Create Your Own Self-Care Kit

If you ever feel like life is too much, have a DIY self-care kit ready to go for some serious relaxation. You need to have a kind of emergency kit to soothe yourself so you can recover from stress quickly, or avoid it altogether!


Most of the items I’m about to list are meant to soothe or stimulate your senses to calm anxiety. Or if you’re just feeling a tad overwhelmed and need a minute. There’s no official circumstance to need this DIY self-care kit. Now let’s dig in!


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If you ever feel like life is too much, have a diy self-care kit ready to go for some serious relaxation to rejuvenate your mental health. #selfcare #selfcarekit #diyselfcare #mentalhealth

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Coloring Book/Paint Set

This DIY self-care kit wouldn’t be complete without this staple! I’m sure you’ve heard of this trend-setting way to reduce anxiety before. But there are actually amazing benefits! Sometimes, you just need to distract yourself for a little bit. And coloring or painting provides the perfect distraction for your brain.

self-care kit
Get your adult coloring book here!
If meditation doesn’t seem to suit you, this is a great alternative! You can read my beginner’s guide to meditation if you’re a bit fuzzy on what exactly it is. While you’re busy coloring, your mind tends to wander, and this helps you pick out and sort what you’re feeling. This is mindfulness, and it’s great for managing anxiety! (source)


If you start coloring and it only stresses you out more, it might be time to try a more intensive anxiety reliever (I know this because it happened to me once). It’s nothing to be worried about. You just need to try something different. 


Stuffed Animal

There are several ways you could go about this item in your DIY self-care kit. You can pick a stuffed animal that has very soft fur. Like something you could stroke all day. This is to give your brain something fascinating and soothing to focus on.

sensory self-care
Give this sensory stuffed animal a try!

Or you can choose a favorite stuffed animal from your childhood if you can. This will create a sense of comfort and nostalgia. I certainly felt better when I discovered one of my favorite childhood stuffed animals at my parent’s house. Once I held it in my arms, I instantly felt calmer.


Silly Putty

This item is essential if you like to fidget with things or use a stress ball. Silly putty helps relieve stress and anxiety just like a typical stress ball, but with much more benefits. It wakes up your hands and helps keep your attention on track. Because sometimes even the littlest of movements can help with brain fog! (source)

how to make self-care kit
Get some silly putty here!

You can read more tips on how to beat brain fog if you want to learn more. I love to stretch and form silly putty into various patterns to keep my thoughts from racing. The satisfaction of making (and destroying!) those patterns are incredibly soothing.


My husband used silly putty to help him think for months. Until he accidentally dropped it on our cat…which resulted in an interesting bath. So use caution around pets!


Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is a must with any DIY self-care kit because it’s a very powerful tool with determininghigh quality essential oils your mood. The top company I recommend for essential oils is Rocky Mountain Oils. Their oils are of the best quality for very affordable prices. Plus, they ship free over$25 in the U.S.!


You can read my in-depth review of Rocky Mountain Oils if you want to learn more. There is a  whole section of Rocky Mountain Oil’s website devoted to mood. The selection ranges form single essential oils to patented blends with a specific purpose in mind.


You can never go wrong with good old lavender oil! It’s one of my top favorite scents, and it never fails to calm me. Click here to buy lavender essential oil! Blends are also an excellent option, because you can give your nose a new experience with great results.


I recommend the blends Present Moments or Calming, depending on what you like more. Calming has the fruity scents of tangerine, ylang ylang, and orange, and Present Moments is more floral, with bergamot, cedar wood, and jasmine.


And if you get overwhelmed and have no idea what to pick, don’t worry! There’s a handy little chat box at the bottom, where you can speak to a representative.



Mostly self explanatory. If you’re wanting to shut the world out for a little bit, you absolutely need earbuds!

easy self-care
Get some decent wireless earbuds here!

Keep these suckers in a neat place in your DIY self-care kit so you have easy access without having to spend 5 minutes untangling them. You’ll probably be a mess when you break into this kit, and that’s the last thing you’ll want to do!


Have a binaural beats track or meditation app ready to go on your phone, and get busy! You can read more about binaural beats and how they can help you here.


Weighted Blanket

You know how good you feel when you hug a friend or a loved one? A weighted blanket triggers those same feel-good hormones to flood your brain. They’re amazing for anxiety and sleep. You can even see me mention them in my list of natural ways to fall asleep fast.

diy self-care
Get my favorite weighted blanket here!

I just got the one up above for Christmas, and I love to unwind on the couch with my blanket on top. This one might be hard to keep in a little box, so I would try storing it near your DIY self-care kit instead. That way, you’ll have a nice little area to unwind.



There’s no fancy-shmancy reason for this one, but it’s definitely a must-have! Keep a little portable packet of tissues in your DIY self-care kit, because I bet that nine of out ten times you’ll need them.

easy self-care
Grab your tissues here!

If you’re already bawling your eyes out when you break into this kit, be ready for it! And you can use my link above if you’re running low on portable packs. 


Relaxing Tea

Along with aromatherapy from your essential oils, tea can also help your body calm down. There are countless teas out there designed to help you relax. My personal favorite right now is Lemon Lavender Lane from Celestial Seasonings. If you think smelling lavender is calming, just try drinking it!

self-care tea
Get your relaxing tea here!

Or you can have your favorite tea ever, it’s totally up to you! My favorite “for fun” tea is roasted dandelion root with some Stevia and half n half. It’s like all the goodness of coffee without the caffeine!


You can go the extra mile and have a nice little mug with a positive quote ready to go in your DIY self-care kit. All that’s left to do is heat up the water!


Journal and Pen

If you pick anything from this list to make a DIY self-care kit, this needs to be in there! Writing your thoughts can be very powerful, because it can be soothing to get everything in front of you. Then you can sort out your thoughts and work from there.

easy self-care
Get your own journal here!

Writing is my passion, and I love nothing more than to sit with a piece of paper and let my mind wander. It’s a good way to piece together how I’m actually feeling when everything seems so confusing.


Plus, you can go back to previous entries and see how far you’ve come! Whenever I feel like I haven’t made any progress with my mental health, my journal always proves me wrong.



If you ever feel like life is too much, have a diy self-care kit ready to go for some serious relaxation.Lotion is one of the easiest ways to give yourself some TLC. Especially if your hands and feet could use some extra moisture. Pick whatever lotion you like! I’ve got a handy recipe here on DIY lotion.


Rocky Mountain Oils also sells a lovely line of skincare called Tohi! Give their Tohi Night’s Rest Hand and Body Cream a try. It’s designed to help you drift off to sleep with ease. Just apply the lotion to your hands and give them a good whiff. You’ll feel calm enough to drift off to sleep in no time!


I would recommend that you use this cream if you’re trying to calm down before bed. You don’t want to put yourself into a dream state in the middle of the day. Click here to buy Tohi Night’s Rest Hand and Body Cream!


Choose What You Want Most in This DIY Self-Care Kit!

One important concept for proper self-care is that the task has to be something you want to do. It shouldn’tIf you ever feel like life is too much, have a diy self-care kit ready to go for some serious relaxation to rejuvenate your mental health. #selfcare #selfcarekit #diyselfcare #mentalhealth seem like another boring item on your dreaded to-do list. That’s why self-care is so effective. It’s something that you want to do for yourself that will help your mental health in some way.


So set up a little corner in your house with a weighted blanket, pillow, and your DIY self-care kit. And if you need more inspiration about what to put in it, ask yourself the question, “What do I want most when I’m anxious or need a break?”


If all or none of these ideas sounded good to you, that’s fine! Self-care is an individual thing, so feel free to experiment as you go on your journey to better mental health! Just make sure that the things you pick won’t ruin your health, like candy or cigarettes. 


Do you have a self-care kit? What do you like to put in it? Let me know in the comments below!


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