Easy DIY Hair Oil Treatment

Whether or not you’ve decided to take the natural lifestyle plunge, just about anyone knows the benefits of the occasional DIY hair oil treatment.  But all good things must come to an end when the oil wears off after a few days. Or can they?


You’ve heard the phrase “less is more,” right? Adding a small amount of DIY hair oil to your hair before every shower can leave you feeling the benefits of a fresh oil treatment every day of the week!


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Apply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoil

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Choosing the Right Ingredients for Your DIY Hair Oil

The amazing thing about a DIY hair oil recipe is its versatility. You can change the ingredients however you like based on your hair type. One common theme among the natural beauty community is the option to change and alter DIY recipes based on your needs.


Apply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoilFor me, I have very fine hair, and not a lot of it. So I want something that’s extremely lightweight and absorbs quickly. Because of this, I use almond or jojoba oil as a base. They’re both very lightweight, and don’t leave a greasy feeling on my hair. I would never use something like castor oil, which is one of the thickest oils out there! 


So play around with the ingredients, or add your own! All you need are one or two of the carrier oils I’ve got down below, with the option to add extra essential oils to boost to your hair or scalp’s health. Depending on your hair type and your desire to put this on your ends, scalp, or both, you can mix and match these options for maximum results!



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You can read my in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils here. You can get nearly all the oils mentioned in this post straight from their website! I truly didn’t know what good quality essential oils smelled like until I switched to this company. Now I’m for sure never going back!


Use Carrier Oils as a BaseApply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoil

  • Coconut oil—One of the best oils for healthy hair and rapid growth. This magical oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft the longer you leave it in. I would recommend this oil to just about any hair type. It is slightly on the heavier side. So if you have fine hair like me, there’s better options. 


  • Jojoba oil—This oil is very similar to the sebum secreted from your scalp. Your roots don’t get greasy just to ruin your day, that oil is one of the best things for your hair! But instead of turning you into a greaseball, jojoba oil is an excellent alternative. It can actually teach your scalp to produce less oil. Click here to buy Jojoba oil from Rocky Mountain Oils!


  • Argan oil—A tried and true favorite of mine that I use to moisturize and revive my nails, skin, and hair! If you are prone to frizz or fly-aways, Argan oil is an absolute must for your hair care routine. When I first tried regularly oiling my hair before each shower, I put straight Argan oil on my ends with fantastic results. It makes a great facial moisturizer too!


  • Almond OilIt’s density is much lighter than the average oil, but with the same moisturizing benefits. If you have thin or dry hair like myself, this is an excellent option alone. Or you can add it to your concoction for an extra moisture boost without the worry of weighing down your hair. Click here to buy Almond Oil!


Boosting Essential OilsApply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoil

  • Tea tree oil—An oil that is known primarily for its powerful antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil is a good option if you plan to apply your mixture to your scalp. It will keep your scalp free from irritation, and can even help you go longer between washes. Just put a few drops into your base oil and you’re good to go!


  • Sea buckthorn oil—You won’t find this slightly obscure oil on most “best oils for _______” lists, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Sea buckthorn oil is rich in Omega-3’s, which can help strengthen and maintain the health of your hair. If your hair is in need of some serious therapy, add a few drops of this oil to bring it back to life.


In addition, there are countless more essential oils you can add if you plan to use it on your scalp for hair growth. There’s really no wrong answer to this, so you can choose the one that smells the best, or whatever else you like! Cedarwood, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and chamomile are all amazing options for your hair and scalp!


Making Your DIY Hair Oil

Combine your base oil with 5-10 drops of any desired essential oils in a dark glass bottle of your choice. Make sure to keep it in a safe, dry place. If you can’t get ahold of dark glass bottles, plastic is fine. Just make sure you keep it in a dark place.


Essential oils are best stored without any light because they can go bad faster with light exposure. I would try to stay away from brands that don’t use dark glass bottles in their packaging. I know that none of the essential oils I have pictured are in dark glass, but I was balling on a budget when I took those photos. 


If you are using more than one carrier oil, just use a 1:1 ratio. There’s no need for any specific measurements. I used one part jojoba oil and one part almond oil for my base, and added a few drops of sea buckthorn oil.



Apply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoilAt least one hour before your shower, apply a small amount of your DIY hair oil to your ends and/or scalp. You want your hair to be oily, but not completely saturated. This is key! The same goes for massaging it into your scalp with your fingertips.


Run a brush or comb that you don’t mind getting full of oils through your hair. This will help evenly distribute the oils down your hair shaft. If you shower in the morning, you can apply the oil the night before. The reason for the long amount of time is to allow the oil to soak in your hair and work its magic.


Put up your hair in a high bun or a braid to keep everything in place while you sleep. Don’t worry about ruining your pillows if you put the oil on your ends. I’ve done this for months and my pillowcases look fine. If you have short hair like me, you can put it into two french braids to keep everything in place. 


Rinsing it Out

When Its time to shower, just take down your hair and hop in. Your regular shower and conditioner routine will get the oil out just fine. I want to emphasize here that you do not need to shampoo your ends, although I’ve had different results depending on what shampoo I’m using.


So don’t be afraid to experiment on a day when you don’t need to be anywhere to figure out how much oil your shampoo will remove. If you make your own shampoo, such as a diluted baking soda rinse, this oil routine is not for you. Any haircare routine that doesn’t involve some kind of soap cannot have oils in it. I actually don’t recommend using baking soda shampoo regularly at all. 


Final Thoughts On Nourishing Hair Oil

Go about the rest of your shower routine and you’ll have soft, luxurious hair all day every day with this DIY hair oil! You can go longer between haircuts, and enjoy a healthier scalp with faster growth. Using this every day to every other day was a major game changer when I was trying to grow out my hair.


Apply this homemade hair oil before you shower for soft hair all day every day! #healthyhair #essentialoils #longhair #hairoil


Even if you don’t live a chemical-free lifestyle, everyone who is passionate about the health of their hair should do this. Less oil more frequently is one my best kept hair secrets, and I’m happy to have shared it. Believe it or not, the oil from your scalp is actually good for you hair!


It just takes the right kind of grooming and routine to harness your hair’s love of oil without looking like you haven’t showered in a week. Just remember to use a base carrier oil with your favorite essential oils, and you’re good to go!


What oils do you use in your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!


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