The Sugar Scrub for a Close Shave

Combine several steps into one with this super simple and customizable sugar scrub recipe! If you hate all the little chores you need to get done in the shower, this post is for you. 


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Not only does a good sugar scrub keep you moisturized, it also makes for a perfect shave! This super simple sugar scrub recipe is several steps in one! #sugarscrub #diybeauty #allnatural #shaving

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Why Does This Sugar Scrub Give Me a Close Shave?


This sugar scrub recipe combines exfoliating, moisturizing, and shaving gel all in one go! And the ingredients are super easy to find! You probably have them laying around the house already.


exfoliating sugar scrubThere are a couple components that give you a close shave with this sugar scrub. One of these components is the moisture provided by the oils in this recipe.


What makes a good sugar scrub is not just the sugar, but the oils that go with it. The oil that you rub into your skin with the sugar gives some much needed lubrication for you razor. You will be able to glide your razor right over your skin without any problems, which means that you’ll get those razor blades closer to your skin.


Shaving without some kind of lubricant is like trying to go four wheeling in a city-bound sedan. It just won’t work as well. Although I have actually gone four wheeling in a sedan without any accidents, but that’s beside the point.

You Can’t Forget Exfoliating!

Anyways, the second major component of this sugar scrub recipe is the exfoliating power. This is one of the most underrated parts of good shaving habits!


Sugar is one of the best natural exfoliators out there. That’s why it’s called a sugar scrub! The small granules of the sugar enable it to get rid of every little piece of dead skin, leaving behind glowing new skin. (source)


Sugar is also gentle enough to use on sensitive areas, like the bikini line. It can even help open up ingrown hairs! You can read more about how to heal ingrown hairs in one day here.


I can certainly see a difference in my legs whenever I use a sugar scrub. Beforehand, I can usually see the dead skin starting to form all over my shins. After, all the dead skin is gone and my skin is smooth and looking fresh!nourishing sugar scrub


You’ll not only have better-looking skin, but healthier skin too. All of those dead skin cells can’t get into your freshly-shaved hair follicles and cause nasty ingrown hairs. Believe me, I’ve been there.   


Overall, sugar isn’t abrasive to irritate the skin, and it’s great for getting rid of the dead skin you didn’t even know you have. And with all that dead skin gone, you reduce the risk of ingrown hairs as well!


My Super Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe

For this recipe, you will need:

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup nourishing carrier oil of choice
  • 10-15 drops essential oils of choice


Now before I get to the process, I want to give you some pointers on these ingredients. When it comes to white sugar, try to avoid granulated and go for raw. The least processed you can get, the better. Mostly because the larger sugar granules are better for exfoliation than the typical white sugar you see. But if you only have granulated on hand, that’s totally fine!


I also have both white and brown sugar to give a bit more variety to the size of the granules. The slightly bigger size of the brown sugar against the smaller white sugar granules will get every piece of dead skin. Plus, brown sugar tends to stick together better than white sugar, so it’s a great bonding agent.


Get the Best Essential Oils from Rocky Mountain Oils

nourishing sugar scrub Rocky Mountain OilsAs for the oils, I’ve got some recommendations for you. Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the best companies for high quality essential oils. You can read my in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils here, but I’ll give you the run down.


Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the most transparent companies I’ve come across when it comes to what’s in their products. And their prices are extremely reasonable for such high quality. And they have free shipping within the U.S.!


Rocky Mountain Oils has a great selection for nourishing carrier oils, some of my favorites being almond and jojoba oil. I would recommend either one of these oils for your sugar scrub recipe.


Click here to buy almond oil, or click here to buy jojoba oil!


You can even add in some essential oils for an extra kick. And since you’ve already got a carrier oil in this recipe, you don’t have to worry about dilution. Read more about why dilution is so important with essential oils here.


Some essential oils I recommend are tea tree, lavender, peppermint, or orange. They can provide some nice aromatherapy benefits, but you also want an oil that’s good for the skin. I personally love to do a combination of tea tree and lavender, because of the soothing and antibacterial properties they possess.


Click here to buy tea tree oil, or click here to buy lavender oil!


Make Your Own Personalized Sugar Scrub!

Combine your sugars and oils together in a glass airtight container. I love using mason jars for sugarexfoliating sugar scrub scrubs! This recipe makes about one mason jar’s worth of sugar scrub. If you want to make less or more, I go by a simple measuring system.


Whatever container you want to use, half of it should be white sugar, a quarter of it brown sugar, and the last quarter your carrier oil. The essential oils don’t need their own portion. I’ve used this method for several different containers, and it hasn’t failed me yet!


You can customize this sugar scrub recipe however you like! My personal favorite combination is to have jojoba oil with tea tree, lavender, and mint. You can take this recipe one step further and add stuff for fun! Think mint leaves, lavender buds, whatever makes you happy!


You can see what I mean in the Christmas edition of this post, where I made peppermint mocha sugar scrub. It was a great gift for my family! So have fun with this recipe, and give it your own personal style. That’s what a natural lifestyle is all about.

Some Extra Shaving Tips

While this sugar scrub is great and all for shaving and the health of your skin, I’ve got a few tips to make things go smoother than your freshly-shaved legs. If you do these things regularly and take some precautions, you’ll have zero issues.


Always clean out your razor head after shaving! Especially after using something dense like this sugar scrub. Those little granules will get caught between the blades and hinder your razor from doing its job. Plus, it will dull the blades faster. 


shaving sugar scrubWhat I like to do is open my razor and take out the blade for a little rinse-off. I use and absolutely a safety razor over traditional razors! There’s no moisture strip that’s riddled with hundreds of gross toxic chemicals, and I get a much better shave. 


If you’re curious, I’ve got the complete guide on how to use a safety razor. It’s one of the best decisions I made during my natural lifestyle journey because it so drastically improved my quality of shaving. 


And if life happens, hey, no worries! Annoying things like ingrown hairs are bound to happen sometimes. Or if you’re like me, all the time if you’re not careful. But I found a great remedy for ingrown hairs and razor burn


I’ve got all the details in the post up above, but it’s just two ingredients that you probably have lying around the house already. I tried it on myself with truly amazing results. All of my razor bumps were gone in just a couple of hours!


Some Final Thoughts on this DIY Sugar Scrub

A good sugar scrub is essential to a natural living beauty routine. And now you know why. You’ll have a nice, close shave, you’ll feel moisturized afterwards, and your skin will be fresh and glowing. It’s even great for preventing and treating ingrown hairs. 


Thanks to the gentle exfoliating power of the sugars, and the moisturizing power of the carrier oils, yourNot only does a good sugar scrub keep you moisturized, it also makes for a perfect shave! This super simple sugar scrub recipe is several steps in one! #sugarscrub #diybeauty #allnatural #shaving skin will be looking and feeling its best. Plus, you can add essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils for something extra!


Click here to go to Rocky Mountain Oils’ homepage!


Just make sure to follow proper shaving etiquette, like cleaning the razor blades and always practicing preventative care. This includes exfoliation and disinfection to prevent ingrown hairs. Plot twist, you’ve already done all those things with this sugar scrub!


Do you use sugar scrub regularly as a shaving lubricant? Let me know in the comments below!


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