Easy Gifts for Self-Care

Who doesn’t have someone in their life that’s always burning the candle at both ends? Help them relax and unwind with a self-care basket for stress management and mental rejuvenation. Self-care ideas for stress can be as simple as taking five minutes to sip a cup of tea with a fresh facial. 


That’s one of the things I love most about self-care. Just think of the little things in life that make you happy. Don’t overthink it at all! As long as you think it will brighten your friend’s day a little, then you’re doing it right. Sift through this list of 15 self-care gift basket ideas to make your own basket just for your friend (or you, there’s nothing wrong with that either). 


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Help your stressed-out friend relax and unwind with these self-care gift basket ideas for stress management and mental rejuvenation. #selfcare #christmasgiftideas #healthyliving #mentalhealth

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What is Self-Care, and Why is It Important?

If you’re on Pinterest at all (or anywhere on the internet, for that matter), you’ve probably heard of self-care once or twice. But what exactly is it? 


Self-care is taking time for an activity solely for the purpose of lifting your mood and ultimately helping your mental health. You know those moments you have a few times a day where you feel like you need to stop and take a break and do something fun? That fun thing you want to do would count as self-care. 


It can be as simple as using a meditation app for five minutes on the bus ride home, or you can take an entire day for self-care if you can and pull out all the stops! I’m talking facials, reading a good book, and heartwarming movies allll day. 


Some of my favorite self-care activities include:


You can see that some of these activities can be a little too labor-intensive for people that simply need to chill, while others are perfect for detaching from the world for a little bit. I tend to do these things depending on how I’m feeling that day. 


Again, as long as the self-care activity is only meant for you and rejuvenating your mental health, you’re doing it right. Unfortunately, self-care often comes with a long-misunderstood perception of what it actually is. 


The Stigma with Self-Careself-care gift ideas

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t see the point in self-care is that they see it as being selfish. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want to be able to show up for your friends and loved ones, or heck, even the people you work with, you need to show up for yourself. 


That way, when life gets rough, you’ll be able to handle it because you’ll be feeling your best. Sometimes, you need to be a little selfish to keep your sanity intact, and that’s okay. 


If you have a friend that’s stuck in this mindset, a self-care basket could be the perfect solution. So many people need to learn that it’s okay to take time for yourself, and that lesson can start with a little love from the people around you. So let’s dive into this amazing self-care gift!


Let’s Start with the Basics: A Basket

This is one of my favorite parts of this gift-giving, and we haven’t even got to the self-care gift basket ideas yet! But you need a base to build off of for this self-care gift for stress. Start thinking of a theme you want your basket to be, and try to base it off of something your friend likes!


For example, I absolutely love roses, so a pink basket with a bunch of rose-themed self-care items would be absolutely amazing! But if your friend simply needs to hit their mental reset button, keeping it general and relaxing is great too. Think calming blues and pastels. This collapsable basket here fits the bill pretty nicely.


self-care gift

There are plenty of places for you to find a cute basket to put all of your goodies in. Just keep in mind how many things you want to put in it, and how big they actually are. You don’t want to get a basket that’s too big or too small! Michael’s, JoAnn’s Fabrics, or Amazon are great places to shop! 


You can never go wrong with a good old fabric and whicker basket for your self-care goodies, or the simplicity of a black wire basket too. Whatever you pick, don’t forget the little details, too. This crinkle shredded paper is great for filling the bottom of the basket, and you can finish everything off with some cellophane wrap and a cute little gift tag


Now that we’ve got your cute basket picked out and set up, let’s figure out what you’re going to put in it! Try to think of things that you know your friend would love, but maybe wouldn’t try herself. Hopefully the list below will get some ideas going for you!


Easy Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas

This lift of self-care gift ideas consists of mostly beauty and mental health related items. I picked these things because I think rejuvenating the body and the mind at the same time is best for mental rejuvenation. And since this is a health and wellness blog, everything on this list is chemical-free and completely natural! 


Something to keep in mind: If your friend finds baking more relaxing than, say, putting on a facial, you may want to look elsewhere. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with putting in a new mug with some relaxing tea! Speaking of which, I’ve got a great suggestion for those things down below. 


Tea Mug with an Uplifting Quoteself-care gifts

This is your chance to really personalize this self-care gift basket! You can get a mug that says just about anything these days, and I absolutely love it. I’m a hardcore herbal tea drinker and I have a pretty vast mug collection. If you’re at a loss, try to stick to an uplifting quote kind of mug, like this one here


Otherwise, try to think about the theme of your basket and what your friend really likes. If they’re a Disney fan, get a mug about their favorite movie. Or you can get a mug that relates to their job, hobbies, favorite food, the list is endless!


Loose Leaf or Regular Tea

If you do get a mug, it would be plain wrong not to include a little tea to go with it! Or some coffee too, if your friend is more of a coffee drinker. You can’t go wrong with Celestial Seasonings teas, or you can experiment with some fun loose leaf teas. 


Unless you know exactly what kind of tea your friend likes, I highly recommend going with a sampler set. This organic loose leaf tea sampler is perfect for anyone who loves to drink tea every day. And you can’t forget a loose leaf tea infuser to go with it!


You can get an infuser in just about any shape, but this basic stainless steel one fits just about any mug. My personal favorite tea infuser is this cat-shaped one here, because I’m a cat lover. So don’t be afraid to get something funny your friend will love! 


Interactive Mindfulness Journal

self-care christmasJournaling is one of the most underrated forms of self-care, and also one of the best forms of therapy, in my opinion. Because this is a self-care gift basket, some kind of writing outlet is essential. Knowing how to journal the right way is the key, so I suggest an interactive mindfulness journal, like this one here


But if your friend is a journaling pro, a regular lined or unlined journal is great too. This is another way to stick to the theme of your basket or personalize it more! And you can’t forget a fancy pen to write with, too! Or you could get a whole set of colored pens so they can really have fun with it. 



I would love to get slippers in a gift basket during the winter time! It’s a new thing to get excited about when it’s freezing cold out. It’s one of the easiest self-care gift basket ideas that just about everyone thinks of, but it’s like that for a reason. 


I personally love these memory foam slippers because they’re lined with cozy fleece, and easily slip on and off.  That way you can put them on first thing in the morning without thinking about it. 


Fuzzy Socks

If you know that slippers aren’t the best thing for your friend, fuzzy socks are a great alternative! I always have a pair of fuzzy socks on me during the winter time. I love being barefoot, but I also don’t want my feet to freeze, so fuzzy sock work great for me. 

The options are endless for what kind of socks you can get! These cute animal ones above are great for Christmas, or you can simply get ones that match the general color scheme of your basket. But seriously, don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this one! My brother-in-law literally got me cat-mermaid socks for Christmas one year! 


Homemade Lotion (Or Store-Bought)If you ever feel like life is too much, have a diy self-care kit ready to go for some serious relaxation.

Having a moment to relax while moisturizing your hands is a great self-care activity! Especially if the lotion has essential oils for aromatherapy. There are all kinds of lotions that could be great options, but most of them are full of unnecessary chemicals that only do you harm rather than good. 


That’s why I recommend you make your own lotion, if you’re feeling adventurous! It’s super easy to make, and you can check out my DIY lotion recipe that’s non-greasy and fast-absorbing. It involves adding essential oils of your choice for some aromatherapy benefits. I recommend lavender or peppermint


If you don’t want to make your own lotion, no worries! You have plenty of great things to put in this basket. I recommend the Tohi Night’s Rest lotion because it’s got all that relaxing aromatherapy built-in without the toxic chemicals!


Eyeshadow Palette

Feeling good about yourself is an integral part of self-care! Although I don’t wear makeup very often, I love to experiment with eyeshadow colors! This would be especially great for someone who is also a bit of a beauty lover. Some fresh makeup can really help you put your best foot forward!


Girl, I have all the eyeshadow palette recommendations! And they’re all-natural and cruelty-free, of course. Some of my favorites are the Nude Renaissance Palette and the Cosmopolitan Palette from Honeybee Gardens. You can check out my Honeybee Gardens review to learn all the good things about them! 


Sugar Scrub

DIY items make great self-care gift basket ideas! And sugar scrub is one of the easiest beauty DIY’s out there. You can make bulk amounts of it in no less than 10 minutes, depending on the recipe. I have all the basic ingredients you need below. 

There are plenty of sugar scrub recipes out there, but I would start out with this basic sugar scrub recipe and work from there. If this is a Christmas gift, I highly recommend you give my decadent peppermint mocha sugar scrub a try! 


Aromatherapy Gift Set

essential oil relaxation routineSince this self-care gift basket is all about mental rejuvenation, it wouldn’t be complete without some aromatherapy! My personal favorite company for essential oils is Rocky Mountain Oils, because they are of the utmost quality without costing an arm and a leg. 


This essential oil diffuser kit is perfect for any beginner, because it comes with all the most popular essential oils and a little diffuser to go with it! This diffuser is the perfect fit for a desk or other small space. This diffuser set could make a great gift just on its own. 


When your friend is stressed at work, this little gadget can be an absolute lifesaver! Trust me, it’s got me through some stressful days for sure. 


Hair Treatments from Just Nutritive

The first all-natural company I ever found was Just Nutritive (formerly known as Just Natural), and my world was forever changed! Their products are all completely handmade and consist of natural ingredients only. They even have little blurbs about what each ingredient is for! My Just Nutritive haircare review gives all the details on why it’s the best hair and skincare company. 


A nice hair treatment from Just Nutritive makes a great touch to a self-care gift basket. Whether your friend is trying to grow out their hair or preserve its health, Just Nutritive’s hair treatments can accomplish whatever hair goal you have. 


Final Thoughts on These 15 Self-Care Gift Basket Ideas

This makes a great gift for anyone in your life that you have no idea what to buy for. I’ll admit that there’sHelp your stressed-out friend relax and unwind with these self-care gift basket ideas for stress management and mental rejuvenation. #selfcare #christmasgiftideas #healthyliving #mentalhealth only so much you can do for someone who hates any kind of gift, but at least you showed that you care in the process.


You might even be able to start a conversation on how your friend or family member can start caring for themselves more often. Be sure that you do it with love, though! There’s nothing wrong with telling someone who’s overworked to relax a little bit more. 


Be an enabler for your friend and give them the gift of self-care! It’s great for Christmas, birthdays, or any other holiday in between. I would personally die if someone got a whole gift basket of self-care goodies. 


Remember to choose items that you know your friend would love, but maybe wouldn’t get for themselves. That’s how you make it special. Don’t just raid the dollar bin of the hygiene aisle at the grocery store! Show your friend that you care with some fun and unique self-care ideas. 


Which items on this list are your favorite? What would you add to it? Let me know in the comments below!


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