommend you rinse in the shower no more than once or twice a week. 

Rosemary Hair Rinse Two Ways | Infused and Boiled

Now onto the good stuff! Like I said earlier, there are two ways you can go about making your own rosemary hair rinse.

The pictures in this post are from me doing the longer way, which is rosemary-infused apple cider vinegar. I highly recommend this method if you’re looking to get rid of any gunk on your hair and start fresh.

Yield: One Mason Jar

DIY Rosemary Hair Rinse

diy rosemary hair rinse

This rosemary hair rinse will help with hair growth and create a healthy scalp! Just rinse your hair with it once or twice a week for best results, or spray it on dry hair every day.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty Easy


    1. Simply add in your rosemary sprigs, cover them with the apple cider
    vinegar, and seal the mason jar lid. Make sure you store your rosemary
    hair rinse in a cool, dark place, like your fridge.

    2. Let it sit for minimum two weeks so all the goodness from the rosemary soaks into the apple cider vinegar.

    3. Give the jar a good shake every few days or so to evenly distribute
    everything. It should last you a good week or two as long as you keep it
    cold and away from regular sunlight exposure.

    4. OR combine your rosemary and water into a saucepan and bring the water to a
    boil. Once boiling, reduce the burner to a simmer and cover the pan to
    no evaporated oils are lost.

    5. Let it simmer for about five minutes before removing from heat entirely to let the water cool. Do not remove the cover!!

    6. For both methods, strain out the herbs and put your spoils into a squeeze bottle. I like this better than using something like a cup because it gives you more

    7. Apply to your hair after shampooing, let it sit for a minute, then rinse thoroughly. That's it!


You can make this into a daily rosemary hair spray by diluting the mixture with one part water. Then mist your hair and/or scalp as needed. It will keep your hair long and strong while soothing your scalp.

How to Make Rosemary Water for Hair

I totally understand that this method takes too much time. That’s why there’s another equally effective method for making your own rosemary hair rinse in just a couple of hours. You don’t need apple cider vinegar either!

If you make a rosemary hair rinse with apple cider vinegar, you need to dilute it because it’s too acidic for your hair on its own. I like to do one-part infused apple cider vinegar to two-parts water.

infused apple cider vinegar

When you’re done shampooing and conditioning in the shower, you can rinse your hair with rosemary simply by pouring the mixture over your head and letting it sit for a minute. You can even massage your scalp for better effects! 

When you feel like you’ve had enough, gently rinse the mixture out of your hair and go about the rest of your shower routine. That’s it!

Rosemary and Sage Hair Rinse for Fast Growth

If you’re able to, I highly recommend that you add more herbs for better hair growth results. I happened to have some dried sage on-hand when I wrote this post, so that’s why the pictures don’t look like there’s only rosemary in the jar.

Sage is excellent for hair growth because it also promotes a healthy scalp and darkens hair over time. In addition to this, sage is good for thinning hair because it strengthens the hair follicle while promoting healthy, fast growth. Not to mention it also smells amazing!

Just add a few sprigs of sage to your jar or pot of water and do everything else like normal. Your hair will thank you for the refresh by rewarding you with lots of strong, healthy new hair!

How Long Should I Leave Rosemary in My Hair? A Recipe for Everyday Use

If you want to naturally darken your hair, calm an angry scalp, or promote some serious hair growth, then you should definitely try a daily rosemary hair spray. You can totally put rosemary on your hair every day! 

I recommend that you do this with the infused rosemary water rather than the apple cider vinegar. You don’t want to throw off your hair’s pH with repeated exposure to an acidic substance. How you make the hair spray couldn’t be simpler! Just take your freshly made rosemary water and put it into a spray bottle using a handy funnel.


Then just spray it on your hair and scalp every morning when you’re getting ready and go! No need to dilute or do anything special.

You’ll have a happy and healthy scalp that smells fresh and clean all day long. You can also apply this rosemary hair spray after you finish a workout to help combat sweat and smell. It’s great for lengthening time between hair washings!

Final Thoughts on this Rosemary Hair Rinse

If you’re looking to grow your hair super-fast, or grow new hair altogether, then rosemary and sage will be your best friends. The nutrients and antioxidants will get the blood flowing up to your scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth.

Just be mindful that your hair may darken a bit if you use this regularly for a few months. It won’t be dramatic at all, but it will be noticeable if you do it enough. I think it’s a great way to go darker naturally as the seasons change, but that’s just my two cents.

Have you tried a rosemary hair rinse? Let me know in the comments below!

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26 thoughts on “How to Make a Rosemary Hair Rinse for Fast Growth and Scalp Health”

  1. Hello. I have started using Rosemary oil today. I intend to do that twice a week but would like to enhance the procedure by using Rosemary and Sage water twice a week too. Unfortunately I have to dye my hair every three weeks. Would this be detrimental or can I carry on regardless?

    1. Hi Kate!

      It could be, depending on your color. I have heard that this mixture can darken hair over time. I’m not a hair dye expert though, so that’s just my two cents.

    1. If you want it to last longer, I would store it in the fridge. It should last a couple of weeks that way!

  2. At what stage would you add the sage? With he rosemary to the boil? Also, this IS good to use as a daily spray? My husband has balding and would like to do that daily

    1. Hi Leslie,

      Yes, you would add the sage along with the rosemary to boil. And you can totally use this as an everyday spray! 🙂

  3. I recently gave birth and had no idea about post-partum thinning. My hair has always been long, thick and healthy and no it’s coming out in clumps every time I run a comb or my fingers through it. My edges has thinned tremendously as well as a bald spot. Will these herbs help with repairing and restoring my hair?

    1. Hi Ronni,

      Yes absolutely! I’m sorry you’re going through that. Post-partum hair loss sucks but it’s usually temporary! Your hair will grow back, and this rinse will really speed things up. Best of luck 🙂

    2. Ronni! That’s my 14 year old daughters name. 🙂 The post partum (hair) thinning is wild & can feel so disheartening, as I also have naturally thick (individual strands & overall amount/head) and full hair, with a natural beach wave. I came here due to my stylist over processing my (bleached) hair & it began falling out in multiple golfball sized matted clumps. (I should have said something, as she was a new to me stylist & let it sit for 3 hours. *cries and cringes*) I’ve lost 60+% of my hair from my shoulders to end strand (fell just below my bust) and my ‘mermaid dreams’ for my hair have officially been put on hold. My scalp is now oily & clogged, creating that ‘sticky’ dandruff. Wondering if you have tried this and how it worked for you? I’m allowing my hair to go back to its natural ‘dirty blonde’ color and I know darkening may occur- but wanted to touch base and ask how it went for you AND to let you know that I adore your name! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. Breanne Connor

      Hi Cassie!

      I think that this hair rinse will really help your scalp heal! It’s a great way to detox it of all the gunk in your roots while letting your hair grow to its original healthy length.

  4. Hi!

    I’m struggling with scalp health for few months now after bleaching my hair to balayage, will this rosemary water spray help with dandruff and dry scalp to? Shampooing with dandruff shampoos does not help at all.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Hettie!

      This will absolutely help with dandruff and dry scalp! And I would steer clear of most dandruff shampoos, because the ingredients are doing your scalp more harm than good. Try to switch to a shampoo and conditioner with clean, nourishing ingredients instead. 🙂

  5. Hi! I am very interested in growing my hair out and was wondering if you have to keep the daily spray bottle in the refrigerator or just keep it room temp.


    1. Hi Jinger!

      You can totally keep it at room temp, but the spray will last longer if you keep it in the fridge. I would keep it in either one based on how long you think it will take for you to go through it. Hope this helps! 🙂

    2. Hi Neelam! I would give it a week on the counter or two to three weeks in the fridge. Just make sure you give it a good sniff before using if you want to take it longer.

    1. Breanne Connor

      Hi Deb!

      I’m no expert at how your body will respond to things after chemo, but I would think that it’s a great option! The rosemary will get all the blood flowing to your scalp and encourage much more growth at a faster rate. Not to mention it will strengthen any remaining hair!

  6. Kathleen Ivy Briggs-Bradford

    Just started to use Rosemary hair rinse today, so i will have to wait awhile to see any improvements. I did not know about adding Sage to it, thanks. I hope it does darken my hair, and if i am lucky i might not have to colour it so often. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Hi Hannah! Once a week is totally fine to use this on your hair. If you’re trying to reverse major damage, then every time you shower is fine too, depending on how often you shower. I wouldn’t do it every day if that’s the case. But if that means two or three times a week, that’s great! 🙂

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